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As years roll by.

Did you hear about the HEMTT engine that had to be rebuilt because it was operated low on oil--low by 3 gallons in an 8 1/2-gal sump?

And, did you hear about a 621B scraper engine that arrived in the same rebuild shop a few days later because it had been operated with no oil at all? Sad to say, the vehicle's $30,000 engine was cooked.

Army equipment is getting used daily under the worst conditions. That kind of use demands the best preventive maintenance checks and services. The checks should be based on use. What was once a weekly maintenance check may need to be a daily check. It may even need to be an hourly check.

Add to that the fact that as equipment gets older an engine racks up more and more hours of use. In some cases, older engines can burn up to a gallon of oil per day during heavy use. Within a few days some serious damage is done to an engine that's not maintained.

So, remember this: Whether an engine is new or old or in between, whether it uses no oil or a lot of oil, you need to pull PMCS to keep it running. Or it'll quit--maybe when you need it most.
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Date:Sep 1, 2004
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