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A conference held anywhere in the world, that was meeting to focus on international arts education, would be a very drab and colorless event if it did not have a display of art from children throughout the world. When the INSEA (International Society for Education through Art) meets for their World Congress every three years, a tremendous effort is made to allow each country to display examples of student art. In 1987, the World Congress met in Hamburg, Germany.

The USSEA (United States Society for Education through Art) exhibited a selection of more than ninety pieces of artwork sent by art teachers from grades K-12 throughout the United States. After the Congress, each piece was given away to art teachers in other countries as a gesture of friendship and exchange. It was hoped that those who received the artwork would submit examples from their own classes for future exhibits, and perhaps contact the teachers and students whose works were given.

The next INSEA World Congress will be held in Montreal, Canada in 1993. Any teachers interested in submitting artworks from their classes for the USSEA Child Art Exhibition, and who want to find out more about it should contact Dr. Anne Gregory, USSEA/INSEA World Congress Art Exhibition, P.O. Box 5214, Los Alamitos, CA 90721-5244
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Title Annotation:United States Society for Education through Art exhibition gives art pieces to other countries for cultural exchange
Publication:School Arts
Date:May 1, 1991
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