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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (November 17, 2011)

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Characterization of QTL for growth and meat quality in combined pig QTL populations. Li, Y.; Choi, B.H.; Lee, Y.-M.; Alam, M.; Lee, J.-H.; Kim, K.-S.; Baek, K.-H.; Kima, J.-J. Report 6708
Detection of Mendelian and parent-of-origin quantitative trait loci for meat quality in a cross between Korean native pig and Landrace. Choi, B.H.; Lee, Y.-M.; Alam, M.; Lee, J.-H.; Kim, T.H.; Kim, K.-S.; Kim, J.-J. Report 5426
Eco-friendly production of maize using struvite recovered from swine wastewater as a sustainable fertilizer source. Liu, YingHao; Rahman, M.M.; Kwag, Jung-Hoon; Kim, Jae-Hwan; Ra, ChangSix Report 6013
Effect of aflatoxin on feed conversion ratio in broilers: a meta-analysis. Suganthi, R. Umaya; Suresh, K.P.; Parvatham, R. Report 3829
Effect of corticosterone on hypothalamic corticotropin-releasing hormone expression in broiler chicks (Gallus gallus domesticus) fed a high energy diet. Song, Zhigang; Yuan, Lei; Jiao, Hongchao; Lin, Hai Report 4315
Effect of dietary grape pomace fermented by Saccharomyces boulardii on the growth performance, nutrient digestibility and meat quality in finishing pigs. Yan, L.; Kim, I.H. Report 6248
Effect of dietary supplementation of glutathione on blood biochemical changes and growth performances of Holstein calves. Kim, Jong Hyeong; Mamuad, Lovelia L.; Lee, Hyun June; Ki, Kwang Seok; Lee, Wang Shik; Ha, Jong K.; L Report 5206
Effects of feeding a dry or fermented restaurant food residue mixture on performance and blood profiles of rats. Kim, Young-Il; Bae, Ji-Sun; Jee, Kyung-Su; McCaskey, Tom; Kwak, Wan-Sup Report 5347
Effects of keratinase on performance, nutrient utilization, intestinal morphology, intestinal ecology and inflammatory response of weaned piglets fed diets with different levels of crude protein. Wang, D.; Piao, X.S.; Zeng, Z.K.; Lu, T.; Zhang, Q.; Li, P.F.; Xue, L.F.; Kim, S.W. Report 7418
Effects of squid ink on growth performance, antioxidant functions and immunity in growing broiler chickens. Liu, Huazhong; Luo, Ping; Chen, Shaohong; Shang, Jianghua Report 3946
Effects of the combination of glucose, chromium picolinate, and Vitamin C on lipid metabolism in steers. Lee, Hong-Gu; Yin, Jin-Long; Xu, Cheng-Xiong; Hong, Zhong-Shan; Lee, Zhe-Hu; Jin, Yong-Cheng; Choi, Report 4741
Growth performance, carcass traits and meat quality in broilers, fed flaxseed meal. D., Mridula; Kaur, Daljeet; Nagra, S.S.; Barnwal, P.; Gurumayum, Sushma; Singh, K.K. Report 5735

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