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As e-mail blocking increases, watch your subject lines.

Sarah Stambler reports in her current issue of E-tactics Letter that the top internet service providers (ISPs) blocked 22 percent of permission-based e-mail in 2004, according to a Return Path Study.

"Corporate e-mail mistakingly considered spam by ISPs is a growing problem, up 3.3 percent over the second half of 2003, noted Return Path," Stambler writes.

Return Path monitored 50,000 marketing and transactional campaigns through its Mailbox Monitor service. Blocking rates varied widely by ISP.

Stambler says, "Companies saw the best delivery success at Earthlink, BellSouth and CompuServe, which blocked only 5 percent, 6 percent and 8 percent, respectively. The most blocking and filtering (36 percent) occurred at RoadRunner, followed by (34 percent) and Comcast (31 percent)."

Most common junk e-mail subject lines

Meanwhile, AOL has issued its list of "the most sent junk e-mail subject lines in 2004." While most of them have nothing to do with publishing, we advise you to avoid any of these words, even in different contexts, so that you e-mails will not be blocked:

* We carry the most popular medicatio*ns. (Vioxx appeared often)

* You've been sent an Insta-Kiss! (phishing/ID theft scam)

* You have 17 New Pictures. (phishing/ID theft scam)


* HURRY HURRY Hot Stock on the RISE.

* All orders are shipped from authorized locations. (online medications)

* 2005 Digital Cable Filters.

* FREE* 30 Second Pre-Qualification MORTGAGE Application.


* Breaking news on the Top Pick Stock
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Date:Mar 31, 2005
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