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Fermilab needs artists, composers for artist-in-residence programs. Arts, Submitted By Fermilab; Series, Lecture Jul 4, 2022 250
How Vendajules Is Redefining Cosmetic Industry. Jul 2, 2022 888
Tafadzwa speaks his mind through artworks. Jul 2, 2022 491
Visual artist, Zim Da Vinci's portraits to die for!!. . . get to know the man whose drawings have gone international. Jul 2, 2022 1068
Bride asks make-up artist to turn her into a 'different person' -and upsets many; A make-up artist has fallen under scrutiny after her bride-to-be asked to be transformed into a different person -after complying with her client, TikTokers shared their upset. By, Grace Hoffman Jun 30, 2022 400
DELIWE CRIES FOUL . . . Lawyers representing make-up artist raise concerns. Jun 29, 2022 932
Exhibition spotlights Hue's enameled bronze art. Jun 29, 2022 162
African fashion designers celebrated in new exhibition. Jun 28, 2022 539
Remembering Justin 'Tiny' Nuyda's legacy in Philippine art. Obituary Jun 28, 2022 772
Ant McPartlin's ex Lisa Armstrong glows as she shows off weight loss in tiny shorts; Make-up artist Lisa Armstrong was glowing as she shared snaps of herself from her night 'out out' with pals. By, Zara Woodcock Jun 26, 2022 510
Katara announces launch of new series of summer art workshops for July. Jun 26, 2022 268
Exhibition spotlights Hue's enameled bronze art. Jun 25, 2022 191
Exhibition spotlights Hue's enameled bronze art. Jun 25, 2022 191
Bukidnon tattoo artist tries to revive the vanishing art of traditional tattooing. Jun 25, 2022 368
Artist is enjoying making his mark across the North. KRISTY DAWSON Reporter Jun 22, 2022 602
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony June 26th at Skynn Studio in North Aurora. gayle holan Jun 22, 2022 243
At O'DA ART, Isaac Emokpae Unfurls a Show on Nigeria's Socio-Political Climate. Jun 22, 2022 536
Dianah Bwengye leaves indelible mark through art. Written by Shoshana Mckinney Jun 21, 2022 858
Reflections on exile. Jun 20, 2022 845
Tired of costly, 'throwaway' furniture? Antique: Buy new lamp shades. KIM COOK Associated Press Jun 19, 2022 1163
There's always been a taste for antique furnishings. These days, a widely acquir. KIM COOK Associated Press Jun 19, 2022 1163
Zawyeh Gallery launches "Mist" exhibition by Shada Safadi and Akram Al Halabi in Ramallah. Jun 18, 2022 222
Zawyeh Gallery launches 'Mist' exhibition by Shada Safadi and Akram Al Halabi in Ramallah. Jun 18, 2022 208
New National Artists, 'new normal'. Jun 18, 2022 543
The first NFT exhibition at Alpha CK gallery. Jun 17, 2022 317
The first NFT exhibition at Alpha CK gallery. Eleni Philippou Jun 17, 2022 361
Sekisui Kydex's 2022 Infused Imaging collection is a calming influence. Jun 17, 2022 564
Katie Price's fans leave make-up masterclass after she arrives 'more than an hour late'; Former glamour model Katie Price has been travelling around with her make-up artist to teach fans make-up tips and tricks. By, Zara Woodcock Jun 16, 2022 514
Encountering the inner worlds of Alborz modernist painters. IRAN DAILY Jun 15, 2022 559
Fil-Am visual artist champions Pinoy culture in new Vans collaboration. Jun 14, 2022 357
Get to know the Philippines' 8 new National Artists. Jun 14, 2022 1521
Man has shoes tattooed onto his feet because he's 'tired of paying' for new ones; The man told his tattoo artist he was 'tired of paying' for new shoes so had him permanently ink his favourite Nike trainers onto his feet as a 'conversation starter'. By, Hannah Dodd & Zahna Eklund Jun 14, 2022 465
Woman with head to toe tattoos gets awkward question from nan after every inking; Denyse Labarca is covered in tattoos after spending the last 15 years getting extensively inked, and now she's shared the most painful place to get work done -and it's not where you'd think. By, John Bett Jun 14, 2022 1058
Dreaming of paradise. Jun 13, 2022 576
Make up the difference; SUMMER make-up is all about three things - glowing skin, warm colours and minimal products. It's the time to keep foundation light and for bronzers and highlighters to take centre stage. Here, make-up artist Amy Bates, founder of Beauty Rebellion Make-up Academy, reveals how to get a gorgeous summer glow. Jun 12, 2022 519
Jacques Villegle, Pioneer of New Realism. Jun 11, 2022 734
