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Prediction of Post Stroke recovery: Artificial intelligence could be a key of success. Sana Bashir, Hina Shafi and Furqan Ahmed Siddiqi Aug 14, 2022 625
Developing the national artificial intelligence policy in Nigeria, By Fom Gyem. Aug 12, 2022 1111
Adept Builds a Powerful AI Teammate for Everyone with Oracle and NVIDIA. Aug 12, 2022 359
Hyundai to build AI research center in U.S. in robotics push. Aug 12, 2022 253
Hyundai and Boston Dynamics to open AI research institute. Aug 12, 2022 156
Artificial intelligence could lower nuclear energy costs. Aug 12, 2022 452
Artificial intelligence could lower nuclear energy costs. Aug 12, 2022 169
Hyundai Motor Group To Spearhead Advancements in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics. Aug 12, 2022 260
Hyundai Motor Group To Spearhead Advancements in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics. Aug 12, 2022 261
Hyundai Motor Group To Spearhead Advancements in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics. Aug 12, 2022 249
NITDA seeks stakeholders input on Artificial Intelligence policy. Aug 11, 2022 297
Agency Calls For Contribution To National Artificial Intelligence Policy. Aug 11, 2022 298
Humanizing artificial intelligence: Aboitiz tapping data science and artificial intelligence to serve its customers better. Aug 10, 2022 1014
Centenary bank to deploy artificial intelligence. Written by AARON GAD ORENA Aug 10, 2022 444
Dewa invests in AI & machine learning to boost efficiency. Aug 9, 2022 644
Artificial intelligence innovation among automotive industry companies has dropped off in the last three months. Data Journalism Team Aug 9, 2022 348
Filings buzz in the automotive industry: 31% increase in artificial intelligence mentions in Q2 of 2022. Data Journalism Team Aug 9, 2022 462
Artificial intelligence mentions in fashion company filings down in Q2. Data Journalism Team Aug 9, 2022 459
Artificial intelligence - a game changer. Aug 9, 2022 823
Mosti launches five technology roadmaps to develop Malaysia's robotics, advanced materials, and AI industries. Aug 9, 2022 362
Application To The Application To The AIMS African Master's Of Machine Intelligence (AMMI) Is Open! Aug 9, 2022 404
"Perhaps Even More Dangerous than Nuclear Bombs" Tech Expert Toby Walsh on the Menaces of AI. admin Aug 8, 2022 1859
Terrifying AI-generated selfie images reveal what the last day on Earth could look like; WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: A TikTok account asked a computer to come up with what the final moments of the apocalypse might be like and the results are gruesome and disturbing. By, Steven White Aug 7, 2022 440
NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin 32GB Production Modules Now Available. Aug 7, 2022 742
Blenderbot 3, Metas most recent artificial intelligence chatbot, begins beta testing. Aug 7, 2022 474
SPCAI, COMSTECH organize international workshop on Artificial Intelligence. Aug 5, 2022 240
Advance.AI Mike Calma: Positioning PH as Asia's AI hub. Interview Aug 5, 2022 693
SPCAI, COMSTECH organize international workshop on Artificial Intelligence. Aug 5, 2022 240
CMU-Q receives new grants for AI research into key areas for Qatar. Qatar Tribune Aug 4, 2022 450
AI powers Philippine FinTech Revolution. Aug 4, 2022 802
Application toThe application to the AIMS African Master's of Machine Intelligence (AMMI) is open! Aug 3, 2022 422
Emerging Technologies. Jamal Nasir Aug 3, 2022 1025
UP Diliman launches country's first doctoral program in Artificial Intelligence. Aug 2, 2022 302
The true meaning of a Smart City. Editorial Aug 2, 2022 864
International workshop on Role of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare on August 04. Aug 2, 2022 264
AI shows its worth in making sense of online health. Aug 1, 2022 720
Machine learning to help predict future dengue fever outbreaks. Aug 1, 2022 492
