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Asahi Chemical Industry.

Asahi Chemical Industry

1-2-6 Dojimahama Kitaku Osaka, Japan 06-347-3111

Worldwide Nonwovens Sales: $110 million (16 billion yen) Key Personnel: Taiji Makaiyama, general manager-Spunbonded Div.; Masamichi Sato, general manager-Spunbonded Sales Dept.; Tadahi Sasaki, general manager-Bemliese Sales Dept.; Yoshiki Ueoka, general manager-Nonwovens Business Promotion Div. Plants: Moriyama, Nobeoka Processes: Spunbonded, Melt Blown, Flashspun, Spunlaced Brand Names: Eltas, Bemliese, Luxer, Microweb, Coldon Notes: Asahi Chemical is the largest manufacturer of spunbonded nonwovens in Japan, with 35% of total market share.

The company has a production capacity of about 20,000 tons a year and reportedly produced about 17,000 tons in 1990. It started a five year capital expansion project last April (to be completed by March, 1996) for a large scale increase in the nonwovens business. This project aims at approximately doubling the production quantity by the end of March 1996 by increasing the production and sales amount between 30,000-35,000 tons and between 30-35 billion [yen].

Asahi's spunbonded "Eltas" is scheduled to have its production of 13,000 tons increased to 20,000 tons by the end of March 1996, with an annual growth of 10% expected. It currently produces spunbonded nylon, polyester and polypropylene, with annual capacity of 4500, 5400 and 6400 tons, respectively.

The production capacity of "Bemliese" was just increased to 4000 tons a year this past April; previous capacity was 2800 tons a year. In addition, the company also added a waterjet machine (with a capacity of 400 tons a year) for composite nonwovens using Bemliese.

The company's "Luxer" flashspun nonwovens is an area where Asahi is investing a great deal of energy. Luxer capacity, which was increased from 1000 to 1500 tons ayear in 1990, is scheduled to be further increased between 5000-10,000 tons a year by the end of March, 1995. At that time, production will remain at a level of 10,000 tons a year.

Although Asahi's spunlaced product "Cordon" is now produced only on a pilot plant scale, exclusive production facilities of 500 tons a year are to be built in the spring of 1992. The facility is scheduled to further increase the capacity of Cordon to between 5000-10,000 tons a year.

Since Coldon is webbed by a paper-making method, microfibers of 0.1 denier can be used; the soft non-directional nonwoven is very suitable for disposable apparel.

In the melt blown area, Asahi produces "Microweb" polyester and polypropylene products, with an annual capacity of about 100 tons.

All of the nonwovens at Asahi are binderless, with thin fabrics remaining its leading products. Particular areas of concentration include packing materials, automobile urethane reinforcing cloth, architectural materials, coverstock and wipes and gauze. Housewraps of Luxer and disposable apparel products of Luxer and/or Coldon are expected to increase in the future. The five year project, which started in 1991, will develop Luxer as a major product, ranking on the same level as Eltas and Bemliese.
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Date:Sep 1, 1991
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