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Artistry Concepts Patented Medical Tattoo Process Replicates Hair for Scarring and Baldness Victims.

ENGLEWOOD, Fla. -- Disfigured by fire as an infant, 31-year-old Alex Smith (not his real name) of Ireland visited America in search of a better self-image, but received much more than he ever thought possible, thanks to an artist named Mark Weston.

Burned in a fire as a child, Alex Smith endured years of skin grafts, lost an ear, and could not grow facial or scalp hair at all on one side of his head. But Mark Weston of Artistry Concepts Hair Replication Center was able to help him with an unusual (and permanent) solution to his problem. With patented, specialized tools, Weston was able to re-create the look of scalp and facial hair on Alex that was so realistic, it literally changed the young man's life.

Weston's procedure is a medical tattoo process known as ACHM[TM] (Artistry Concepts Hybrid Method). By applying tiny micro-points of pigment under the skin--each the size of a hair follicle--he replicated the natural hair growth pattern of very short hair on Alex's scalp, plus a natural looking beard shadow that matched the unscarred side of his face. For the first time in his life, Alex could walk down the street with confidence in his appearance. "He was thrilled with the result," says Weston, "We're so glad we could help him."

Weston originally developed ACHM[TM] to help balding men and those who need to cover scars. He has treated many men with hair transplants that were not happy with the outcome, as well as those who tried hair-growth medications.

"Men in the US spend an estimated $1 billion per year in baldness treatments," says Weston. "But you often have to wait weeks or months to tell what you'll look like. With ACHM[TM] I can show my clients exactly what they'll look like before we start, and it costs up to 85% less than a transplant--with no maintenance or down time."

Treatments take anywhere from four to up to fifteen hours, depending on the amount of coverage, and do not damage hair follicles. Unlike a traditional tattoo, the process is almost painless. "Some people even fall asleep in the chair," Weston notes.

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Date:Mar 30, 2010
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