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Articles from Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (November 1, 2007)

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Associations of polymorphisms in the Mx1 gene with immunity traits in large White x Meishan [F.sub.2] offspring. Li, X.L.; He, W.L.; Deng, C.Y.; Xiong, Y.Z. Report 2995
Biohydrogenation pathways for linoleic and linolenic acids by Orpinomyces rumen fungus. Nam, I.S.; Garnsworthy, P.C. Report 3291
Can exogenous betaine be an effective osmolyte in broiler chicks under water salinity stress? Honarbakhsh, Shirin; Zaghari, Mojtaba; Shivazad, Mahmood Report 6707
Cloning and expression analysis of the [alpha]-subunit of porcine prolyl 4-hydroxylase *. Cho, Eun Seok; Jung, Won Youg; Kwon, Eun Jung; Park, Da Hye; Chung, Ki Hwa; Cho, Kwang Keun; Kim, Ch Report 3994
Effect of beef growth type on cooking loss, tenderness, and chemical composition of pasture- or feedlot-developed steers. Brown, A.H., Jr.; Camfield, P.K.; Rowe, C.W.; Rakes, L.Y.; Pohlman, F.W.; Johnson, Z.B.; Tabler, G.T Report 6572
Effect of post insemination progesterone supplement on pregnancy rates of repeat breeder Friesian cows. Ababneh, Mohammed M.; Alnimer, Mufeed A.; Husein, Mustafa Q. Report 5494
Effect of roughage sources on cellulolytic bacteria and rumen ecology of beef cattle. Wora-anu, S.; Wanapat, M.; Wachirapakorn, C.; Nontaso, N. Report 6333
Effect of spinal cord removal before or after splitting and washing on CNST decontamination of beef carcasses. Lim, D.G.; Kim, D.H.; Lee, M. Report 4300
Effects of dietary glycine betaine on pork quality in different muscle types. Hur, Sun Jin; Yang, Han Sul; Park, Gu Boo; Joo, Seon Tea Report 6890
Effects of particle size of barley on intestinal morphology, growth performance and nutrient digestibility in pigs. Morel, P.C.H; Cottam, Y.H. Report 6368
Evaluation of reciprocal cross design on detection and characterization of Mendelian QTL in [F.sub.2] Outbred populations. Lee, Yun-Mi; Kim, Eun-Hee; Kim, Jong-Joo Report 6574
Fermentation quality of Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) Silages treated with encapsulated-glucose, glucose, sorbic acid and pre-fermented juices. Shao, Tao; Zhang, L.; Shimojo, M.; Masuda, Y. Report 5222
Fleece phenotype influences susceptibility to cortisol-induced follicle shutdown in merino sheep. Ansari-Renani, H.R.; Hynd, P.I.; Aghajanzadeh, A. Report 5873
Genetic structure and composition of genetic diversity in the Kouchi sub-breed of the Japanese Brown cattle population. Honda, Takeshi; Fujii, Toshihide; Mukai, Fumio Report 3476
Is it feasible nutritionally to improve both quality and quantity of meat carcasses from beef steers? *. Myung, Kyu Ho; Sun, Sang Soo Report 3241
Localization of 5,105 Hanwoo (Korean cattle) BAC clones on bovine hromosomes by the analysis of BAC end sequences (BESs) involving 21,024 clones. Choi, Jae Min; Chae, Sung-Hwa; Kang, Se Won; Choi, Dong-Sik; Lee, Yong Seok; Park, Hong-Seog; Yeo, J Report 3609
Molecular cloning and characterization of bovine HMGA1 gene. Yu, S.L.; Chung, H.J.; Sang, B.C.; Bhuiyan, M.S.A.; Yoon, D.; Kim, K.S.; Jeon, J.T.; Lee, J.H. Report 4801
Nutrient intake, acid base status and growth performance of Thalli lambs fed varying level of dietary cation-anion difference. Sarwar, M.; Shahzad, M. Aasif; Mahr-un-Nisa Report 7042
Sexing goat embryos by PCR amplification of X- and Y- chromosome specific sequence of the amelogenin gene *. Chen, A-qin; Xu, Zi-rong; Yu, Song-dong Report 3958
Study on changes in racehorses' metabolites and exercise-related hormones before and after a race. Yoo, In-Sang; Lee, Hong-Gu; Yoon, Sei-Young; Hong, Hee-Ok; Lee, Sang-Rak Report 6025
The effects of caponization age on muscle characteristics in male chicken. Chen, Kuo-Lung; Chen, Tsai-Tzu; Lin, Kou-Joong; Chiou, Peter Wen-Shyg Report 3708
Xylanase supplementation improved digestibility and performance of growing pigs fed Chinese double-low rapeseed meal inclusion diets: in vitro and in vivo studies. Fang, Z.F.; Peng, J.; Tang, T.J.; Liu, Z.L.; Dai, J.J.; Jin, L.Z. Report 6577

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