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Artist Roy Lichtenstein Designs Logo For DreamWorks Records

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Pop Art icon Roy Lichtenstein has designed the logo for DreamWorks Records; it is the first and only corporate logo of his career. The distinctive design, incorporating musical notes in the artist's trademark "dream balloon," debuted on the packaging for "Beautiful Freak," the first album from Los Angeles-based trio the eels and the second release from the record company.

"I'm not in the business of doing anything like that (a corporate logo) and don't intend to do it again," allows Lichtenstein. "But I know Mo Ostin and David Geffen and it seemed interesting. I thought a dream balloon would be very easy and quick to read and very apparent -- a highly simple idea."

Ostin heads up DreamWorks Records, along with Lenny Waronker and Michael Ostin. The company, launched in October 1995, is a unit of DreamWorks SKG, founded by David Geffen, Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg.

"I wanted something special, a unique way of presenting the image of our company," explains Ostin. "Although I thought it was a long shot, I really wanted a great artist to design our logo. So I went to Lichtenstein's studio, met with him and his staff, told them the DreamWorks story and what we envisioned for the future of our record company and somehow it connected. We're all proud of Roy's work and delighted with how great it looks on a CD. It jumps out, it's simple, minimalist and whimsical."

Lichtenstein was one of the originators of the American Pop Art movement, which revolutionized painting and sculpture and is widely recognized as one of the most provocative endeavors of twentieth-century art. In 1961, Lichtenstein made his first canvases based on images he found in the media. He chose generic consumer images as well as cartoon panels from serial romance and war comic books because of their value as highly unconventional subject matter and for the friction they suggested between the commonplace and fine art. In the succeeding decades, Lichtenstein's use of reproductions has expanded beyond advertising and comic books to encompass areas such as art history, architecture and the decorative arts. Clare Bell, Assistant Curator of New York City's Guggenheim Museum, has noted: "Lichtenstein's paintings call into question the very essence of perception and expose the complexities implicit in all representations."

When it comes to music, Lichtenstein admits he doesn't listen to a lot of contemporary pop. When he's painting he prefers the baroque school of classical music or jazz, particularly the work of saxophonists Lester Young, Charlie Parker and John Coltrane. Coincidentally, Parker and Young were signed to Verve Records, not only the first record company to employ Ostin, but one that used important figures from the art world to create many of its album covers.

Lichtenstein certainly won't lack for a variety of music in the future -- Ostin promised him a lifetime supply of DreamWorks releases and started him off with entire catalogs of albums from Warner Bros. Records (where Ostin was Chief Executive Officer for 25 years), as well as from the MCA INC. music group.

DreamWorks Records is marketed through Geffen Records, which is owned by MCA INC., a unit of The Seagram Company Ltd., a global beverage and entertainment company.

The first release on DreamWorks Records was George Michael's "Older," issued May 14, 1996. The third release will be the Broadway cast album of "Rent," due Aug. 27.

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