Practical Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Glaucoma Diagnosis. Gong, Di; Hu, Man; Yin, Yue; Zhao, Tong; Ding, Tong; Meng, Fan; Xu, Yongli Jul 31, 2022 8253
Olive Disease Classification Based on Vision Transformer and CNN Models. Alshammari, Hamoud; Gasmi, Karim; Ben Ltaifa, Ibtihel; Krichen, Moez; Ben Ammar, Lassaad; Mahmood, M Report Jul 31, 2022 6663
Short-Term Electrical Load Demand Forecasting Based on LSTM and RNN Deep Neural Networks. Islam, Badar ul; Ahmed, Shams Forruque Jul 31, 2022 5530
Construction of Rural Governance Digital Driven by Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Huang, Ruolan Jul 31, 2022 7019
A Study of English Translation Theory Based on Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Random Matrix. Li, Yongfang Jul 31, 2022 3771
Health Information Prediction System of Infant Sports Based on Deep Learning Network. Qi, Jie; Zhang, Jun Jul 31, 2022 7052
Analysis and Research on the Marketing Strategy of Agricultural Products Based on Artificial Intelligence. Wang, Hongbing; GaoJing,; Kang, Bohan; Peng, Lv; Shi, Yuxian Jul 30, 2022 5061
Analysis of the Impact Measurement on RE Development in the Context of Artificial Intelligence. Sui, Xiang Jul 30, 2022 3326
Performance Optimization of Industrial Supply Chain Using Artificial Intelligence. Alomar, Madani Abdu Jul 30, 2022 7043
Artificial Intelligence-Based Feature Analysis of Ultrasound Images of Liver Fibrosis. Xie, Youcheng; Chen, Shun; Jia, Dong; Li, Bin; Zheng, Ying; Yu, Xiaohui Jul 30, 2022 7022
Vietnam Artificial Intelligence Day to kick off this September. Jul 27, 2022 303
VIB's virtual financial advisor makes debut. Jul 27, 2022 700
Drilling management utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence, geoscience and petrophysics. Jul 27, 2022 1491
Researchers propose new AI model to better understand human expectations. Jul 27, 2022 230


Bailey, Ronald Jul 27, 2022 439
VIB's virtual financial advisor makes debut. Jul 26, 2022 706
Artificial Intelligence Optimization Design Analysis of Robot Control System. Guo, Haifeng; Wang, Yiyang; Wang, Guangwei; Du, Zhongbo; Chen, Rui; Sun, He Jul 25, 2022 4168
Automatic Piano Harmony Arrangement System Based on Deep Learning. Li, Jianhua Jul 25, 2022 5515
Domesticate Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence for the Nation's Development University Don. Jul 24, 2022 494
WAM inks deal with Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence. Staff Reporter Jul 23, 2022 715
Govt. allocates Rs. 243 mln to establish SINO-Pak Center for Artificial Intelligence. Jul 23, 2022 236
Symptom-Based COVID-19 Prognosis through AI-Based IoT: A Bioinformatics Approach. Pal, Madhumita; Parija, Smita; Mohapatra, Ranjan K.; Mishra, Snehasish; Rabaan, Ali A.; Al Mutair, A Report Jul 23, 2022 5804
An Adaptive Dance Motion Smart Detection Method Using BP Neural Network Model under Dance Health Teaching Scene. Liu, Shasha Jul 22, 2022 6457
Research on Intelligent Embedded Fan System Based on YOLOv2 Lightweight Algorithm. Wei, YongHui; Zhao, KeYu; Lv, XueQiang; Feng, JianZhou; Hu, HaiJu; Badarch, Tuyatsetseg; Zhao, ZeYu Jul 22, 2022 5505
Rotating Machinery Fault Identification via Adaptive Convolutional Neural Network. Zhang, Luke; Liu, Jia; Su, Shu; Lu, Tong; Xue, Chunrong; Wang, Yinjun; Ding, Xiaoxi Jul 22, 2022 6512
Sophos launches Sophos X-Ops to shield companies from complex cyberattacks. Jul 22, 2022 751
Local artists to bring artificial intelligence to heart of town; residents invited to walk this way. JAMES TURNER @GrimsbyLive Jul 22, 2022 495
KPMG in the Philippines' Innovation Summit 2022 focuses on transforming organizations. Jul 22, 2022 921
Harnessing virtual reality for next generation military training. Jul 22, 2022 184
New AI tool that turns words into art enters testing phase. Jul 21, 2022 369
Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Computer Network Security Communication. Li, Fulin Report Jul 21, 2022 4550