Buzzing about nature. ALASTAIR MCNEILL Jun 10, 2022 340
Meknes: Visual Artist Bacha Exhibits Paintings in 'Eloge du Patrimoine'. Jun 9, 2022 208
Aavo Kokk: we want to renovate Patarei Sea Fortress by 2025. Jun 9, 2022 404
Season of art! Jun 8, 2022 363
Filipino Male tattoo model transitioned to a woman; wows audience at a Swiss fashion show. Jun 8, 2022 1224
Two artists look beyond the mundane in 'Out Of This World'. Jun 8, 2022 258
That time Susan Roces was on the cover of Agriculture Monthly magazine. Jun 7, 2022 681
Visual artist Jappy Agoncillo puts Filipino basketball culture into sportswear. Jun 7, 2022 628
Painter dreams big. Jun 6, 2022 277
Artist creates a mosaic fit for a Queen. Jun 5, 2022 226
Artists rely on colours to speak their mind. Jun 5, 2022 675
FYA! This artist turns everyday joys and sacrifices into art. Interview Jun 4, 2022 945
Azerbaijan holds presentation of new carpets, ;#1089;olorful "AFFFAIR in Carpets" fashion show at Heydar Aliyev Center. Jun 4, 2022 712
Marium Agha's 'Hear Hear' wins South Asia's biggest art prize. Jun 3, 2022 287
Albahie Auction to feature works by pioneer modern and contemporary Arab artists. Jun 2, 2022 640
Vietnamese tattoo artist enters Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list. Jun 2, 2022 247
From city slums to the global stage. Jun 2, 2022 611
Mahmoud Said's painting 'Dervishes' holds its position as most expensive in Middle East. Mustafa Marie Jun 2, 2022 195
Vietnamese tattoo artist enters Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list. Jun 1, 2022 273
Vietnamese tattoo artist enters Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list. Jun 1, 2022 271
Vietnamese tattoo artist enters Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list. Jun 1, 2022 285
Flesh, Blood Bronze: A sculptor's herculean effort to create the epic national Monument to World War I. MacGregor, Jeff Biography Jun 1, 2022 5864
TAVARES STRACHAN with Amanda Gluibizzi. Gluibzzi, Amanda Interview Jun 1, 2022 4553
from A TRIBUTE TO LANCE DE LOS REYES. Wilson, Robert Jun 1, 2022 990
GUADALUPE MARAVILLA. Powell, Mason Whitehorn Jun 1, 2022 687
Museum display hails work of the North pit ponies. DANIEL HALL Reporter May 31, 2022 602
Painting recreated with packaging for Jubilee celebration; The jubilee print is inspired by Little Fish Design's playful, 'Pop-Surrealist' artworks that blend Renaissance paintings with iconic branded packaging. By, Neil Shaw May 31, 2022 162
Painting recreated with packaging for Jubilee celebration; The jubilee print is inspired by Little Fish Design's playful, 'Pop-Surrealist' artworks that blend Renaissance paintings with iconic branded packaging. By, Neil Shaw May 31, 2022 162
Painting recreated with packaging for Jubilee celebration; The jubilee print is inspired by Little Fish Design's playful, 'Pop-Surrealist' artworks that blend Renaissance paintings with iconic branded packaging. By, Neil Shaw May 31, 2022 162
Painting recreated with packaging for Jubilee celebration; The jubilee print is inspired by Little Fish Design's playful, 'Pop-Surrealist' artworks that blend Renaissance paintings with iconic branded packaging. By, Neil Shaw May 31, 2022 162
Painting recreated with packaging for Jubilee celebration; The jubilee print is inspired by Little Fish Design's playful, 'Pop-Surrealist' artworks that blend Renaissance paintings with iconic branded packaging. By, Neil Shaw May 31, 2022 162
Basketball, 'taho' and going hyperlocal. May 30, 2022 588
Northumberland museum hosts new display to celebrate pit ponies; The Work, Rest and Play exhibition explores three stages of the hard working animals' lives. By, Daniel Hall May 28, 2022 689
Kylie Padilla makes primetime comeback in exciting sports-oriented series 'Bolera'. May 28, 2022 658
New 'Star Wars' series with Jude Law in works. May 28, 2022 710
To live like Love Marie is to live your best life. May 28, 2022 1324
The day F. Sionil Jose took me on a tour of his childhood in Rosales. May 28, 2022 1407
Wahab inaugurates flyover connecting Central with East. May 27, 2022 379
Administrator Karachi inaugurates flyover attributed to painter Iqbal Mehdi. May 27, 2022 317
Mum mortified as £250 tribute tattoo of late gran 'looks more like Rod Stewart'; A mum-of-three wanted to get a tattoo to honour her beloved late grandmother, but was dismayed to find that the body art looked 'more like Rod. By, Adam Wareing & Julia Banim & Rosaleen Fenton May 27, 2022 1091
