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Arylessence expands palette of fragrances.

ATLANTA -- The climate, landscapes, ambience and diversity of California have inspired the creation of Caliverde, a fine fragrance developed by Monica Aneiros-Burke, a senior perfumer with the fragrance house Arylessence. Developed for a showcase sponsored by the International Fragrance Association North America, Caliverde is characterized as a complex, contemporary fragrance that brings together the alluring, sensory notes that define California.

"We asked Monica to capture the essence of California," says Steve Tanner, president of Arylessence. "She responded with an exciting, sensory fragrance that unifies the fresh, green, naturalness of California's vines and fields with the sunshine the state is famous for, and of course, with clear mountain air, sparkling streams, and the deep, invigorating ambience of redwood and sequoia forests. Caliverde is a special fragrance. "

Aneiros-Burke assimilated ideas that not only define California but enrich the experiences of people who live there and attract visitors from around the world.

"If you are creating a fragrance that is about a state or a region or a place, you set up a fabulous challenge," she says. "My solution was to open my mind to all the sensory influences that California offers--the land and the 'super-fresh' bounty it produces in wines, fruits and berries; the clear air and waters of mountain areas; and the deep, resinous ambience of California woods and forests that we know and love, and evoke our imagination. In Caliverde, we bring all these amazing notes together."

Developed with sustainably produced ingredients that are globally approved for fragrance creation and are authenticated safe for the environment and the planet, Caliverde can be developed for fine fragrance, personal care, air care, laundry and household products, with multiple variants to expand and enrich product lines.

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Date:Dec 8, 2014
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