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Aseptic processing.

A Tetra Pak Steridrink pasteuriser is the centre of many soft and juice drink process systems. Simple, reliable and cost-efficient, Steridrink has shown itself to be the solution for the aseptic treatment of high acid products like juices, concentrates, nectars and other soft drinks.

The small difference in temperature between the heating medium and the product in the heat exchanger ensures gentle treatment, as do the carefully controlled times in the heat exchanger and holding tube.

Steridrink is available with capacities ranging up to 20,000 litres per hour, although higher capacities are available. The basic model, for free-flowing products, is built up around a multi-section plate heat exchanger featuring ClipLine plates. The plate design, with a new patented distribution area, promotes high, uniform heat transfer and efficient cleaning in place. The clip-on gaskets are glue-free, which makes them easy to replace. Regasketing can be performed while the plates are still hanging in the frame.

For juices with high fibre content, Steridrink Spiraflo is used; it incorporates tubular heat exchangers in place of plates. There is a range of sizes and materials for the plates and tubes, to suit varying capacity requirements and different products. To increase capacity, the plate pack can easily be expanded with additional plates.

In Steridrink, the product is exposed to a brief period of intense heating and cooling to de-activate unwanted micro-organisms. As the treatment takes place in a closed system re-infection is effectively prevented. Temperatures up to 95 |degrees~ C for period of from 5 to 60 seconds are sufficient for high acid products (those with a pH of 4.5 or lower), as the bacterial spores that survive this High Temperature Short Time treatment cannot grow in the acid environment of the juice.

Aseptic processing in Steridrink has little or no effect on the flavour or nutritive properties and the quality of the product exceeds that of canned or in-bottle sterilised products.

Each Steridrink is delivered skid-mounted, ready for rapid connection to service utilities and product piping. Pretesting of the equipment at Tetra Pak's production centre aids quick and simple start-up.

Low running costs are a result of optimized design and the high thermal efficiency of the heat exchangers. In Steridrink up to 90 percent of the thermal energy is recovered to cut heating and cooling costs. The system design also minimizes product losses at change-over and thereby contributes to good process economy.
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Date:Aug 1, 1993
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