Humanoid robot paints portrait of the Queen for Platinum Jubilee; Ai-Da Robot used its mechanical arm to paint Algorithm Queen. By, Connie Evans, PA & Richard Blackledge May 27, 2022 384
Humanoid robot paints portrait of the Queen for Platinum Jubilee; Ai-Da Robot used its mechanical arm to paint Algorithm Queen. By, Connie Evans, PA & Richard Blackledge May 27, 2022 384
Application Research of Graphic Design Based on Information Resource-Sharing and Big Data Technology. Xu, Dan May 26, 2022 6271
Euro-Med Monitor, UN Women Palestine organize exhibition of paintings of Israeli airstrike survivor in Gaza. May 25, 2022 615
Euro-Med Monitor, UN Women Palestine organize exhibition of paintings of Israeli airstrike survivor in Gaza. May 25, 2022 620
This artist paints his version of the missing Picasso painting. May 25, 2022 489
Historic bridge in oils; JO CLARKE looks at a painting of a famous south west landmark. JO CLARKE May 24, 2022 459
Tattoo artist adds dead dog's cremation ashes into grieving owner's ink; Tattoo artist Kat Dukes, from California, has been adding dog's ashes into her grieving customer's tattoos after trying it out on herself with her late dad's cremation ashes. By, Paige Freshwater May 23, 2022 544
Imagining home. May 23, 2022 656
Local visual artists invited to apply for grants that will support delivery of new works. May 23, 2022 280
Harry's art may be rubble, but certainly not rubbish! May 22, 2022 286
Tattoo artist shares four reasons why they'd refuse to ink someone; There are several things a tattoo artist considers before they go ahead with a design -and while it may end up with you feeling disappointed in the short-term, it's better to find a suitable artist. By, Liv Clarke May 22, 2022 465
With quality draft picks, Rain or Shine sees return to happier times. May 22, 2022 229
Artist creates amazing sculpture using WW2 rubble; The rubble is believed to have been used for sea defences in WW2. By, James McNeill May 21, 2022 322
A passion for landscapes at new city show. May 20, 2022 354
New-look H&M store set to open its doors. May 20, 2022 314
Diageo’s Johnnie Walker joins NFT party with US$35,000 48-year-old. Conor Reynolds May 20, 2022 225
For one last time. May 20, 2022 669
Ejoh unveils Impressions de Novo at Signature Beyond. May 20, 2022 740
KD Estrada, other artists flex modern masculinity Star Magic digital mag. May 18, 2022 984
Exhibition to focus on wildlife, environment. May 17, 2022 318
Here's the story behind the cradle nests seen in Fort Santiago. May 17, 2022 565
10,366 tourists visit PH's oldest tattoo artist Apo Whang-od in Kalinga in first quarter of year. May 17, 2022 250
Iranian scholar delves into Hiroshige's paintings to explore Edo era Japan. May 16, 2022 445
ArtSpeak: Stephanie Frondoso on art and design. Lerma, Ramon E.S. May 16, 2022 1387
The Ivorian artist transforming used phones into works of art. May 14, 2022 402
Lisa Armstrong shares a heartbreaking tribute to her dad who died from cancer; Lisa Armstrong, 45, marked the anniversary of her dad's death with a sweet post about him on her Instagram. The make up artist lost him three years ago and kept it quiet as she battled through her divorce. By, Hana Carter May 14, 2022 500
A passion for landscapes; Artist David Tress rediscovers his love of the Pembrokeshire landscape in his latest show at Cardif's Albany Gallery, writes Jenny White... Jenny White.. May 14, 2022 611
Opinion - Musings on an artist's life. May 13, 2022 591
Well, isn't that sweet - Nathan's new portrait. May 12, 2022 255
Woman storms out of tattoo session after artist's 'inappropriate' comment about body; A tattoo fan has revealed she stormed out of a tattoo parlour mid-session after the artist began making 'inappropriate' comments about her body and 'fat-shaming' her. By, Kirsty Card & Zahna Eklund May 12, 2022 522
Bella Hadid claims it was 'anxiety' not tight corset that made her 'black out' at Met Gala; Supermodel Bella Hadid looked sensational at the prestigious Met Gala in New York earlier this month, wearing a custom-made creation from Burberry designer Riccardo Tisci. By, Emma Wilson May 12, 2022 439
Visual artist & IT professional returns back to Pakistan with fond memories of Qatar. May 11, 2022 1017
