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Ascom Timeplex enables cost-efficient network access for remote locations.


SYNCHRONY(TM) IAN-150 Provides Extensive Routing, Frame Relay and X.25 Switching, and Frame Relay Access Device Features

Ascom Timeplex today announced the availability of the SYNCHRONY(TM) IAN-150 Frame Relay Access Device.

Designed for the needs of the branch or remote office location, the IAN-150 integrates LAN and legacy traffic on a single network infrastructure to provide a cost-efficient network access solution.

As networks increasingly transition from mainframe to client-server systems, the versatile IAN-150 can consolidate LAN and host-based networks onto one wide area backbone providing a cost-effective communications solution for remote office locations.

Cost-Efficient, High-Performance Traffic Integration

This new, cost-efficient system integrates LAN traffic and a full suite of serial traffic and accommodates applications from two to seven ports all within the same box/chassis. The IAN-150 provides IP and IPX routing, frame relay and X.25 switching, and ISDN WAN transport at speeds up to 2.048 Mbps. The IAN-150 also offers extensive support for IBM traffic, as well as remote management capabilities. The patented Ascom Timeplex EXPRESS SWITCHING(TM) architecture enables the IAN-150 to prioritize network traffic, particularly the transport of delay-sensitive protocols utilizing the frame relay protocol. EXPRESS SWITCHING technology also adds a suite of enhancements to provide Quality of Service to individual data streams on an end-to-end basis.

The IAN-150 provides wide area network connectivity to both legacy and LAN applications over a common physical network interface reducing network overhead. It allows companies to build simpler network infrastructures which in turn, lessen administrative complexity and capital investment. The IAN-150 also provides automatic re-route and dial backup mechanisms to circumvent link failures.

"The IAN-150 represents the future of access products at Ascom Timeplex," said Peter Taylor, President, Ascom Timeplex. "The debut of the IAN-150 complements the company's already strong presence in the frame relay market, offering our customers an integrated SYNCHRONY solution from the low-cost branch node to the core frame relay switch."

User-Friendly Interfaces For Novice to Expert

The IAN-150's user interface screens allow for the intuitive configuration of the most difficult legacy protocols. Its default parameters are preset for the novice user, but are easily changed to an expert level that enables users to modify and configure any parameter. The IAN-150 is also designed to allow new software revisions to be downloaded from a central site eliminating the need for on-site technical expertise.

"The IAN-150 Quick Start configuration allows users to get up and running quickly," said Bob McGuire, Assistant Vice President, Ascom Timeplex. "It requires a minimum of configuration information and on- line help is provided to assist the user in navigating the IAN system."

The IAN-150 is fully SNMP-manageable. It can be managed locally, via Telnet or via the Ascom Timeplex Element Management System (EMS) 200. The comprehensive SNMP-based network management utility provides customers with the tools needed to isolate and repair equipment problems quickly and efficiently.

The IAN-150 has the functionality to both access public frame relay services and switch frame relay packets through a private network. The frame relay option can lower communications costs and make more efficient use of network bandwidth by providing high-speed, economical, wide area network interconnections among the most popular LAN access technologies such as Ethernet and Token Ring.

About Ascom Timeplex

Enterprise network leader Ascom Timeplex products include the new SYNCHRONY family of hybrid circuit, frame relay, and cell switches, the LINK family of T1 multiplexers and comprehensive customer support services.

Headquartered in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, Ascom Timeplex offers global services and support for its products in more than 80 countries on seven continents.

Additional company and product information can be found on Ascom Timeplex's home page:

SYNCHRONY and EXPRESS SWITCHING are trademarks of Ascom Timeplex Trading AG.

CONTACT: Pat J. Rohme, Ascom Timeplex

(201) 573-6467
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Date:Oct 8, 1996
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