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Aseptic Packaging of Food.


Edited by H Reuter.

This is the English language translation of a well known text originally published in Germany as Aseptishes Verpocken von Lebensmitteln. It covers the principles and international practices used for the aseptic packaging of solid and liquid foods. To ensure the validity of the text, some twenty packaging technologists have been encouraged to write the various chapters.

The book incorporates numerous illustrations in line drawing or graphical form to ensure the reader understands more readily the prose. Actual chapter titles run: Aseptic packaging of food; Continuous flow presterilization plants for homogeneous low viscosity food - milk and dairy products; Heating and cooling of particulate food - physical principles; Plants for quality-preserving UHT treatment of liquid food containing particles; Continuous sterilization with scraped surface heat exchanger of new food products including particulates; Presterilization of particulate foodstuffs with a liquid phase; Mode of action of physical and chemical lethal factors on vegetative cell and spores; Destruction kinetics of microorganisms on packaging materials; Evaluation criteria for aseptic filling and packaging systems; Aseptic filling of carton packages from the roll; Aseptic carton packaging on the basis of prefabricated carton sleeves; Aseptic packaging in plastic materials from the reel; Aseptic packaging in prefabricated plastic cups - comparison of various sterilization processes and related costs; Efficient peroxide aerosol deposition method to sterilize plastic caps; Aseptic packaging in polypropylene cups and their sterilization with hot air/superheated steam mixture; Aseptic processing and packaging (APP) of foods in cans; Aseptic packaging in large capacity bag-in-box; Carton laminates for aseptic packaging; Plastics and plastic laminates for prefabricated cups; Quality control of aseptically packaged food products; Statistical control of UHT milk; and General observations regarding the application of aseptic processes in the food industry.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Jun 1, 1990
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