Ready..get set.. glow! SCOT HOPING TO WIN HIT MAKE-UP SHOW Designer hoping to dazzle TV judges. HEATHER GREENAWAY May 11, 2022 399
Finding peace. May 10, 2022 615
Setting sights, expanding horizons. May 9, 2022 617
Artist explores modern life, human emotions in exhibition. May 9, 2022 254
Homeowners urged to remain 'vigilant' after Nottingham knockers target town; Police say con-artists hope to 'make a profit from well-intentioned people'. By, Jaspreet Kaur May 9, 2022 403
Le label LSD Record presente A une chanson de La Dieyna. May 7, 2022 384
SEA Games 31: Stamp collection launched to honour largest regional sports event. May 6, 2022 183
SEA Games 31: Stamp collection launched to honour largest regional sports even. May 6, 2022 183
Katie Price fans underwhelmed by £80 make-up classes as she fails to sell out all dates; Katie Price is currently on a tour of the UK, meeting fans and giving them a masterclass with her make-up artist Fern Howe-Shepherd, but some have been left disappointed by the event. By, Emma Wilson May 6, 2022 458
Bitkub, 129 Art Advisory and The Art Auction Center organise "FOMO NO MORE" art auction event until May 7. May 4, 2022 506
BenCab at 80. May 4, 2022 288
Leni-Kiko tandem endorsed by 3 national artists, Baguio's top universities. May 3, 2022 723
National museum displays sketches from the resistance war. May 2, 2022 437
Wildness in Art. Kuan, Christine May 1, 2022 707
Jordan Weber with Christine Kuan: Malcolm X Harvard and Environmental Justice. Kuan, Christine Interview May 1, 2022 786
Wildness and Freedom in Artistic Collaboration. Tropicana, Carmelita; Troyano, Ela Discussion May 1, 2022 829
Rewildings. Iyer, Vijay May 1, 2022 848
Cultivating Wildness: Supporting the Creativity of Artists: Studio managers are a bit like orchestra conductors-bringing together musicians to create a sublime performance that stirs a wild range of emotions, from awe and fear to wonder. Shionoiri, Yayoi May 1, 2022 647
Art as Public Service. Smith, Bayete Ross May 1, 2022 914
Emerging art collection? Apr 30, 2022 550
#SAFreedomDAY2022: Patricia Bluehrose Mojakgolo. Apr 29, 2022 274
Veteran artist, Bruce Onobrakpeya, receives 'Grand Master of Etching' award. Apr 29, 2022 678
Tattoo artist stabbed wife to death in unprovoked attack before turning knife on himself; Catalin Micu, 54, killed mum-of-one Ramona Stoia, 35, in a suspected murder-suicide on April 11 in at their tattoo studio called GothInk Studio in Canterbury, Kent. By, Alahna Kindred Apr 29, 2022 730
Famous artist Onobrakpeya honoured with Grand Master of Etching. Apr 28, 2022 655
I'm on a journey to discovery, expression with photography - Wale Visuals. Apr 27, 2022 469
Ballantine's and visual artist Shawna X team up for new limited-edition bottle. Apr 27, 2022 277
Popular tattoo artist details plans for Middlesbrough studio in first solo venture; Ben Ramsden has applied for permission to transform a hair salon into a tattoo studio. By, Emily Craigie Apr 25, 2022 585
Africa Oye is looking for designers to make official festival merchandise; "We're open to all and want to see designers have fun and embrace their own styles.". By, Katie Morgan Apr 23, 2022 365
Aspire to inspire. Apr 22, 2022 418
Brave Danielle embraces her 'zombie' skin as she lays bare crippling condition; Make-up artist wants to tackle the stigma of psoriasis. KATHLEEN SPEIRS Apr 22, 2022 552
My zombie skin issue laid bare; confidence knocked Make-up artist on her struggle with psoriasis. KATHLEEN SPEIRS Apr 22, 2022 351
Mr. Danfo Highlights 'Portraits Of Public Figures In Lagos'. Apr 19, 2022 446
Woman red-faced after song lyric tattoo disaster leaves her with wrong words to ABBA hit; An ABBA fan has been left mortified after she told her tattoo artist she wanted her favourite song lyrics inked on her ribs -but managed to get the words wrong. By, Sofie Jackson & Zahna Eklund Apr 18, 2022 377
Oman to debut at 59th Venice Biennale. Apr 17, 2022 243
Exploring a life of black dust and age-old lies of mirrors. Apr 17, 2022 485
Recognizing the talent of Filipino artists. Angara, Sonny Column Apr 17, 2022 806
Celebrity Make-Up Artist Valerie Lawson Marries. Apr 16, 2022 294
Embrace digital marketing, business urged. Apr 15, 2022 327
Tattoo artist blasted for deliberately giving people 'awful' inks; A tattoo artist has gone viral on TikTok after he revealed a design he did for one of his customers in a video that has since been viewed more than three million times. By, Paige Holland Apr 15, 2022 428