An Analysis and Research on Chinese College Students' Psychological Barriers in Oral English Output from a Cross-Cultural Perspective. Zheng, Shuai Jul 21, 2022 6653
Machine Learning Algorithms Are Applied in Nanomaterial Properties for Nanosecurity. Prasad, K. R. K. V.; Srinivasa Rao, V.; Harini, P.; Mukiri, Ratna Raju; Ravindra, K.; Vijaya Kumar, Jul 21, 2022 11972
The Use of Chest Radiographs and Machine Learning Model for the Rapid Detection of Pneumonitis in Pediatric. Alshamrani, Khalaf; Alshamrani, Hassan A.; Asiri, Abdullah A.; Alqahtani, F. F.; Mohammad, Walid The Report Jul 21, 2022 4585
Segmentation of Oral Leukoplakia (OL) and Proliferative Verrucous Leukoplakia (PVL) Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques. Alshawwa, Samar Zuhair; Saleh, Asmaa; Hasan, Malek; Shah, Mohd Asif Report Jul 21, 2022 7877
Special-Purpose English Teaching Reform and Model Design in the Era of Artificial Intelligence. Ruan, Yali Jul 20, 2022 6593
Cultural and Creative Product Design and Image Recognition Based on the Convolutional Neural Network Model. Han, Sangyun; Shi, Zhifang; Shi, Yongkang Jul 20, 2022 4798
AIOps Architecture in Data Center Site Infrastructure Monitoring. Dong, Wei Jul 20, 2022 6810
Application of Convolutional Neural Network to GIS and Physics. Liu, Jinglei; Dong, Fangfang; Li, Zhiyao Jul 19, 2022 4101
Research on Intelligent Pick-Up Route Planning of a Logistics Cycle Automatic Robot. Hu, Qinlong; Fan, Yimin Jul 19, 2022 4346
Evaluation and Analysis of Assisted Instruction and Ability Improvement Based on Artificial Intelligence. Li, Zhi; Guang, Zhao; Sun, Wen Jul 19, 2022 5476
Dhofar Municipality wins global award for use of artificial intelligence. Jul 19, 2022 260
GDC Kathua bagged First prize in inter-college Poster Presentation. Jul 18, 2022 281
Artificial intelligence in Pakistan. Jul 18, 2022 1012
Reliability and Security Analysis of Artificial Intelligence-Based Self-Driving Technologies in Saudi Arabia: A Case Study of Openpilot. Alsubaei, Faisal S. Case study Jul 18, 2022 11519
Intelligent Optimization Design of Automatic Sorting Robot Process. Liu, Jia; Wang, JunFeng; Xu, Yuequn Jul 18, 2022 5885
Facility Layout Optimization of Urban Public Sports Services under the Background of Deep Learning. Huang, Tieying Jul 18, 2022 7262
AI & the end of humankind. Jul 17, 2022 922
Accurate Detection of Intelligent Running Posture Based on Artificial Intelligence Sensor. Zhang, Chenguang; Cheng, Kun Jul 16, 2022 4066
Challenges and Countermeasures of Arab Immigrants and International Trade in the Era of Big Data. Huang, Yi; Shao, Miao Jul 16, 2022 7175
Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)-Based Smart Healthcare System: Trends and Progress. Srivastava, Jyoti; Routray, Sidheswar; Ahmad, Sultan; Waris, Mohammad Maqbool Jul 16, 2022 11471
Explainable Artificial Intelligence-Based IoT Device Malware Detection Mechanism Using Image Visualization and Fine-Tuned CNN-Based Transfer Learning Model. Naeem, Hamad; Alshammari, Bandar M.; Ullah, Farhan Jul 15, 2022 8422
COVID-19 Classification from Chest X-Ray Images: A Framework of Deep Explainable Artificial Intelligence. Khan, Muhammad Attique; Azhar, Marium; Ibrar, Kainat; Alqahtani, Abdullah; Alsubai, Shtwai; Binbusay Jul 14, 2022 7842
Intelligent Face Recognition System Based on Universal Design Concept. Li, Zhijie; Shin, Kibong Jul 14, 2022 5530
Application of Improved VMD-LSTM Model in Sports Artificial Intelligence. Zhang, Tiancong; Fu, Caihua Jul 14, 2022 4722
PPP Financing Model in the Infrastructure Construction of the Park Integrating Artificial Intelligence Technology. Wang, Xiufeng; Cui, Xiaoyan Jul 14, 2022 5734
Application of an Artificial Intelligence System Recognition Based on the Deep Neural Network Algorithm. Zhang, Yaru; Zhang, Qian; Yang, Jingxuan Jul 14, 2022 5960
