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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (April 1, 2009)

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Bovine oocytes can be penetrated in modified tris-buffered medium. Park, Kwang-Wook; Niwa, Koji Report 5074
Carcass characteristics and chemical composition of the Longissimus muscle of Nellore, Caracu and Holstein-Friesian bulls finished in a feedlot. Rotta, Polyana Pizzi; do Prado, Ivanor Nunes; do Prado, Rodolpho Martin; Moletta, Jose Luiz; Silva, Report 6428
Correlations among shearing force, morphological characteristic, chemical composition, and in situ digestibility of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L) stem. Liu, L.; Yang, Z.B.; Yang, W.R.; Jiang, S.Z.; Zhang, G.G. Report 4075
Effect of different vegetable oils on growth and fatty acid profile of rohu (Labeo rohita, Hamilton); evaluation of a return fish oil diet to restore human cardio-protective fatty acids. Karanth, Santhosh; Sharma, Prakash; Pal, Asim K.; Venkateshwarlu, G. Report 11696
Effect of replacing corn silage with whole crop rice silage in total mixed ration on intake, milk yield and its composition in Holsteins. Ki, K.S.; Khan, M.A.; Lee, W.S.; Lee, H.J.; Kim, S.B.; Yang, S.H.; Baek, K.S.; Kim, J.G.; Kim, H.S. Report 3158
Effects of gamma irradiation on chemical composition, antinutritional factors, ruminal degradation and in vitro protein digestibility of full-fat soybean. Taghinejad, M.; Nikkhah, A.; Sadeghi, A.A.; Raisali, G.; Chamani, M. Report 5383
Effects of mannan-oligosaccharides and live yeast in diets on the carcass, cut yields, meat composition and colour of finishing Turkeys. Konca, Yusuf; Kirkpinar, Figen; Mert, Selim Report 5311
Effects of number of washes and ph adjustment on characteristics of surimi-like materials from pork leg muscle. Jin, Sang-Keun; Kim, Il-Suk; Choi, Yeung-Joon; Yang, Han-Sul Report 5486
Establishment and characterization of the fibroblast line from Silkie Bantam. Li, L.F.; Guan, W.J.; Li, H.; Bai, X.J.; Ma, Y.H. Report 4882
Genetic and non-genetic factors affecting mortality in Lori-Bakhtiari lambs. Vatankhah, M.; Talebi, M.A. Report 6875
Improvement of functional properties of egg white protein through glycation and phosphorylation by dry-heating. Enomoto, Hirofumi; Nagae, Shiho; Hayashi, Yoko; Li, Can-Peng; Ibrahim, Hisham R.; Sugimoto, Yasushi; Report 4266
Investigation of the insulin-like growth factor system in breast muscle during embryonic and postnatal development in Langshan and Arbor Acres chickens subjected to different feeding regimens. Lu, F.Z.; Chen, J.; Wang, X.X.; Liu, H.L. Report 7704
Lower antibody response in chickens homozygous for the Mx resistant allele to avian influenza. Qu, L.J.; Li, X.Y.; Xu, G.Y.; Ning, Z.H.; Yang, N. Report 3545
Nutrigenomics approach-a strategy for identification of nutrition responsive genes influencing meat edible quality traits in swine. Yin, Jingdong; Li, Defa Report 4574
Nutritional evaluation of full-fat sunflower seed for broiler chickens. Salari, S.; Moghaddam, H. Nassiri; Arshami, J.; Golian, A. Report 6048
Relationship between developmental ability and cell number of day 2 porcine embryos produced by parthenogenesis or somatic cell nuclear transfer. Uhm, Sang Jun; Gupta, Mukesh Kumar; Chung, Hak-Jae; Kim, Jin Hoi; Park, Chankyu; Lee, Hoon Taek Report 6234
Silage fermentative quality and characteristics of anthocyanin stability in anthocyanin-rich corn (Zea mays L.). Hosoda, Kenji; Eruden, Bayaru; Matsuyama, Hiroki; Shioya, Shigeru Report 4035
Some factors affecting freezing of boar semen in 5 ml maxi-straws. Dai, J.J.; Wu, C.F.; Zhang, D.F.; Yin, F.Z.; Zhang, T.Y.; Liu, D.; Wu, H.L.; Li, L.L.; Yang, S.T.; W Report 6299
Study on the lipolytic function of GPR43 and its reduced expression by DHA. Sun, Chao; Hou, Zengmiao; Wang, Li Report 4200
Use of nitrate-nitrogen as a sole dietary nitrogen source to inhibit ruminal methanogenesis and to improve microbial nitrogen synthesis in vitro. Guo, W.S.; Schaefer, D.M.; Guo, X.X.; Ren, L.P.; Meng, Q.X. Report 6009

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