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Is Hyperflexion Possible with the Solitary Use of High-Flexion Insert in Knee Replacement Preserving the Posterior Cruciate Ligament? (Mid-term Results)/Arka Capraz Bagi Koruyan Diz Protezinde Sadece Hiperfleksiyona Izin Veren Ara Yuzeyin Kullanimi Hiperfleksiyon Sagliyor mu? (Orta Donem Sonuclar). Ozden, Vahit Emre; Dikmen, Goksel; Uzer, Gokcer; Tozun, Ismail Remzi Report Oct 1, 2018 3763
Scapular notching in reverse shoulder arthroplasty: validation of a computer impingement model. Roche, Christopher P.; Marczuk, Yann; Wright, Thomas W.; Flurin, Pierre-Henri; Grey, Sean G.; Jones, Report Oct 1, 2013 4306
Impact of inferior glenoid tilt, humeral retroversion, bone grafting, and design parameters on muscle length and deltoid wrapping in reverse shoulder arthroplasty. Roche, Christopher P.; Diep, Phong; Hamilton, Matthew; Crosby, Lynn A.; Flurin, Pierre-Henri; Wright Report Oct 1, 2013 7743
Primary total elbow replacement in a patient with old unreduced complex posterior elbow dislocation. Kanakaraddi, Sandeep Clinical report Oct 1, 2013 1213
Reverse shoulder glenoid loosening: an evaluation of the initial fixation associated with six different reverse shoulder designs. Stroud, Nick; DiPaola, Matthew J.; Flurin, Pierre-Henri; Roche, Christopher P. Report Apr 15, 2013 4209
Design rationale for a posterior/superior offset reverse shoulder prosthesis. Roche, Christopher P.; Hamilton, Matthew A.; Diep, Phong; Flurin, Pierre-Henri; Routman, Howard D. Report Apr 15, 2013 3269
Muscle force and excursion requirements and moment arm analysis of a posterior-superior offset reverse total shoulder prosthesis. Onstot, Brian R.; Jacofsky, Marc C.; Hansen, Matthew L. Report Apr 15, 2013 2551
Effect of prosthesis design on muscle length and moment arms in reverse total shoulder arthroplasty. Hamilton, Matthew A.; Roche, Christopher P.; Diep, Phong; Flurin, Pierre-Henri; Routman, Howard D. Report Apr 15, 2013 2939
Comparison of bone removed with reverse total shoulder arthroplasty. Roche, Christopher P.; Diep, Phong; Hamilton, Matthew A.; Flurin, Pierre-Henri; Routman, Howard D. Report Apr 15, 2013 3256
Use of a caged, bone ingrowth, glenoid implant in anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty: technique and early results. Grey, Sean G. Report Apr 15, 2013 2937
Biomechanical impact of posterior glenoid wear on anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty. Roche, Christopher P.; Diep, Phong; Grey, Sean G.; Flurin, Pierre-Henri Report Apr 15, 2013 3530
Total Ankle Replacement Industry stepping up in developing countries. Mar 31, 2013 519
The rise of the metal elbow. Fajardo, Marc; Kwon, Young W. Report Jan 1, 2013 5852
Proprioception in above-the-knee amputees with artificial limbs. Latanioti, E.P.; Angoules, A.G.; Boutsikari, E.C. Report Jan 1, 2013 3574
Evolution of the reverse total shoulder prosthesis. Jazayeri, Reza; Kwon, Young W. Jan 1, 2011 3256
Biomechanics characteristics of new type artificial hip joint. Jiang, Hai-bo; Liu, Hong-tao; Han, Shu-yang; Liu, Fen Report Oct 14, 2010 1235
Orthopedic surgeon shortage on the way, report says: device firms cautiously support comparative effectiveness program. Mar 1, 2009 508
The PEEK of large joint performance: new PEEK yields lower wear and reduced immunological reaction for knee bearings. Kinbrum, Amy Mar 1, 2009 2772
EU reclassifies joint replacements. May 1, 2007 258
Hip action: better ways to make ends meet aim to give the artificial ball and socket a new lease on life. Degaspari, John Dec 1, 2004 1703
Everything old is new again. Ehrenman, Gayle Dec 1, 2003 493
Israeli Invention Helps Back Pain. Brief Article Feb 10, 2003 165
Down to the bone. (Polymers). Brief Article Aug 31, 2002 223
Exercise after joint replacement: what's safe? (Danger of Wear and Loosening). Splete, Heidi Brief Article Jun 15, 2002 547
New Knee Design Helps Amputees Walk Better. Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 203
Barbie Gives 'Em the Finger. Zwillich, Todd Oct 1, 1999 108
New techniques improve success. Brief Article Oct 1, 1996 433
Perhaps it's trade-in time! Jul 1, 1994 419
Increasing the odds for joint-replacement success. Dunkin, Mary Anne May 1, 1992 292
New implant for arthritic toes. Mar 1, 1992 199
Can carbon fibers cut it in hip R&D? Oliver, Joyce Anne Dec 1, 1991 443
... In with the new. Dunkin, Mary Anne Nov 1, 1989 1812

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