Lung Cancer Prediction from Text Datasets Using Machine Learning. Anil Kumar, C.; Harish, S.; Ravi, Prabha; SVN, Murthy; Kumar, B. P. Pradeep; Mohanavel, V.; Alyami, Report Jul 14, 2022 6233
The Auxiliary Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Intelligent Creation and Conducting of Symphony. Dong, Rui Jul 14, 2022 4881
The potential for artificial intelligence in construction. Guest Authors Jul 14, 2022 972
The potential for artificial intelligence in construction. Guest Authors Jul 14, 2022 988
Accenture Uses Artificial Intelligence-Driven Database to Help Reduce Electricity Rates for Colonial Pipeline's Interstate System. Jul 14, 2022 183
Tamkeen backs AI skills programme. Jul 13, 2022 369
'AI Connect': 2-day conference in Lahore set to showcase Pakistan's artificial intelligence talent. Conference news Jul 13, 2022 598
Perception of the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Decision-Making Processes of Public Healthcare Professionals. Saleh Ibrahim, Yousif; Khalid Al-Azzawi, Waleed; Hamad Mohamad, A. Abdullah; Nouri Hassan, Ahmed; Me Jul 13, 2022 5981
General Industrial Environment and Health Design Software Using a Small Data-Driven Neural Network Model. Xu, Lijun; Zheng, Jing; Gao, Jun; Chen, Wei; Chen, Lu Jul 13, 2022 7284
Design of International Chinese Education Promotion Platform Based on Artificial Intelligence and Facial Recognition Technology. Shen, Yi; Sun, Sixian Jul 13, 2022 6306
Deep Learning Dual Neural Networks in the Construction of Learning Models for Online Courses in Piano Education. Lei, Shijun; Liu, Huiming Jul 13, 2022 5131
Application of Dynamic Process Neural Network Model Identification in Ethnic Dance Online Teaching System. Hu, Jun; Hou, Tianshi Jul 13, 2022 5245
Cultural and Creative Product Design and Image Recognition Based on Deep Learning. Li, Ren; Wang, Chunbin Jul 12, 2022 5251
Research on Multimodal Dance Movement Recognition Based on Artificial Intelligence Image Technology. Zeng, Zhuo Jul 12, 2022 5187
The Application Trend of Digital Finance and Technological Innovation in the Development of Green Economy. Zhou, Ya Jul 12, 2022 5969
Design and Implementation of Smart Hydroponics Farming Using IoT-Based AI Controller with Mobile Application System. Ramakrishnam Raju, S. V. S.; Dappuri, Bhasker; Ravi Kiran Varma, P.; Yachamaneni, Murali; Verghese, Jul 12, 2022 5723
Tamkeen supports Bahrainis' recruitment, training in collaboration with HH Shaikh Nasser AI Research and Development Centre. Jul 12, 2022 486
Tamkeen supports the recruitment and training of Bahrainis. Jul 12, 2022 498
Nokia partners with Indian Institute of Science to establish Networked Robotics Center of Excellence. Jul 11, 2022 275
The Innovation Ecological Model of Chinese Automotive Industry Based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Technology. Lv, Xiaojing; Zhang, Gui; Liu, Jiqing; Li, Jiayu Jul 11, 2022 6797
Information Dissemination Model in Rural Live Broadcasting under Blockchain in the Era of Artificial Intelligence. Liu, Jie; Yu, Yahui; Ji, Peng; Liu, Danni Jul 11, 2022 5675
Proof of synthetic sentience. Jul 9, 2022 1064
A Novel Piano Arrangement Timbre Intelligent Recognition System Using Multilabel Classification Technology and KNN Algorithm. Lu, Yuan; Chu, Chiawei Report Jul 9, 2022 6097
Innovation of Platform Economy Business Model Driven by BP Neural Network and Artificial Intelligence Technology. Zhou, Lianjie; Wang, Chengfu Jul 9, 2022 7867
A Business Management Resource-Scheduling Method based on Deep Learning Algorithm. Wang, Jing Report Jul 8, 2022 5664
Policies of Artificial Intelligence in the EU: Learning Curve from the UK and China? Tanzeela Jameel and Adam Saud Jul 8, 2022 5702
WHO and I-DAIR to partner for inclusive, impactful, and responsible international research in artificial intelligence (AI) and digital health. Jul 8, 2022 239
Cognitive Heterogeneous Wireless Network and Artificial Intelligence-Based Supply Chain Efficiency Optimization Application. Yuan, Yuan Jul 8, 2022 6010