Tattoo artist who killed wife in 'murder-suicide' was on BAIL over claims he raped her; Caitlin Micu, 54, and Ramona Stoia, 35, were found dead in their tattoo parlour in Canterbury, Kent and it has since emerged that Mici had previously been interviewed by police. By, Alahna Kindred Apr 14, 2022 607
Artist Fahmi Reza under police probe for satirical post of a monkey in royal suit. Apr 14, 2022 227
The man with the greenest fingers in Cyprus. Agnieszka Rakoczy Apr 13, 2022 2116
Art instead of scalpel. National surgeon and his unique art pieces. Apr 13, 2022 339
The man with the greenest fingers in Cyprus. Apr 13, 2022 2096
Trend Alert: Anamika Khanna's Blush Pink Bridal for A Modern Twist! Apr 11, 2022 347
Rylan Clark shares a kiss with make up artist and best friend as they party the night away; Rylan and best mate Bernice looked like they had a hell of a night. By, Lea Dzifa Seeberg Apr 11, 2022 461
Brooklyn Beckham wedding with just hours to go -calorie counted food and insane flowers; As A listers from the UK and the US start to mingle in the sprawling grounds of Nicola Peltz' dad's £76million Palm Beach mansion we take a look at the very last minute details of her wedding to Brooklyn Beckham -and how make-up artists may out number the guests. By, Lucy Buckland Apr 9, 2022 576
Tattoo artist shares biggest mistakes people make when getting their first ink; A tattoo artist who is well known for sharing her experiences and warnings on TikTok has revealed some of the biggest mistakes people make when they're getting their first ink. By, Paige Holland Apr 9, 2022 406
Visual artist Singo exhibits Magoritoto at gallery. Apr 8, 2022 794
Heartbroken make-up artist recognised victim of Bucha massacre by her manicure; Anastasiia Subacheva, a make-up artist from the nearby city of Gostomel, recognised a perfectly manicured hand with red and white nail polish -- one that she had seen many times holding a brush or lipstick. By, Abigail O'Leary Apr 7, 2022 497
Step into the world of pop surrealism through these exhibits. Apr 6, 2022 452
Rylan Clark woke up naked with make-up artist after he was 'knocked out' by veneer work; Rylan Clark has revealed he was so out of it after heading back from the dentist, he woke up to find he had taken all of his clothes off in the night and his pal Denise in bed. By, Connie Rusk Apr 6, 2022 567
Rylan ended up naked in bed with his make-up artist after having £25k veneers removed; The TV presenter is famous for his pearly white teeth. By, Gabriella Clare Apr 6, 2022 315
Candidates are split on WTTW strike. Russell Lissau Apr 4, 2022 752
Candidates are split on WTTW strike Strike: 'WTTW debates were akin to the Super Bowl'. Russell Lissau Apr 4, 2022 752
Congressional candidates split on whether they'll cross picket lines at WTTW. Russell Lissau Apr 4, 2022 763
PH Embassy in Manama and Filipino Creatives Bahrain showcase Filipino, Bahraini, and Bahrain-based visual artists in art exhibit. Apr 1, 2022 333
Coventry make-up artist to the stars opens Leamington beauty salon and bar; Happy couple Lisa Little and Lee Nelson are the team behind Nanny June's in Regent Street. By, Paul Suart Apr 1, 2022 683
'The arrival of LA as an art capital has been heralded for decades' Matt Stromberg on the local artists who don't need to believe the hype. Stromberg, Matt Apr 1, 2022 986
Quality control: Making wine is an exacting activity that has much in common with the artistic process. Makris, Christina Apr 1, 2022 986
KOHO YAMAMOTO with Amanda Millet-Sorsa. Millet-Sorsa, Amanda Interview Apr 1, 2022 5570
FAITH RINGGOLD with Tschabalala Self. Self, Tschabalala Interview Apr 1, 2022 4012
MICHAEL HEIZER. Morgan, Robert C. Apr 1, 2022 741
'Symbol' painting of Russia-Ukraine war sold for $100,000. Mar 31, 2022 299
AJ Crimson dead: Beauty influencer and celebrity make up artist dies at age 27; AJ Crimson, a make up artist and beauty entrepreneur with a huge following on Instagram, has tragically died at the age of 27. By, Vicki Newman Obituary Mar 31, 2022 311
Artist making a splash with latest stunning artwork in tribute to the RNLI; The eye-catching mural is already winning praise from residents who live near the piece. By, Sue Kirby Mar 31, 2022 462
