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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (November 1, 2010)

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An integrated genomic resource based on Korean cattle (Hanwoo) transcripts. Lim, Dajeong; Cho, Yong-Min; Lee, Seung-Hwan; Sung, Samsun; Nam, Jungrye; Yoon, Duhak; Shin, Younhee Report 3267
Antioxidants supplementation on acid base balance during heat stress in goats. Sivakumar, A.V.N.; Singh, G.; Varshney, V.P. Report 5711
Association of CAST gene polymorphisms with carcass and meat quality traits in Chinese commercial cattle herds. Li, Jiao; Zhang, Lu-Pei; Gan, Qian-Fu; Li, Jun-Ya; Gao, Hui-Jiang; Yuan, Zheng-Rong; Gao, Xue; Chen, Report 5080
Effect of the addition of [beta]-hydroxybutyrate to chemically defined maturation medium on the nuclear maturation, sperm penetration and embryonic development of porcine oocytes in vitro. Endo, R.; Ishii, A.; Nakanishi, A.; Nabenishi, H.; Ashizawa, K.; Tsuzuki, Y. Report 4393
Effects of a stair-step growth pattern on improvements in meat quality and growth in Hanwoo steers. Li, Z.H.; Lee, H.G.; Xu, C.X.; Hong, Z.S.; Jin, Y.C.; Yin, J.L.; Zhang, Q.K.; Piao, D.C.; Yang, U.M. Report 7355
Effects of Chito-oligosaccharide supplementation on egg production, nutrient digestibility, egg quality and blood profiles in laying hens. Meng, Q.W.; Yan, L.; Ao, X.; Jang, H.D.; Cho, J.H.; Kim, I.H. Report 4048
Effects of diet complexity and fermented soy protein on growth performance and apparent ileal amino acid digestibility in weanling pigs. Ao, X.; Kim, H.J.; Meng, Q.W.; Yan, L.; Cho, J.H.; Kim, I.H. Report 5035
Effects of feeding licury (Syagrus coronate) cake to growing goats. Borja, M.S.; Oliveira, R.L.; Ribeiro, C.V.D.M.; Bagaldo, A.R.; Carvalho, G.G.P.; Silva, T.M.; Lima, Report 6228
Effects of feeding methods of total mixed ration on behavior patterns of growing Hanwoo steers. Lee, Sangmoo; Kim, Youngil; Oh, Youngkyoon; Kwak, Wansup Report 5757
Effects of sodium polyacrylate and phytase-supplemented diet on performance and phosphorus retention in chicks. Yamazaki, M.; Murakami, H.; Ohtsu, H.; Abe, H.; Takemasa, M. Report 3623
Effects of synchronization of carbohydrate and protein supply on ruminal fermentation, nitrogen metabolism and microbial protein synthesis in Holstein steers. Seo, Ja Kyeom; Yang, Jiyoung; Kim, Hyun J.; Upadhaya, Santi Devi; Cho, W.M.; Ha, Jong K. Report 4946
Evaluation of dry matter intake and average daily gain predicted by the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System in crossbred growing bulls kept in a traditionally confined feeding system in China. Du, Jinping; Liang, Yi; Xin, Hangshu; Xue, Feng; Zhao, Jinshi; Ren, Liping; Qingxiang, Meng Report 6815
Garlic (Allium sativum) supplementation: influence on egg production, quality, and yolk cholesterol level in layer hens. Mahmoud, Kamel Z.; Gharaibeh, Saad M.; Zakaria, Hana A.; Qatramiz, Amer M. Report 5213
Influence of lighting schedule and nutrient density in broiler chickens: effect on growth performance, carcass traits and meat quality. Li, Wen-bin; Guo, Yan-Li; Chen, Ji-Ian; Wang, Rong; He, Yao; Su, Dong-ge Report 7842
Porcine xenotransplantation to primates. Min, T.S.; Han, H.J.; Park, S.H. Report 6107
Serum lipids can convert bovine myogenic satellite cells to adipocytes. Beloor, Jagadish; Kang, Hye Kyeong; Moon, Yang Soo Report 3978
The effect of xylene and formaldehyde inhalation on testicular tissue in rats. Gules, O.; Eren, U. Report 5953
The effects of propolis on biochemical parameters and activity of antioxidant enzymes in broilers exposed to lead-induced oxidative stress. Seven, Ismail; Aksu, Taylan; Seven, Pinar Tatli Report 5913
Trace mineral nutrition in poultry and swine. Richards, James D.; Zhao, Junmei; Harrell, Robert J.; Atwell, Cindy A.; Dibner, Julia J. Report 5076

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