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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (March 11, 2010)

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Apparent digestibility, nitrogen balance, ruminal microbial nitrogen production and blood metabolites in Thai Brahman cattle fed a basal diet of rice straw and supplemented with some tropical protein-rich trees. Jetana, Thongsuk; Vongpipatana, Cheerapath; Thongruay, Sirima; Usawang, Sungworn; Sophon, Sunpeth Report 7463
Effect of particle size of forage in the dairy ration on feed intake, production parameters and quantification of manure index. Moharrery, A. Report 6381
Effect of post-hatch nutrient intubation on performance, intestinal growth, meat yield and immune response in broiler chickens. Bhanja, S.K.; Devi, C. Anjali; Panda, A.K.; Sunder, G. Shyam Report 3768
Effects of dietary arachidonic acid (20:4n-6) levels on growth performance and fatty acid composition of juvenile eel, Anguilla japonica. Bae, Jun-Young; Kim, Dae-Jung; Yoo, Kwang-Yeol; Kim, Sun-Gyu; Lee, Jeong-Yeol; Bai, Sungchul C. Report 5953
Effects of individuals and behaviors on acoustic features of ultrasonic vocalizations in rats. Jeon, J.H.; Song, J.I.; Jeon, B.S.; Kwag, J.H.; Park, K.H.; Kang, H.S.; Kim, D.H. Report 2998
Effects of polyurethane coated urea supplement on in vitro ruminal fermentation, ammonia release dynamics and lactating performance of Holstein dairy cows fed a steam-flaked corn-based diet. Xin, H.S.; Schaefer, D.M.; Liu, Q.P.; Axe, D.E.; Meng, Q.X. Report 7112
Evaluation of a dietary organic selenium supplement at different dietary protein concentrations on growth performance, body composition and antioxidative status of broilers reared under heat stress. Khajali, Fariborz; Raei, Ali; Aghaei, Ali; Qujeq, Dordi Report 5170
Evaluation of multi-microbial probiotics produced by submerged liquid and solid substrate fermentation methods in broilers. Shim, Y.H.; Shinde, P.L.; Choi, J.Y.; Kim, J.S.; Seo, D.K.; Pak, J.I.; Chae, B.J.; Kwon, I.K. Report 6623
Impact of particle length of alfalfa hay in the diet of growing lambs on performance, digestion and carcass characteristics. Saiady, M.Y. Al-; Abouheif, M.A.; Makkawi, A. Aziz; Ibrahim, Hafiz A.; Owaimer, A.N. Al- Report 5869
Subfertility in males: an important cause of bull disposal in bovines. Mukhopadhyay, C.S.; Gupta, A.K.; Yadav, B.R.; Khate, K.; Raina, V.S.; Mohanty, T.K.; Dubey, P.P. Report 3926
Targeted suppression of Connexin 43 in ovine preimplantation embryos by RNA interference using long double-stranded RNA. Yan, Zhen; Ma, Yu Zhen; Liu, Dong jun; Cang, Ming; Wang, Rui; Bao, Shorgan Report 6342
The effect of stocking density on stress related genes and telomeric length in broiler chickens. Beloor, J.; Kang, H.K.; Kim, Y.J.; Subramani, V.K.; Jang, I.S.; Sohn, S.H.; Moon, Y.S. Report 3562

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