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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (October 1, 2007)

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ASCL2 gene expression analysis and its association with carcass traits in pigs. Cheng, H.C.; Zhang, F.W.; Deng, C.Y.; Jiang, C.D.; Xiong, Y.Z.; Li, F.E.; Lei, M.G. Report 3463
Bioefficacy of lysine from L-lysine sulfate and L-lysine x HCl for 10 to 20 kg pigs. Liu, M.; Qiao, S.Y.; Wang, X.; You, J.M.; Piao, X.S. Report 5241
Comparison of the [[sup.2][H.sub.5]]phenylalanine model with the [1-[sup.13]C]leucine method to determine whole body protein synthesis and degradation in sheep fed at two levels. Al-Mamun, M.; Ito, C.; Sato, A.; Fujita, T.; Sano, H. Report 6129
Developmental proteomic profiling of porcine skeletal muscle during postnatal development. Kim, Nam-Kuk; Lim, Jong-Hyun; Song, Min-Jin; Kim, Oun-Hyun; Park, Beom-Young; Kim, Myung-Jick; Hwang Report 4133
Effects of antler development stage on fatty acid, vitamin and gags contents of velvet antler in spotted deer (Cervus nippon) *. Lee, S.R.; Jeon, B.T.; Kim, S.J.; Kim, M.H.; Lee, S.M.; Moon, S.H. Report 4166
Effects of dehairing methods and sex on pork quality and boar taint compound levels in tissues. Choi, Y.M.; Yun, Y.K.; Ryu, Y.C.; Shin, H.G.; Choe, J.H.; Nam, Y.J.; Kim, B.C. Report 4337
Effects of dietary dihydropyridine supplementation on laying performance and fat metabolism of laying hens. Zou, X.T.; Xu, Z.R.; Zhu, J.L.; Fang, X.J.; Jiang, J.F. Report 5076
Effects of dietary energy density on growth, carcass quality and mRNA expression of fatty acid synthase and hormone-sensitive lipase in finishing pigs. Liu, Z.H.; Yang, F.Y.; Kong, L.J.; Lai, C.H.; Piao, X.S.; Gu, Y.H.; Ou, X.Q. Report 5518
Effects of endothelin A receptor antagonist BQ123 on femoral artery pressure and pulmonary artery pressure in broiler chickens. Wang, Huiyu; Qiao, Jian; Gao, Mingyu; Yang, Ying; Li, Kai; Wang, Jianlin; Tian, Yong; Xu, Tong Report 4433
Effects of oxidative stress on growth performance, nutrient digestibilities and activities of antioxidative enzymes of weanling pigs *. Shi-bin, Yuan; Dai-wen, Chen; Ke-ying, Zhang; Bing, Yu Report 4814
Effects of replacing ground corn with cassava chip in concentrate on feed intake, nutrient utilization, rumen fermentation characteristics and microbial populations in goats. Chanjula, P.; Ngampongsai, W.; Wanapat, M. Report 8498
Estimation of rumen microbial protein supply using urinary purine derivatives excretion in crossbred calves fed at different levels of feed intake. Singh, M.; Sharma, K.; Dutta, N.; Singh, P.; Verma, A.K.; Mehra, U.R. Report 6224
Feeding Acacia saligna to sheep and goats with or without the addition of urea or polyethylene glycol. Krebs, G.L.; Howard, D.M.; Dods, K. Report 5440
Full-length cDNA, expression pattern and association analysis of the porcine FHL3 gene. Zuo, Bo; Xiong, YuanZhu; Yang, Hua; Wang, Jun Report 3493
Glucose tolerance and insulin response to intravenous glucose load in sheep fed on germinated sorghum grain. Achmadi, Joelal; Pangestu, Eko; Wahyono, Fajar Report 3491
Immune response and plasma alpha tocopherol and selenium status of male buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) calves supplemented with vitamin E and selenium. Shinde, P.L.; Dass, R.S.; Garg, A.K.; Chaturvedi, V.K. Report 5272
Mitochondrial DNA diversity and origin of Red Chittagong cattle. Bhuiyan, M.S.A.; Bhuiyan, A.K.F.H.; Yoon, D.H.; Jeon, J.T.; Park, C.S.; Lee, J.H. Report 4050
Parthenogenetic activation of porcine oocytes and isolation of embryonic stem cells-like derived from parthenogenetic blastocysts. Xu, X.M.; Hua, J.L.; Jia, W.W.; Huang, W.; Yang, C.R.; Dou, Z.Y. Report 5463
Passive immunization approach to reduce body fat in pigs using fat-specific polyclonal antiserum. Baek, Kyung Hoon; Choi, Chang Weon; Choi, Chang Bon; Lee, Byong Seak Report 4134
Polymorphism of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-4 gene in 17 pig breeds and its relationship with growth traits. Wang, Wenjun; Hu, Xiaoxiang; Fei, Jin; Meng, Qinyong; Li, Ning Report 4375
Skin deiodinase profiles after melatonin manipulated in Chinese Inner Mongolia cashmere goats *. Yue, Chunwang; Du, Lixin; Zhu, Xiaoping; Kong, Xianghao; Zhang, Wei; Jia, Zhihai Report 4946
Status of milk fat conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in selected commercial dairies *, **. Khanal, R.C.; Dhiman, T.R. Report 11498

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