Application of AI Information Technology in the Political and Ideological Online Classroom System in the Background of Big Data. Wang, Hao; Zhang, Jin Jul 8, 2022 5447
Outdoor Clothing Design for Traffic Safety Based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Zhou, Ya; Shi, Yun Jul 7, 2022 7242
Appropriate Supervised Machine Learning Techniques for Mesothelioma Detection and Cure. Saxena, Komal; Zamani, Abu Sarwar; Bhavani, R.; Sagar, K. V. Daya; Bangare, Pushpa M.; Ashwini, S.; Report Jul 7, 2022 6922
The Cognitive Transformation of Japanese Language Education by Artificial Intelligence Technology in the Wireless Network Environment. Zhang, Su Jul 7, 2022 5489
Music Score Recognition Method Based on Deep Learning. Lin, Qin Jul 7, 2022 6753
Applications of Intelligent Model to Analyze the Green Finance for Environmental Development in the Context of Artificial Intelligence. Hemanand, D.; Mishra, Nilamadhab; Premalatha, G.; Mavaluru, Dinesh; Vajpayee, Amit; Kushwaha, Sumit; Jul 7, 2022 4817
Modeling and Estimation of CO[sub.2] Emissions in China Based on Artificial Intelligence. Wang, Pan; Zhong, Yangyang; Yao, Zhenan Jul 7, 2022 8134
Implementation of Artificial Intelligence Image Emotion Detection Mechanism Based on Python Architecture for Industry 4.0. Jinnuo, Zhu; Goyal, S. B.; Tesfayohanis, Miretab; Omar, Yahye Jul 7, 2022 8540
IDB Lab's Challenge to Reduce Gender Bias and Discrimination with Artificial Intelligence. Jul 7, 2022 444
ECOVACS ROBOTICS Introduces Enhanced AI Technology for Intelligent Floor Cleaning with Launch of DEEBOT T10 in Malaysia. Jul 7, 2022 965
ECOVACS ROBOTICS Introduces Enhanced AI Technology for Intelligent Floor Cleaning with Launch of DEEB. Jul 7, 2022 1124
Artificial Intelligence: Advancing the Workforce of the Future. Gonzales, Steven R. Jul 7, 2022 769
CAIR and HKPC Launch Joint Laboratory on AI and Robotic Applications. Jul 6, 2022 1494
Artificial Intelligence-Based Data-Driven Strategy to Accelerate Research, Development, and Clinical Trials of COVID Vaccine. Sharma, Ashwani; Virmani, Tarun; Pathak, Vipluv; Sharma, Anjali; Pathak, Kamla; Kumar, Girish; Patha Report Jul 6, 2022 12684
Design of Music Teaching System Based on Artificial Intelligence. Chen, Wei Jul 6, 2022 3825
Analysis of English Translation Model Based on Artificial Intelligence Attention Mechanism. Lihua, Zhao Jul 6, 2022 5492
Deep Learning Target Detection System for Sewage Treatment. Su, Bingqin; Lin, Yuting; Wang, Jian; Quan, Xiaohui; Chang, Zhankun; Rui, Chuangxue Jul 5, 2022 6708
A Taxonomy on Smart Healthcare Technologies: Security Framework, Case Study, and Future Directions. Chaudhary, Sachi; Kakkar, Riya; Jadav, Nilesh Kumar; Nair, Anuja; Gupta, Rajesh; Tanwar, Sudeep; Agr Jul 5, 2022 21006
Research Based on the Application and Exploration of Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Traditional Music. Yang, Yi; Huang, Xia Jul 5, 2022 6582
Computational Intelligence-Based Method for Automated Identification of COVID-19 and Pneumonia by Utilizing CXR Scans. Kaushik, Bhavana; Koundal, Deepika; Goel, Neelam; Zaguia, Atef; Belay, Assaye; Turabieh, Hamza Jul 4, 2022 7576
Design of Travel Route Identification and Scheduling System Based on Artificial Intelligence-Aided Image Segmentation. Hou, Tianchen Jul 4, 2022 7800
Art Painting Image Classification Based on Neural Network. Liu, Xiaodong Jul 4, 2022 5685
AI in construction won't be taking jobs, it will save lives. Guest Authors Jul 4, 2022 1141
AI in construction won't be taking jobs, it will save lives. Guest Authors Jul 4, 2022 1121
Accounting and Financial Management Cost Accounting Integrating Rough Set Knowledge Recognition Algorithm. Liu, Xiaoli Jul 4, 2022 6463
high robot; Collina reveals Qatar will use new offside AI technology - which has a sensor in the ball - and will track 29 points on each player making decisions possible within 25 seconds. JOHN CROSS Chief Football Writer @johncrossmirror Jul 2, 2022 474
