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As they see it.

"The most important thing you have in this body is your integrity. And that's yours to lose."

--Former Idaho House Speaker Bruce Newcomb to new legislators, in the Idaho Statesmen.

"It attacks the very nature and fiber of what we are as a body. When a senator comes into this chamber, they ought to bring their brains with them. I don't think they should be dependent on electronic assistance."

--Kansas Senator Gary Nodler, to the Associated Press, about the use of computers in the Senate chamber.

"[Being on a map] gives you a sense of place, that you're tied to the earth. Nobody likes to be told they live nowhere."

--Craig Remington, director of the cartography lab at the University of Alabama, to the Christian Science Monitor about the decision by the Georgia Department of Transportation to wipe nearly 500 tiny towns from the official highway and transportation map. (After an avalanche of criticism, the DOT decided to return the towns to the maps.)

"Immigration is the best example of where the feds bear the lion's share of the responsibility and have done almost nothing to fulfill that responsibility."

--Speaker of the Colorado House Andrew Romanoff to The New York Times.

"It's almost like the law wasn't written to be construed seriously. It's like asking for someone to get a special permit before they drive drunk."

--Gregory P. Isaacs, a Tennessean lawyer, to The New York Times about the state's tax on illegal drugs. The Department of Revenue has collected nearly $3.5 million, however, since the law passed two years ago.

"The president should not be able to step in and take control of the National Guard without a governor's consent. The Guard belongs to the states, has always belonged to the states and should remain a function of the states."

--Mark Smith, spokesperson for the Louisiana Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, to

"It's a chance to see my old buddies, let them pat me on the back, and me pat them on the back. I just love serving people."

--South Carolina Senator John Drummond, 87-year-old Senate president pro tempore emeritus, to The State on opening day of the General Assembly.
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