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As they see it.

"It's kind of like a turning point in your life. Now I get the chance to make decisions of who governs the country or help make those decisions. It makes you feel like you're part of something."

--New Tennessee voter Julie Lewis, 18, to the Tennessean about the opportunity to vote last fall.

"[Jury duty] is participatory democracy at its best. Come on down, we have plenty of seats and no waiting. Well, almost no waiting."

--Pam Wood, a jury commissioner in Massachusetts, to the Christian Science Monitor, about the high number of people not responding to a jury summons.

"We have not been able to crack this issue."

--Judith Monroe, Indiana health commissioner, to the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette on rising obesity rates.

"There's increasing understanding that the math situation in the United States is a complete disaster."

--R. James Milgram, a math professor at Stanford University, to the New York Times about math instruction in schools.

"It's outrageous."

--Indiana Representative Charlie Brown, to the Associated Press about how he was stopped when he tried to use his statehouse photo ID to cast a vote in November's election. Poll workers allowed him to use the card to vote, but only after giving the last four digits of his Social Security number.

"This means we are going to transform the current, red/blue political dichotomy to one where the nation is separated by age ... young vs. old."

--William Frey, a population expert at the Brookings Institution, to the Christian Science Monitor, about the changing American demographics.

"Campaigns should be opportunities to inform, not mislead. Voters are interested in issues, not insults."

--Connecticut Senate President Pro Tern Donald E. Williams Jr. to the Courant on the need to reform political advertising.
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Publication:State Legislatures
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Date:Jan 1, 2007
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