Shahnaz Akhtar's Painting Exhibition Opens At Alhamra. Mar 30, 2022 328
Mum who spent £12,000 having 70% of body tattooed told she's going 'straight to hell'; Tattoo artist and mum-of-one Raven Moreira, 26, from Goi nia Goi s, Brazil said the £12,000 she spent on getting 70% of her body tattooed has helped to improve her confidence and self-esteem. By, Chloe Shakesby & Ryan Fahey Mar 30, 2022 751
Filipino artist Juanito Torres paints a carnival that is the 2022 election. Mar 30, 2022 351
'Visions of the Heart' on display at Hamail. Mar 29, 2022 558
Filipino artist Juanito Torres paints a carnival that is the 2022 election. Mar 29, 2022 351
Woman furious as tattoo tribute to mum ends up looking like a 'crayon' drawing; Shelby Bryan had hoped to get a tattoo tribute to her mum inked on her arm but was left furious with the end result -as some said it looked like 'Crayola markers'. By, Tiffany Lo & Zahna Eklund Mar 29, 2022 421
New Exhibition Presents Artistic Dialogue between Two Generations of Painters. Mar 29, 2022 168
This £13 celebrity-loved Parisian moisturiser sells once every 23 seconds; Embryolisse is the cult beauty favourite favoured by make-up artists and A-list celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Elle Macpherson. By, Shani Cohen Mar 28, 2022 418
MADE launches search anew for visual artists and masterworks. Mar 27, 2022 333
Every Piece Of Art Is Affordable According To Collector's Taste, Pocket - Femi Coker. Mar 27, 2022 1492
Design skills unfurled. Dave Oberhelman Mar 26, 2022 572
Malindi designer makes fortune from waste materials. Mar 25, 2022 949
Malindi designer makes fortune from waste materials. Mar 25, 2022 942
Glenbrook South, Maine East students finalists in Cook County flag contest. Dave Oberhelman Mar 24, 2022 787
Banner for the next generation. Dave Oberhelman Mar 24, 2022 787
Roque: Give PH artists more public exposure. Mar 23, 2022 630
Beyond the words: My father lived with MS. His creativity inspired my own. Flowers, Alanna Mar 22, 2022 267
Charley Harper's World: Remembering the late artist--and his vibrant national park art--on the occasion of his 100th birthday. Degroff, Katherine Mar 22, 2022 591
Lisa Nilsson: Tissue Series. Mar 22, 2022 286
Davao-based artist turns decorative trays into pieces of art. Interview Mar 22, 2022 603
Figuring out the Untranslatable: Traces of Twombly. Monteiro, Luis Mar 22, 2022 5154
World in abstract. Mar 21, 2022 645
Illustrator's work is Mag-nificent; DESIGNER'S ART FEATURED ON TV. Sophie Finnegan Reporter Mar 20, 2022 518
Zendee Tenerefe and Baluan Balut Park: Breaking through adversity and moving forward. Interview Mar 19, 2022 923
Tattoo artist 'deserves jail' as new inking of 'deformed' wolf is mocked online; A tattoo artist has been told they deserve to go to 'jail' after an image of their inking went viral and was brutally mocked, as it showed a 'deformed' wolf and a deer 'with PTSD'. By, John Bett Mar 18, 2022 437
My make-up artist really doesn't have much to do! Claudia Winkleman tells Katie Wright about her beauty regime and the items she can't do without. Katie Wright Mar 18, 2022 539
;apos;Lamu Space Station;apos; brings cosmic future back to earth. Mar 18, 2022 482
Broadcast technicians go on strike at WTTW. Robert Feder Mar 17, 2022 168
Tattoo artists use ink to raise vital awareness. Mar 16, 2022 160
'I quit my graphic design job to work nights baking bread because I fell in love with sourdough'; Alexandre Bettler quit his graphic design job and now runs Walthamstow bakery, Today Bread. By, Ben Allenby Mar 15, 2022 677
Shonibare: Building Bridges Between Arts and Opportunities. Mar 13, 2022 1677
Katie Price charges £80 to teach fans to recreate her look in make-up masterclass; Katie Price plans to share her top make-up tips on a five-date tour of the UK. She will show fans how to recreate her look, with help from make-up artist Fern Howe-Shepherd. By, Emma Pryer & Ed Dyson Mar 12, 2022 253
Inside the London studio of the political artist famed for painting controversial pictures of politicians; Portrait artist and political satirist Kaya Mar can be seen outside Parliament nearly every Wednesday with his latest piece of satire ready to catch MPs after PMQs. By, Rachael Davis Mar 12, 2022 1472
Young arts. Interview Mar 12, 2022 992
Cathedral's dazzling display of mosaics. Mar 10, 2022 364
