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Artisan Components Qualifies Libraries For PrimeTime SI; PrimeTime SI and SAGE-X Libraries from Artisan Bring Crosstalk Analysis to the Fabless Market.

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 12, 2002

Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq:SNPS) and Artisan Components, Inc. (Nasdaq:ARTI) today announced that Artisan's SAGE-X(TM) 0.18- and 0.13-micron family of standard cell libraries are now qualified and immediately available for Synopsys PrimeTime(R) SI. With PrimeTime SI and Artisan's SAGE-X libraries in their nanometer design flow, customers are able to pinpoint crosstalk-induced timing problems quickly, thereby reducing the risk of potential chip failures.

PrimeTime SI is a full-chip, static crosstalk analysis tool that detects and isolates signal integrity effects found in designs using 0.18-micron technology and below. PrimeTime SI extends the proven static timing techniques of the industry-leading PrimeTime tool to include crosstalk analysis, delivering a fully integrated solution that is easy to adopt. To help the adoption, Artisan has enhanced its library characterization tool around Synopsys characterization guidelines to generate Liberty(TM) (.lib) libraries that are fully qualified for PrimeTime SI.

Artisan's SAGE-X Standard Cell Libraries are optimized for density and speed and have an enhanced cell set designed to generate superior RTL-to-GDSII results through optimization for state-of-the-art electronic design automation (EDA) tools and flows. The libraries contain 535 cells and 130 functions and include a rich set of combinatorial and sequential functions; ultra high-performance, high-density arithmetic cells; register file support via high-density 'bit cells'; scan flip-flops for design-for-testability support; and integrated clock gating cells for power optimization support.

To facilitate library qualification, Synopsys provided Artisan with a correlation kit consisting of a library screener and characterization guidelines for PrimeTime SI. Working together, Synopsys and Artisan verified that the libraries -- when tested with PrimeTime SI -- met the characterization guidelines and offered SPICE-level accuracy.

"To avoid costly respins, customers moving to 0.13-micron design need to analyze their SoC designs for potential crosstalk-related timing failures," said Dhrumil Gandhi, senior vice president of product technology at Artisan Components, Inc. "To address this need, we have enhanced our library modeling tools around Synopsys' characterization guidelines, enabling us to generate Liberty(TM) (.lib) libraries that are fully qualified for PrimeTime SI. As a result, our customers can adopt PrimeTime SI for static crosstalk analysis in their designs."

"Advanced library modeling for nanometer design continues to be a key focus of our Synopsys/Artisan alliance, as demonstrated by the qualification of Artisan Libraries for PrimeTime SI," said Antun Domic, senior vice president and general manager of Synopsys' Nanometer Analysis and Test Group. "Synopsys and Artisan now offer easy access to high-quality libraries for PrimeTime SI, enabling our customers to perform fast, accurate gate-level crosstalk analysis on their system-on-chip designs."

About Artisan Components

Artisan Components, Inc., (Nasdaq:ARTI) is a world leader in intellectual property components, providing high-quality solutions for many of the world's leading semiconductor foundries, integrated device manufacturers, ASIC vendors and IC design teams. Artisan's Process-Perfect(TM) memory generators, standard cell and I/O libraries are optimized to achieve the full-speed, density and low-power potential of each semiconductor process. Each product is verified using the industry's most comprehensive QA and validation procedures and delivered ready to use with a complete set of views and models supporting leading design tools. Visit Artisan at

About Synopsys

Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq:SNPS), headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., creates leading electronic design automation (EDA) tools for the global electronics market. The company delivers advanced design technologies and solutions to developers of complex integrated circuits, electronic systems and systems-on-a-chip. Synopsys also provides consulting and support services to simplify the overall IC design process and accelerate time to market for its customers. Visit Synopsys at

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Date:Feb 12, 2002
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