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Artreach ... art students serving their community.

Artreach... art students serving their community

OUR SCHOOLS RECEIVE SO MANY talented youngsters from the community every year, each one filled with expectation and potential. We nurture them for twelve years expecting them to become responsible members of the community and contribute to it, but offering few opportunities for them to participate in it.

Last year the Martin Memorial Library in York, Pennsylvania requested that the art department of William Penn Senior High School create two, six-foot dinosaurs as show pieces for the "Children's Library Summer Reading Program." With wood, chicken wire and papier-mache, the students designed and crated a wonderful Tyrannasourus and Diplodocus much to the delight of hundreds of children participating in the summer reading program.

The project was such a success that the library asked if we would be willing to try to top our previous year's work. The theme for this year's summer program was animals. The students voted overwhelmingly to accept the challenge and once again we were off to the wheat paste bin!

Cooperating with community organizations is an excellent way of placing your art program in the public eye. The art classes spent weeks, including lunch periods and after school, creating an entire zoo for our community to enjoy. This repeated community involvement shows students that we care about the place in which we live and we value the "arts" and literacy.

Talent is only appreciated and of value when it is shared, and we are proud of these students sharing their time and talents to enrich our local environment.
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Title Annotation:community service
Author:Dodson, Nelson R.
Publication:School Arts
Date:Apr 1, 1989
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