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Artist of iconic Che Guevara, portrays Tamimi as Wonder Woman.

Portrait of Palestinian 16-years old Ahed Tamimi as Wonder Woman by Jim Fitzpatrick -- Photo courtesy of Kim Fitzpatrick official page CAIRO- 3 March 2018: Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick who created the historically iconic image of Che Guevara , has turned Ahed Tamimi into wonder woman in a recent drawing released earlier. He mentions in a video released by AJ+ that he aimed to design this drawing to save Tamimi's life as he described "Her life is under threat". In the Irish artist's drawing Tamimi is portrayed as a symbol of resistance holding the Palestinian flag; the drawing features at the end on the right a slogan reading "There is a real wonder woman" with the wonder woman logo on it. The drawing is deemed as a special message that Fitzpatrick sought to send to Israeli actress Gal Gadot who supports the Israeli army and played the role of Wonder Woman in the 2017 movie "Wonder Woman". He stated that Gal Gadot who is the star of Wonder Woman served in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and supports the occupation of Palestine; however Fitzpatrick believes that Tamimi is the real wonder woman. Portrait of the Iconic Che Guevara by Jim Fitzpatrick who is standing next to it -- Photo courtesy of Kim Fitzpatrick official page Tamimi was only 16 years old when she was arrested by Israeli forces in December 2017, after she pushed and kicked an Israeli soldier who intruded her land and property. Although the young girl is still imprisoned, the Irish artist hopes that the drawing would pressure Israel to release her. "We need a world movement to stop the prosecution of all Palestinian children not just Ahed. But she to me is almost a spiritual figurehead for it," he said on the AJ+ video released. More than 300 Palestinian children are in Israeli jails, according to the Palestinian Society Prisoners Club that mentioned that over 60% of those children experience physical and psychological torture. Fitzpatrick upsettingly scoffs at the actions conducted by the Israeli forces where he pointed out that Israeli forces have taken over the water supply where Tamimi lives and later has declared the village as a military zone saying "What is next? They're going to knock down and take over the land?! It is appalling!" He also added that this occupation and Israeli attacks has happened to Ireland for 800 years and he believes that it will not take long for Palestine to be free again.

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Publication:Egypt Today
Date:Mar 3, 2018
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