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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (March 1, 2008)

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Assessment of population structure and genetic diversity of 15 Chinese indigenous chicken breeds using microsatellite markers. Chen, Guohong; Bao, Wenbin; Shu, Jingtin; Ji, Congliang; Wang, Minqiang; Eding, Herwin; Muchadeji, F Report 6620
Association analysis between insulin-like growth factor binding protein 3 (IGFBP3) polymorphisms and carcass traits in cattle. Cheong, Hyun Sub; Yoon, Du-Hak; Kim, Lyoung Hyo; Park, Byung Lae; Lee, Hye Won; Namgoong, Sohg; Kim, Report 3573
Changes in reproductive traits of large white pigs after estrogen receptor gene-based selection in Slovakia: preliminary results *. Chvojkova, Z.; Hraska, S. Report 4195
Characterization of embryonic feather follicle development in the Chinese indigenous Jilin white Goose. Wu, W.; Xu, R.F.; Guo, X.; Li, C.H.; Wu, C.X. Report 4493
Effect of dietary fish oil and soybean oil on milk production and composition of Holstein cows in early lactation. Fatahnia, Farshid; Nikkhah, Ali; Zamiri, Mohammad Javad; Kahrizi, Danial Report 5193
Effect of feeding calcium salts of palm oil fatty acids on performance of lactating crossbred cows. Purushothaman, Sajith; Kumar, Anil; Tiwari, D.P. Report 9582
Effect of maternal under-nutrition during late pregnancy on lamb birth weight *. Gao, F.; Hou, X.Z.; Liu, Y.C.; Wu, S.Q.; Ao, C.J. Report 3585
Effect of storage time on the rancidity and metabolizable energy of rice polishing in poultry. Pasha, T.N.; Khattak, F.M.; Khan, D.R.; Jabbar, M.A. Report 4453
Effects of dietary ascorbic acid on performance, carcass composition and bone characteristics of Turkeys during high summer temperature *. Konca, Y.; Kirkpinar, F.; Yaylak, E.; Mert, S. Report 6619
Effects of level and degradability of dietary protein on ruminal fermentation and concentrations of soluble non-ammonia nitrogen in ruminal and Omasal Digesta of Hanwoo steers. Oh, Young-Kyoon; Kim, Jeong-Hoon; Kim, Kyoung-Hoon; Choi, Chang-Won; Kang, Su-Won; Nam, In-sik; Kim, Report 8818
Effects of sperm membrane disruption and electrical activation of oocytes on in vitro development and transgenesis of porcine embryos produced by intracytoplasmic sperm injection *. Shim, Sang Woo; Kim, Young Ha; Lee, Hoon Taek; Shim, Hosup Report 4100
Factors influencing satellite cell activity during skeletal muscle development in avian and mammalian species. Nierobisz, Lidia S.; Mozdziak, Paul E. Report 6383
Maintenance of sperm characteristics and in vitro developmental rate of embryos against oxidative stress through antioxidants in pig. Jang, H.Y.; Kong, H.S.; Oh, J.D.; Park, B.K.; Yang, B.K.; Jeon, G.J.; Lee, H.K. Report 4906
Nutritive and economic values of corn distiller's dried grains with solubles in broiler diets. Choi, H.S.; Lee, H.L.; Shin, M.H.; Jo, Cheorun; Lee, S.K.; Lee, B.D. Report 4668
Population structure and biodiversity of Chinese indigenous duck breeds revealed by 15 microsatellite markers. Liu, W.; Hou, Z.C.; Qu, L.J.; Huang, Y.H.; Yao, J.F.; Li, N.; Yang, N. Report 5398
Quality characteristics of chicken breast surimi as affected by water washing time and pH adjustment. Jin, Sang-Keun; Kim, Il-Suk; Choi, Yeung-Joon; Park, Gu-Boo; Yang, Han-Sul Report 5390
Relationship between differential expression of estrogen receptor and follicle stimulating hormone receptor genes in ovary and heterosis of egg number traits in chickens *. Wang, Hui; Sun, Dongxiao; Yu, Ying; Wang, Dong; Zhang, Yi; Zhang, Yuan Report 3648
Retrieval of porcine ovarian follicles by different methods. Choi, Moon Hwan; Gong, Seung Pyo; Lim, Jeong Mook Report 3255
Ruminal protein degradation characteristics of cell mass from lysine production. Seo, S.; Kim, H.J.; Lee, S.Y.; Ha, Jong K. Report 6015
Self-administration of an analgesic does not alleviate pain in beak trimmed chickens. Freire, Rafael; Glatz, Philip C.; Hinch, Geoff Report 4817
Supplementation of Holstein cows with low doses of bovine somatotropin (bST) prepartum and postpartum affects physiological adaptations and milk production. Liboni, M.; Gulay, M.S.; Hayen, M.J.; Belloso, T.I.; Head, H.H. Report 6693
The optimum methionine to methionine plus cystine ratio for growing pigs determined using plasma urea nitrogen and nitrogen balance. Shiyan, Qiao; Xiangshu, Piao; Zhanyu, Feng; Yuhua, Ding; Longyao, Yue; P.A., Thacker Report 6747

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