First KIKO Milano cosmetics stores open in Cyprus. Press Release Mar 10, 2022 1195
Make-up artist left in 'pool of blood' now working his dream job; Dean Alexander Taylor only feels safe dressing the way he wants in queer spaces. By, Paul McAuley Mar 10, 2022 809
Family on mission to unearth artist's work. Mar 9, 2022 536
Family out £47,000 after 'terrifying' sewage flood left flat furniture 'floating'; Graphic designer David Benqué, 40, and his partner Claire O'Brien, 42, say they lost £32,000 worth of belongings and have since forked out £15,000 when a freak flood destroyed their south London flat. By, Callum Cuddeford & Alahna Kindred Mar 8, 2022 961
Angara pushes for P1-M cash incentive for artists, creative arts performers winning in international stage. Mar 7, 2022 583
Kasi Vibe: Promoting local art continues. Mar 7, 2022 645
Thai national artist Pratuang Emjaroen dies of COVID-19 at 87. Mar 7, 2022 206
A quartet and a constellation for Art Elaan at Art Fair PHL. Mar 7, 2022 550
Cinderella, don't forget to take your meds. Mar 5, 2022 289
Why Visual Artists Detest Teaching In Schools - John Williams. Interview Mar 5, 2022 837
Cinderella, don't forget to take your meds. Eleni Philippou Mar 5, 2022 327
Chat with Harmony Becker, graphic novel illustrator. Batavia Public Library Mar 4, 2022 176
Tarlac's local art scene is on the rise. Mar 3, 2022 821
Woman's sweet tattoo tribute to her dad backfires after huge spelling mistake; A woman had her dad's name tattooed as part of a touching tribute, but her tattoo artist made a major spelling mistake that left the ink looking like something else. By, Zahna Eklund Mar 3, 2022 471
The Weeknd and WFP launch 'XO Humanitarian Fund' in response to global hunger crisis as artist makes initial US$500,000 donation. Mar 3, 2022 579
How a Slovak artist created a large portrait of Steve Jobs. Mar 3, 2022 208
WTFu (What the FU) by MR. FU: A showbiz dream for Mr. Patis. Mar 2, 2022 368
TIME magazine cover comparing Putin to Hitler was faked by Welsh artist; Graphic designer Patrick Mulder fooled thousands with the damning image after Russia invaded Ukraine. By, Nathan Bevan Mar 1, 2022 308
Family's hunt for lost paintings. Mar 1, 2022 299
Greatest Garden: The Paintings of David More. Mar 1, 2022 480
TAKESADA MATSUTANI with Charles M. Schultz. Schultz, Charles M. Interview Mar 1, 2022 4291
VERA LUTTER with Jean Dykstra. Dykstra, Jean Interview Mar 1, 2022 5130
RACHEL FEINSTEIN. Kamps, Toby Mar 1, 2022 949
Woman 'mortified' after tattoo artist makes detrimental mistake on her chest; Jennifer McGee was 'excited' to get another tattoo, but she was left mortified when her tattoo artist made a major spelling mistake to the piece of ink on her chest. By, Sofie Jackson & Zahna Eklund Feb 28, 2022 385
Painter claims Cramlington company made him redundant because he accused them of 'furlough fraud'; An ex-employee accused Triple Shield Property Maintenance of making him redundant in relation for raising concerns about its use of furlough. By, Hannah Graham Feb 28, 2022 706
Heritage Collectibles on a Budget. Feb 28, 2022 217
'As long as there are walls...': Discussing the post-pandemic future of art practice, management. Feb 28, 2022 469
The prime of PamPinay. Feb 28, 2022 945
Heritage Collectibles on a Budget. Feb 28, 2022 217
'What Was', a melancholic remembrance of the past. Feb 27, 2022 296
Cote d'Ivoire : Vagondo Diomande invite des artistes et mutuelles Dan a faire avancer le Tonkpi. Feb 26, 2022 425
A call to action. Interview Feb 25, 2022 681
McLaren Artura Art Car unveiled at Dubai show. Feb 24, 2022 450
New mum 'disappointed' after paying £104 for tattoo of daughter's handprint; Lyss Lampitt wanted to get a matching tattoo with her husband of their firstborn daughter's handprints -but something went wrong and the tattoo artist ended up giving them something else. By, Tiffany Lo & John Bett Feb 24, 2022 429
New Hockney self-portrait to go on display for first time. Feb 22, 2022 203
Sonam Tobay won the 'Happy Dragon Baseball' art Competition. Feb 20, 2022 235
How Twine turned hobby into source of income. Feb 20, 2022 1676
Contemporary Pakistani art has international appeal. Feb 19, 2022 521
After 'insult' charges against artist for satire, Guan Eng claims freedom of expression in Malaysia diminishing. Feb 18, 2022 302
ON THIS DAY. Feb 18, 2022 194
ON THIS DAY. Feb 18, 2022 212
