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Ashland creates new department for environmental/foundry services.

Ashland Chemical, Inc. has combined the resources of several internal analytical groups to establish a new Environmental and Foundry Services Dept.

Through the use of the groups' services, foundries may analyze product quality, improve the safety and health of their employees and customers, and more effectively comply with environmental regulations.

The new department benefits customers in three areas--analytical services, the metals application laboratory and the sand laboratory.

"I'm very excited about the opportunities we can offer customers through the combination of these groups under one umbrella," said Gary Landsettle, department manager. "We offer a large number of unique services that aren't available anywhere else in the industry, and the combination of these services allows our customers to access them from a single source."

The department's analytical services perform tests for industrial hygiene, stack emissions, sand leachates, wastewater analysis, product quality and casting defects analysis.

The materials group helps foundries meet product specifications and test quality through mechanical, thermal and cure tests; molecular weight distribution tests; rheological properties tests; and long-term durability tests.

Dedicated in 1992, the metals application laboratory can pour 400 lb of aluminum or 1200 lb of iron, steel, and brass and copper alloys in one day.

Stepcone, erosion wedge, penetration, soot plate or specialized castings may be made to test for surface finish, gas defects, veining, erosion, penetration and other properties.

In conjunction with the analytical services group, the laboratory also performs hood stack analysis.

The sand laboratory performs analyses for any sand system--including tests for alkalinity, acid demand value, loss on ignition, gas evaluation, transverse and tensile strength, core sticking characteristics and cure rates.

By recording test results in its computer, the laboratory creates a data base "warehouse" that helps foundries identify trends in sand analysis and establish a high degree of testing efficiency.
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Title Annotation:Industry News; Ashland Chemical Co.
Publication:Modern Casting
Date:Nov 1, 1993
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