HIGH ROBOT; Collina reveals Qatar will use new offside AI technology - which has a sensor in the ball - and will track 29 points on each player making decisions possible within 25 seconds. JOHN CrOss Chief Football Writer @johncrossmirror Jul 2, 2022 475
I will use artificial intelligence to address health challenges - Dr Nakasi. Jul 2, 2022 1552
FAW invests in local AI firm Horizon Robotics. Graeme Roberts Jul 1, 2022 179
Some new twists on an old measure: From what goes in packages to pallet loads on the warehouse floor and even artificial intelligence, dimensioning equipment has some new missions. Forger, Gary Jul 1, 2022 578
Overview of CapsNet Performance Evaluation Methods for Image Classification using a Dual Input Capsule Network as a Case Study. Mensah, Patrick Kwabena; Ayidzoe, Mighty Abra Case study Jul 1, 2022 7505
Towards Industrial Revolution 5.0 and Explainable Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Opportunities. Taj, Imran; Jhanjhi, N.Z. Report Jul 1, 2022 18363
Al & robots The remarkable progress in Al shouldn't be confused with creating human intelligence in machines. Etzioni, Oren Jul 1, 2022 1569
World's first polarisation-based photonic processor developed. Jul 1, 2022 663
Growth trends for selected occupations considered at risk from automation. Jul 1, 2022 18430
Public AI imaginaries: How the debate on artificial intelligence was covered in Danish newspapers and magazines 1956-2021. Hansen, Sne Scott Jul 1, 2022 9765
Artificial Intelligence: ADDING FISH HABITAT AND FISHING HOTSPOTS IS A BOON TO FLORIDA'S COAST. Levesque, Juan C. Cover story Jul 1, 2022 3390
Student Education Management Strategy Based on Artificial Intelligence Information Model under the Support of 5G Wireless Network. Guan, Yushu Jul 1, 2022 6008
Digital Library Information Integration System Based on Big Data and Deep Learning. Lin, Xiao; Zhang, Ying; Wang, Jiangong Jul 1, 2022 4871
Gymnastics Action Recognition and Training Posture Analysis Based on Artificial Intelligence Sensor. Chen, Yuanxiang; Chen, Qiao Jul 1, 2022 4514
Artificial Intelligence and Internet-of-Things Technology Application on Ideological and Political Classroom Teaching Reform. Cao, Chang Jun 30, 2022 6276
Research on the Application of Animation Design Based on Machine Learning and Dynamic Image Index. Yin, Yaodong Jun 30, 2022 6083
Design of the Physical Fitness Evaluation Information Management System of Sports Athletes Based on Artificial Intelligence. Liu, Haobo; Zhu, Xiaoyun Jun 30, 2022 5315
A Research on the Establishment of a System Improving Teaching Ability of English Teachers in the Classroom Setting by Utilizing Artificial Intelligence. Zhang, Xiaona Jun 30, 2022 3523
Cellphones, smartwatches can be upgraded; just wait a bit. Jun 30, 2022 1025
Artificial Intelligence-Based Translation Technology in Translation Teaching. Kong, Linghui Jun 29, 2022 5550
Characteristics and Rehabilitation Training Effects of Shoulder Joint Dysfunction in Volleyball Players under the Background of Artificial Intelligence. Tang, Yunqi; Chen, Zhaoyang; Lin, Xiangyun Jun 29, 2022 7353
Analyzing College Students' Reading Behavior by AI Techniques. Zheng, Fangxia Jun 29, 2022 5171
Target Detection and Network Optimization: Deep Learning in Face Expression Feature Recognition. Gan, Baiqiang; Zhang, Chi Jun 28, 2022 6770
Urban Planning and Design Layout Generation Based on Artificial Intelligence. Wan, Ting; Ma, Yuhang Report Jun 28, 2022 7320
Constructing a Data-Driven Model of English Language Teaching with a Multidimensional Corpus. Chen, Dongyan Report Jun 28, 2022 7392
Research on Human Pose Capture Based on the Deep Learning Algorithm. Xie, Wenbin; Gu, Xueyun; Li, Xiuming; Zheng, Luqi; Li, Guodong; Lu, Haisheng; Li, Huakang Jun 28, 2022 3602
