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Arts as Education.

ARTS AS EDUCATION. Merryl Ruth Goldberg & Ann Phillips. Cambridge: Harvard Educational Review, 1992. 167 pp., softcover, $12.95.

Despite the fact that this publication relies more on text than image, and focuses more on Arts than Art, it is a publication worthy of perusal by all art teachers. While increasing our sensibilities about other art forms, it also buttresses our beliefs in the value of arts education through a number of well-written essays. Nine of the articles come from a two-part symposium presented in the February and August, 1991 issues of the Harvard Educational Review. This book also features an extensive arts resource guide with information such as a listing books and recordings recommended by the authors and editors.

The lead essay, "Texts and Margins" by Maxine Greene, sets the tone for the premise that the arts are fundamental to education. Other articles, with topics ranging from tribal rhythm to computer-aided instruction, extend this discussion. It's a worthwhile addition to a personal library ... or a thoughtful gift to your favorite administrator.
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Publication:School Arts
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Date:May 1, 1993
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