Visual artists, poets pair up for new exhibit in Addison. Submitted by Addison Center for the Arts Feb 18, 2022 416
The Macallan collaborates with British Pop Artist Sir Peter Blake. Feb 17, 2022 740
Candidates told to respect intellectual property rights. Feb 17, 2022 547
PH national artists endorse Robredo for president. Feb 14, 2022 661
Grieving Over the Sad End of 'Community'. Feb 13, 2022 1027
Meet Nigerian Visual Artist Whose Works Address Social, Political Ills. Feb 12, 2022 1049
THE LATEST. Feb 11, 2022 971
Erika seizes 'unique' opportunity to work with abstract artist. Feb 11, 2022 403
Salima Ayadi explores her Algerian heritage in 'My Silk Road'. Hakima Bedouani Feb 11, 2022 589
Artist Fahmi Reza claims trial to 'obscene' social media post allegedly insulting Adham Baba. Feb 10, 2022 347
Tribute to woman who made a difference to so many lives; teacher, radio interviewer, campaigner, journalist, quilter, watercolour artist, spinner and carer achieved so much. LAUREN DAVIDSON @GrimsbyLive Feb 8, 2022 978
Tatoo artist shares most common inking dads ask her for -and she's done so many; A Love Island star who returned to her original job as a tattoo artist has revealed the most common inking that dads get -explaining how she's done it countless times. By, John Bett Feb 8, 2022 346
Alhamra Art gallery holds photo exhibition on Kashmir Day. Feb 6, 2022 157
Meet Nigerian Visual Artist Whose Works Address Social, Political Ills. Feb 6, 2022 1049
Meet Nigerian Visual Artist Whose Works Address Social, Political Ills. Feb 6, 2022 1049
De retour des obseques de l'artiste Defao en Rdc : Kamate Moustapha raconte ce qui s'est passe. Feb 5, 2022 414
Young Artist Organises all-female Art Exhibition in Kigali. Feb 5, 2022 372
Kate Middleton stuns in one of her favourite dresses made by a designer Princess Diana loved; The Duchess of Cambridge joined Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall in London today. By, Rebecca Russell Feb 3, 2022 412
15 Palettes Make-Up Artists VOW By To Change Your Beauty Game For The Better. Feb 2, 2022 1173
Lisa Armstrong shows off slim look as she gets matching tattoos with new boyfriend; Lisa Armstrong began dating electrician James Green in early 2020, and the make-up artist has shared snaps of her new man -her first serious relationship since divorcing Ant McPartlin -on social media. By, Emma Wilson Feb 2, 2022 409
Artist's comic 'Arcane Flames' receives wrong copyright notice from Riot Games. Feb 2, 2022 527
Why are 'Trese' fans disappointed over creators' jump to NFT? Feb 2, 2022 628
Paint Packaging Goes Up A Gear. Knowles, Terry Feb 1, 2022 1084
Creative Capital: Congratulations to the 2022 Creative Capital Awardees! Awards list Feb 1, 2022 252
JEFF WALL with Barry Schwabsky. Schwabsky, Barry Interview Feb 1, 2022 4498
BASEERA KHAN with Lee Ann Norman. Norman, Lee Ann Interview Feb 1, 2022 4684
Miranda Metcalf. Feb 1, 2022 1021
Cicely Carew. Feb 1, 2022 813
Sandra C. Fernandez. Feb 1, 2022 784
LINE OF DISSENT. Turner, Christopher Feb 1, 2022 2959
Recreation of Liverpool's Game of Thrones style castle; The castle stood roughly where the present day Crown Court building was built. By, Alan Weston Jan 29, 2022 429
Celebrity make-up artist to open 'beauty concept store' in Leamington; Lisa Little and Lee Nelson have spent around £100k renovating the premises in Regent Street. By, Paul Suart Jan 29, 2022 733
Palestinian art: Highlights from Ramallah Art Fair's second edition. Arab News Jan 28, 2022 570
Stacey Solomon shares £5 hair transformation in Joe Swash birthday message; Stacey's make up artist has detailed which products she uses on the star. By, Gemma Jones Jan 28, 2022 406
Student gamer nominations begin for 3rd AcadArena Awards. Jan 27, 2022 256
Cops nab graphic artist for selling fake vax cards in Pasay. Jan 26, 2022 369
Painting a 'better world' through street murals. Jan 26, 2022 498
Graphic artist behind fake vax card in Pasay City arrested. Jan 26, 2022 305
Philippine National Artist ancestral home explored by student-artist. Jan 26, 2022 533
Pure emotions. Jan 26, 2022 357
Royal artist 'savaged' for giving Prince William 'too much hair' in portrait; The royal artist opened up about the criticism in the latest episode of ITV's Keeping Up With The Aristocrats. By, Katie L Wilson Jan 25, 2022 279

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