HE-DFNETS: A Novel Hybrid Deep Learning Architecture for the Prediction of Potential Fishing Zone Areas in Indian Ocean Using Remote Sensing Images. Sivasankari, M.; Anandan, R.; Chamato, Fekadu Ashine Jun 28, 2022 4607
Simulation of English Word Order Sorting Based on Semionline Model and Artificial Intelligence. Meng, Zhange; Li, Nan Report Jun 28, 2022 5692
Online Education Classroom Intelligent Management System Based on Tensor CS Reconstruction Model. Mu, Hui; Shi, Yali Jun 28, 2022 5834
The UN Satellite Center collaborates with NVIDIA to advance its Sustainable Development Goals. Jun 28, 2022 634
HCM City to promote AI in education sector. Jun 28, 2022 610
DTI begins preps for AI research hub; private firms to foot $20-M bill. Jun 27, 2022 730
Exploring the world of artificial intelligence. Jun 27, 2022 485
JetBlue and FLYR announce artificial intelligence partnership. Jun 27, 2022 324
Application of 3D Animation Cluster System Based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Lv, You Jun 26, 2022 5217
The Impact of Big Data Technology on Phrase and Syntactic Coherence in English Translation. Li, Xiaoyu Jun 25, 2022 7382
Sentient AI? Not quite there yet, but meet the AI robot Spot. Jun 25, 2022 747
Nigeria's oil sector looks on as robotics adoption picks up. Jun 24, 2022 790
A Computational Intelligence Model for Legal Prediction and Decision Support. Shang, Xuerui Jun 24, 2022 5918
Cellular Network Power Allocation Algorithm Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Cao, Jinghua; Zou, Xiang; Xie, Rui; Li, Yujiang Jun 24, 2022 6146
Quantitative Diagnosis of TCM Syndrome Types Based on Adaptive Resonant Neural Network. Zhao, Yue; Huang, Yuandi Jun 24, 2022 6135
The Management of Educational Talents in Vocational Colleges Based on Wireless Network in the Artificial Intelligence Era. Zhang, Yang; Wang, Ce Jun 24, 2022 6204
College English Reading Teaching Integrating Production Oriented Approach from the Perspective of Artificial Intelligence. Wang, Xi; Yan, Ke Jun 24, 2022 7349
Construction and Application of a Human-Computer Collaborative Multimodal Practice Teaching Model for Preschool Education. Tuo, Meimei; Long, Baoxin Jun 24, 2022 7893
A Micro Neural Network for Healthcare Sensor Data Stream Classification in Sustainable and Smart Cities. Wu, Jin; Sun, Le; Peng, Dandan; Siuly, Siuly Jun 24, 2022 5552
JetBlue sharpens competitive edge with FLYR artificial intelligence partnership. Jun 24, 2022 363
Computer-Aided Virtual Restoration of Frescoes Based on Intelligent Generation of Line Drawings. Jiang, Chao; Jiang, Zhen; Shi, Daijiao Jun 24, 2022 6435
Tennis Technology Recognition and Training Attitude Analysis Based on Artificial Intelligence Sensor. Li, Ke Jun 24, 2022 5040
Multimodal Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Diagnose Knee Osteoarthritis under Artificial Intelligence. Zheng, Zhiyan; He, Ruixuan; Lin, Cuijun; Huang, Chunyu Jun 23, 2022 6151
Smart Logistic System for Enhancing the Farmer-Customer Corridor in Smart Agriculture Sector Using Artificial Intelligence. Ramirez-Asis, Edwin; Bhanot, Astha; Jagota, Vishal; Chandra, B.; Hossain, Md Shamim; Pant, Kumud; Al Jun 23, 2022 4495
OPPO has 7 papers selected and wins 8 challenges at CVPR 2022. Jun 23, 2022 1833
Guardforce AI expands RaaS business offering in Japan, US. Jun 22, 2022 179
Airbus and CISPA establish Digital Innovation Hub for Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence. Jun 22, 2022 190
MIDA, MPC & Intel Malaysia's Collaborative Artificial Intelligence For SMEs (AI4S) Programme Proves AI Application Is Relevant For SMEs. Jun 22, 2022 160
How artificial intelligence can improve disabled health care. Jun 22, 2022 222
Decision Superiority: ABMS and the US Air Force Digital C2 Revolution. Piubeni, Christophe; Gottrich, Dan Jun 22, 2022 3541
An Assessment and Analysis Model of Psychological Health of College Students Based on Convolutional Neural Networks. Li, Panpan; Liang, Feng Jun 22, 2022 7065
