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Ascom Timeplex provides high-speed ATM network access options; ATM integrated cell processor for the ST-1000 transport node enables Ethernet and Token Ring access at 155 Mbps.

WOODCLIFF LAKE, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 6, 1996--Ascom Timeplex today announced the next product in its ATM Millennium strategy, the ATM-ICP for its SYNCHRONY(TM) ST-1000 hybrid circuit/frame switch, an ATM access device that facilitates the routing and bridging of LAN and SNA data traffic across ATM networks.

Formerly the DataINL, the new ATM-ICP is the first interface to offer carriers and private network customers the ability to prioritize network traffic and enable Ethernet and Token Ring network access.

The new Integrated Cell Processor interface also provides high-speed data transport at 155 Mbps. The DataINL, introduced in August of 1995 as the first product in the Ascom Timeplex Millennium strategy, supports ATM data transport at 6.3 Mbps.

"Customers are just beginning to develop applications that require transport speeds of greater than 1.5 Mbps or even 45 Mbps," said Chris Tolmie, product director of Advanced Products for Ascom Timeplex. "The new ATM-ICP meets our customers' needs for higher transport speeds and provides them with the ability to prioritize their network traffic."

The ATM-ICP sends data into the ATM network via frame relay. The use of frame relay enables the ATM-ICP to provide a Quality of Service and prioritization of data not yet available by other vendors.

The interface also provides a truly flexible environment for traffic shaping up to 15 transmission priorities. Quality of Service parameters and priorities are established on a per PVC basis for transport over ATM.

"Customers can now configure each Virtual Channel Connection to transmit a specified peak cell rate, sustained cell rate, maximum burst size, and transmit priority," added Tolmie. "The ATM-ICP enables customers to control the flow of traffic between Local Area Networks across ATM by allowing them to prioritize the transmission of their SNA data."

The SYNCHRONY ST-1000 ICP also offers carriers several new ATM network access options. Carriers who provide Ethernet and Token Ring services can use the ATM-ICP to run LAN protocols over an ATM backbone while delivering a guaranteed quality of service. The ATM-ICP permits a maximum of 56 Ethernet or 28 Token Ring connections.

The ATM-ICP supports Frame Relay/ATM network interworking, multiple ATM physical interfaces and up to 500 PVCs. SONET and SDH framing are also supported. The ATM-ICP adds to the SYNCHRONY product family's ability to do dynamic bandwidth management for voice, video, LAN and serial data traffic over a single networking infrastructure. Constant bit rate and variable bit rate traffic can be transmitted over a single, low-cost link with the appropriate Quality of Service levels.

About Ascom Timeplex

Enterprise Network leader Ascom Timeplex products include the new SYNCHRONY family of hybrid circuit, frame relay, and cell switches, the LINK family of T1 multiplexers and comprehensive customer support services. Headquartered in Woodcliff Lake, Ascom Timeplex offers global services and support for its products in more than 80 countries on seven continents.

Additional company and product information can be found on the Ascom Timeplex home page:

SYNCHRONY is a trademark of Ascom Timeplex Trading AG.

CONTACT: Ascom Timeplex, Woodcliff Lake

Pat J. Rohme, 201/573-6467
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Aug 6, 1996
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