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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (July 1, 2010)

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Chemical composition of selected forages and spices and the effect of these spices on in vitro rumen degradability of some forages. Khan, Mohammad Mehedi Hasan; Chaudhry, Abdul Shakoor Report 8471
Comparison of bioavailability of organic selenium sources in finishing pigs. Jang, Y.D.; Choi, H.B.; Durosoy, S.; Schlegel, P.; Choi, B.R.; Kim, Y.Y. Report 4228
Development and application of high-density SNP arrays in genomic studies of domestic animals. Fan, Bin; Du, Zhi-Qiang; Gorbach, Danielle M.; Rothschild, Max F. Report 10235
Digestibility and nitrogen balance of diets that include marine fish meal, catfish (Pangasius hypophthalmus) by-product meal and silage, and processing waste water in growing pigs. Thuy, Nguyen Thi; Lindberg, Jan Erik; Ogle, Brian Report 5178
Effect of myostatin (MSTN) g+6223G>A on production and carcass traits in New Zealand Romney sheep. Han, J.; Zhou, H.; Forrest, R.H.; Sedcole, J.R.; Frampton, C.M.; Hickford, J.G.H. Report 2707
Effect of naked neck gene on immune competence, serum biochemical and carcass traits in chickens under a tropical climate. Rajkumar, U.; Reddy, B.L.N.; Rajaravindra, K.S.; Niranjan, M.; Bhattacharya, T.K.; Chatterjee, R.N.; Report 4598
Effects of addition of electrolyte and ascorbic acid in feed during heat stress in buffaloes. Kumar, B.V. Sunil; Singh, G.; Meur, S.K. Report 3854
Effects of different dietary vitamin E levels on growth performance, non-specific immune responses, and disease resistance against Vibrio anguillarum in parrot fish (Oplegnathus fasciatus). Galaz, German Bueno; Kim, Sung-Sam; Lee, Kyeong-Jun Report 5709
Effects of maternal nutrition during pregnancy on the body weight, muscle fiber number, carcass traits, and pork quality traits of offspring. Choe, J.H.; Choi, Y.M.; Ryu, Y.C.; Lee, S.H.; Kim, B.C. Report 4379
Effects of supplementary blood meal on carnosine content in the breast meat and laying performance of old hens. Namgung, N.; Shin, D.H.; Park, S.W.; Paik, I.K. Report 4170
Effects of trace mineral source and growth implants on trace mineral status of growing and finishing feedlot steers. Dorton, K.L.; Wagner, J.J.; Larson, C.K.; Enns, R.M.; Engle, T.E. Report 6850
Effects of varying dietary zinc levels and environmental temperatures on the growth performance, feathering score and feather mineral concentrations of broiler chicks. Lai, P.W.; Liang, J.B.; Hsia, L.C.; Loh, T.C.; Ho, Y.W. Report 6777
Expression analysis of the Mx gene and its genome structure in chickens. Yin, C.G.; Du, L.X.; Li, S.G.; Zhao, G.P.; Zhang, J.; Wei, C.H.; Xu, L.Y.; Liu, T.; Li, H.B. Report 4834
Genetic relationship between carcass traits and carcass price of Korean cattle. Kim, Jongbok; Kim, Daejung; Lee, Jeongkoo; Lee, Chaeyoung Report 4781
Growth, behavior, and carcass traits of fattening Hanwoo (Korean native cattle) steers managed in different group sizes. Li, S.G.; Yang, Y.X.; Rhee, Y.J.; Jang, W.J.; Ha, J.J.; Lee, S.K.; Song, Y.H. Report 6452
Improvement of fermentation quality of rice straw silage by application of a bacterial inoculant and glucose. Li, Jing; Shen, Yixin; Cai, Yimin Report 5454
Nutrient synchrony: is it a suitable strategy to improve nitrogen utilization and animal performance? Yang, Ji Young; Seo, J.; Kim, H.J.; Seo, S.; Ha, Jong K. Report 5538
Sensory, physicochemical and microbiological changes in water-cooked salted duck during storage at 4[degrees]C. Li, Yanliang; Yao, Dongrui; Wang, Daoying; Xu, Weimin; Zhu, Yongzhi; Jin, Bangquan Report 2915
Small farms in Asia. Revitalising agricultural production, food security and rural prosperity. Chantalakhana, Charan; Casey, N.H. Book review 411
The effect of various concentrations of taurine during in vitro fertilization on the development of bovine embryos fertilized with spermatozoa from three different bulls. Tsuzuki, Yasuhiro; Toyama, Hitomi; Nabenishi, Hisashi; Morita, Tetsuo; Ashizawa, Koji Report 5060

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