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Ashraf grandson sues his business partner in NY.

Agrandson of Princess Ashraf is suing his business partner in New York saying the business partner ripped him off of a half-million dollars.

Princess Ashraf, the twin sister of the late Shah, is still alive and living in Paris. She is 93 years old.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Kamran Abbas-Vahid identified himself as Ashraf's grandson, presumably by Ashraf's only daughter, Azzadeh Shafiq.

Abbas-Vahid said he formed a wine selling business, Lions Wines, with a Frenchman, Charles Moreau. But he says Moreau drained money from the company to pay for the rent on his apartment, buy clothing, pay his cable bills and cover the tuition for his daughter's daycare--while at the same time often failing to pay business expenses.

Abbas-Vahid said Moreau also used company wine bottles as "barter" for meals at expensive restaurants like Cipriani Downtown in Manhattan.

"He would pay for his personal expenses, but would not pay for business expenses like the rent, the storage, the phone bills, employees, [and] taxes," Lion Wines' general manager, Alex Herringshaw, said in an affidavit, the New York Daily News reported

In all, the prince's filing says, Moreau spent "over $500,000 of company funds on personal expenses," and ran up $20,000 worth of debt on a company credit card he opened using the prince's Social Security number.

Abbas-Vahid said he went into business with Moreau in March 2011. Each agreed to invest $450,000 in the company, but Abbas-Vahid's payments were due first, the filing says.

Abbas-Vahid said he put up all the capital as he was required, but Moreau only put in a portion of his $450,000. Moreau then forged the prince's signature on checks and other documents to get hold of cash, the filing says.

Moreau even forged a signature on a document that was sent to the State Liquor Authority, "which he managed to somehow illegally get notarized" in New York on a day the prince said he was in Los Angeles.

Abbas-Vahid said he subsequently learned that Moreau had a $500,000 judgment against him in France for "the French equivalent of extortion and/or theft and/ or conversion." He was also sued by another business partner in 2011 for failing to repay a $60,000 loan.

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Title Annotation:Diaspora: Around the globe; Princess Ashraf's grandson, Kamran Abbas-Vahid
Publication:Iran Times International (Washington, DC)
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Date:May 24, 2013
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