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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (May 1, 2010)

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Amino acids and protein digestibility and metabolizable energy availability of barley ration in response to Grind[R] enzyme in broiler chickens. Saki, A.A.; Mirzayi, S.; Ghazi, Sh.; Moini, M.M.; Harsini, R. Naseri Report 6003
Effect of selenium-enriched Japanese radish sprouts and Rhodobacter capsulatus on the cholesterol and immune response of laying hens. Hossain, Md. Sharoare; Afrose, Sadia; Takeda, Iwao; Tsujii, Hirotada Report 8878
Effect of sex steroid hormones on bovine myogenic satellite cell proliferation, differentiation and lipid accumulation in myotube. Lee, E.J.; Bajracharya, P.; Jang, E.J.; Chang, J.S.; Lee, H.J.; Hong, S.K.; Choi, I. Report 5267
Effects of dietary supplementation with blended essential oils on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, blood profiles and fecal characteristics in weanling pigs. Huang, Y.; Yoo, J.S.; Kim, H.J.; Wang, Y.; Chen, Y.J.; Cho, J.H.; Kim, I.H. Report 4997
Estimation of genetic parameters and trends for weaning-to-first service interval and litter traits in a commercial landrace-large white swine population in Northern Thailand. Chansomboon, C.; Elzo, M.A.; Suwanasopee, T.; Koonawootrittriron, S. Report 10028
Evaluating nutritional quality of single stage- and two stage-fermented soybean meal. Chen, C.C.; Shih, Y.C.; Chiou, P.W.S.; Yu, B. Report 6248
Fructans from Renga renga lily (Arthropodium cirratum) extract and Frutafit as prebiotics for broilers: their effects on growth performance and nutrient digestibility. Vidanarachchi, J.K.; Iji, P.A.; Mikkelsen, L.L.; Choct, M. Report 5537
Growth performances and carcass characteristics of indigenous lambs fed halophyte Sporobolus virginicus grass hay. Shorepy, S.A. Al-; Alhadrami, G.A.; Dakheel, A.J. Al- Report 4840
Methane emissions from dry cows fed grass or legume silage. Kasuya, Hirotaka; Takahashi, Junichi Report 2163
Milk quality and antimicrobial resistance against mastitis pathogens after changing from a conventional to an experimentally organic dairy farm. Suriyasathaporn, Witaya Report 4177
Molecular cloning and mRNA expression of the porcine insulin-responsive glucose transporter (GLUT4). Zuo, Jianjun; Dai, Fawen; Feng, Dingyuan; Cao, Qingyun; Ye, Hui; Dong, Zemin; Xia, Weiguang Report 4019
Muscle fiber characteristics and their relationship to water holding capacity of longissimus dorsi muscle in Brahman and Charolais crossbred bulls. Waritthitham, A.; Lambertz, C.; Langholz, H.-J.; Wicke, M.; Gauly, M. Report 4880
Serum vitamin A and vitamin E levels of growing lambs infected or not with gastrointestinal nematodes and fed a diet containing clinoptilolite. Arsenos, G.; Fortomaris, P.; Giadinis, N.; Roubies, N.; Papadopoulos, E. Report 3469
Taurine enrichment of eggs with feather meal and pyridoxine. Lee, S.M.; Lim, H.S.; Namgung, N.; Lee, B.H.; Paik, I.K. Report 5689
The effects of different copper (inorganic and organic) and energy (tallow and glycerol) sources on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, and fecal excretion profiles in growing pigs. Huang, Y.; Yoo, J.S.; Kim, H.J.; Wang, Y.; Chen, Y.J.; Cho, J.H.; Kim, I.H. Report 5421
The effects of quercetin on physiological characteristics and oxidative stress resistance in olive flounder, Paralichthys olivaceus. Shin, H.S.; Yoo, J.H.; Min, T.S.; Lee, K.-Y.; Choi, C.Y. Report 5433
Therapy of diabetes mellitus using experimental animal models. Min, T.S.; Park, S.H. Report 6156
Utilization of rice straw and different treatments to improve its feed value for ruminants: a review. Sarnklong, C.; Cone, J.W.; Pellikaan, W.; Hendriks, W.H. Report 9718

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