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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (July 1, 2008)

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An antisense oligodeoxynucleotide to the LH receptor attenuates FSH-induced oocyte maturation in mice. Yang, Jiange; Fu, Maoyong; Wang, Songbo; Chen, Xiufen; Ning, Gang; Xu, Baoshan; Ma, Yuzhen; Zhang, M Report 4835
Association of SNP haplotypes at the myostatin gene with muscular hypertrophy in sheep. Gan, S.Q.; Du, Z.; Liu, S.R.; Yang, Y.L.; Shen, M.; Wang, X.H.; Yin, J.L.; Hu, X.X.; Fei, J.; Fan, J Report 6059
Comparison of genetic parameter estimates of total sperm cells of boars between random regression and multiple trait animal models. Oh, S.-H.; See, M.T. Report 4195
Differential expression of cytochrome P450 genes regulate the level of adipose arachidonic acid in Sus scrofa. Choi, Kyung-Mi; Moon, Jin-Kyoo; Choi, Seong-Ho; Kim, Kwan-Suk; Choi, Yang-Il; Kim, Jong-Joo; Lee, Ch Report 4038
Effect of measured energy restriction and age intervals on growth, nutrient digestibility, carcass parameters, bone characteristics and stress in broiler breeders during the rearing period. Sunder, G. Shyam; Kumar, Ch. Vijaya; Panda, A.K.; Gopinath, N.C.S.; Raju, M.V.L.N.; Rao, S.V. Rama; Report 7314
Effect of sodium selenite and zinc-L-selenomethionine on performance and selenium concentrations in eggs of laying hens. Chantiratikul, Anut; Chinrasri, Orawan; Chantiratikul, Piyanete Report 3811
Effects of cell status of bovine oviduct epithelial cell (BOEC) on the development of bovine IVM/IVF embryos and gene expression in the BOEC used or not used for the embryo culture. Jang, H.Y.; Jung, Y.S.; Cheong, H.T.; Kim, J.T.; Park, C.K.; Kong, H.S.; Lee, H.K.; Yang, B.K. Report 4991
Effects of chromium picolinate supplementation on growth hormone secretion and pituitary mRNA expression in finishing pigs. Wang, M.Q.; He, Y.D.; Xu, Z.R.; Li, W.F. Report 3706
Effects of dietary inclusion of palm kernel cake and palm oil, and enzyme supplementation on performance of laying hens. Chong, C.H.; Zulkifli, I.; Blair, R. Report 4894
Effects of fucoxanthin addition to ground chicken breast meat on lipid and colour stability during chilled storage, before and after cooking. Sasaki, Keisuke; Ishihara, Kenji; Oyamada, Chiaki; Sato, Akiyuki; Fukushi, Akihiko; Arakane, Tomohir Report 3523
Effects of yeast culture supplementation to gestation and lactation diets on growth of nursing piglets. Kim, Sung Woo; Brandherm, Mike; Freeland, Mike; Newton, Betsy; Cook, Doug; Yoon, Ilkyu Report 3103
Expression analysis of miRNAs in porcine fetal skeletal muscle on days 65 and 90 of gestation. Chen, Jian-hai; Wei, Wen-juan; Xiao, Xiao; Zhu, Meng-Jin; Fan, Bin; Zhao, Shu-Hong Report 3802
Genetic structure of Mongolian goat populations using microsatellite loci analysis. Takahashi, H.; Nyamsamba, D.; Mandakh,. B.; Zagdsuren, Yo.; Amano, T.; Nomura, K.; Yokohama, M.; Ito Report 5304
Growth performance and antibody response of broiler chicks fed yeast derived [beta]-glucan and single-strain probiotics. An, B.K.; Cho, B.L.; You, S.J.; Paik, H.D.; Chang, H.I.; Kim, S.W.; Yun, C.W.; Kang, C.W. Report 4478
Maternal and direct genetic parameters for production traits and maternal correlations among production and feed efficiency traits in Duroc pigs. Hoque, M.A.; Kadowaki, H.; Shibata, T.; Suzuki, K. Report 5174
Meat quality, digestibility and deposition of fatty acids in growing-finishing pigs fed restricted, iso-energetic amounts of diets containing either beef tallow or sunflower oil. Mitchaothai, J.; Everts, H.; Yuangklang, C.; Wittayakun, S.; Vasupen, K.; Wongsuthavas, S.; Srenanul Report 11950
Metabolic characteristic of the liver of dairy cows during ketosis based on comparative proteomics. Xu, Chuang; Wang, Zhe; Liu, Guowen; Li, Xiaobing; Xie Guanghong; Xia, Cheng; Zhang, Hong you Report 6037
Pineal-adrenal relationship: modulating effects of glucocorticoids on pineal function to ameliorate thermal-stress in goats. Sejian, V.; Srivastava, R.S.; Varshney, V.P. Report 5525
Prion protein genotypes in Pakistani goats. Babar, M.E.; Nawaz, M.; Nasim, A.; Abdullah, M.; Imran, M.; Jabeen, R.; Chatha, S.A.; Haq, A.U.; Naw Report 3581
Sequencing, genomic structure, chromosomal mapping and association study of the porcine ADAMTS1 gene with litter size. Yue, K.; Peng, J.; Zheng, R.; Li, J.L.; Chen, J.F.; Li, F.E.; Dai, L.H.; Ding, SH.H.; Guo, W.H.; Xu, Report 3228
Single-minded 1 gene mapping and its variants association with growth, carcass composition and meat quality traits in the pig. Zhao, X.F.; Xu, N.Y.; Chen, Z.; Wang, Q.; Guo, X.L. Report 5630
The effects of dietary sulfur and vitamin E supplementation on the quality of beef from the Longissimus muscle of Hanwoo bulls. Lee, Sung Ki; Panjono; Kang, Sun Moon; Kim, Tae Sil; Park, Yeon Soo Report 6113
Yield and species composition of binary mixtures of kura clover with Kentucky bluegrass, orchardgrass, or smooth bromegrass. Kim, B.W.; Albrecht, K.A. Report 6526

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