Role of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in Easier Skin Cancer Detection through Antioxidants Present in Food. C., Sreevidya R.; G, Jalaja; N, Sajitha; Padmaja, D. Lakshmi; Nagaprasad, S.; Pant, Kumud; Kumar, Ye Jun 22, 2022 7417
The Theoretical Topology and Implementation of Enterprise Social Security in the Digital Age Based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Wang, Dandan; Lin, Ting; Xu, Hongmei Jun 22, 2022 5477
Liberia: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Judiciary- The Judge, the Law, and the Robot. Jun 21, 2022 1121
ICMPAI-2022 Conference held at IUB. Conference news Jun 21, 2022 411
Covid wristbands could track deterioration in health before symptoms develop; A study shows that by monitoring factors such as skin temperature and heart rate, the wristbands could be combined with artificial intelligence to offer a diagnosis. The AVA bracelet, originally designed as a fertility tracker, is already on sale. By, Martin Bagot Jun 21, 2022 454
Sustainable Smart Industry: A Secure and Energy Efficient Consensus Mechanism for Artificial Intelligence Enabled Industrial Internet of Things. Sasikumar, A.; Ravi, Logesh; Kotecha, Ketan; Saini, Jatinderkumar R.; Varadarajan, Vijayakumar; Subr Jun 20, 2022 8687
Design of Digital and Intelligent Financial Decision Support System Based on Artificial Intelligence. Jia, Tiejun; Wang, Cheng; Tian, Zhiqiang; Wang, Bingyin; Tian, Feng Jun 20, 2022 4783
Internet Digital Economy Development Forecast Based on Artificial Intelligence and SVM-KNN Network Detection. Fu, Jianru; Zhou, Xu; Mei, Guoping Jun 20, 2022 7308
QSTP-funded startup brings virtual reality to life. Jun 19, 2022 670
UAE industrial leaders study use of AI technologies. Jun 19, 2022 766
QSTP-funded startup brings virtual reality to life. Jun 18, 2022 429
Artificial intelligence. Jun 18, 2022 934
A curious robot is poised to rapidly expand coral reef research: The latest iteration of a portable WHOI robot is learning to autonomously observe, track, and listen to reef animals using artificial intelligence, a promising milestone for scientists trying to automate biodiversity and health assessments on coral reefs. Hentz, Daniel Jun 18, 2022 821
Vehicle Safety-Assisted Driving Technology Based on Computer Artificial Intelligence Environment. Yan, Haibo Jun 18, 2022 7101
Prospects and Challenges of Using Machine Learning for Academic Forecasting. Onyema, Edeh Michael; Almuzaini, Khalid K.; Onu, Fergus Uchenna; Verma, Devvret; Gregory, Ugboaja Sa Jun 17, 2022 4570
Human Health Risk Prediction Method of Regional Atmospheric Environmental Pollution Sources Based on PMF and PCA Analysis under Artificial Intelligence Cloud Model. Zhang, Shihui; Sun, Xinghua; Liu, Naidi; Mi, Jing Jun 17, 2022 4938
Artificial Intelligence Enterprise Management Using Deep Learning. Liu, Xiaofeng; Han, Li Jun 17, 2022 5528
Scene Construction and Application of Panoramic Virtual Simulation in Interactive Dance Teaching Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology. Guo, Na; Liu, Feng.ming Jun 17, 2022 7190
Cultural Tourism Industry Feature Extraction Based on Multiscale Feature Fusion Algorithm and Artificial Intelligence. Fang, Wang Jun 17, 2022 4966
Cephalometric Analysis in Orthodontics Using Artificial Intelligence--A Comprehensive Review. Subramanian, Aravind Kumar; Chen, Yong; Almalki, Abdullah; Sivamurthy, Gautham; Kafle, Dashrath Report Jun 16, 2022 6229
Mouser Now Stocking Renesas RZ|V2L High Precision MPUs for AI Vision IoT Applications. Jun 16, 2022 261
Google's 'sentient' AI: From films to reality? admin Jun 16, 2022 1084
BAS, Nasser Vocational Training Centre sign MoU in Artificial Intelligence R&D. Jun 16, 2022 349
Essence of Drilling Systems Utilizing Cutting-edge AI, Geoscience. Jun 15, 2022 1726
Your subconscious is the ultimate 'artificial intelligence'. Jun 15, 2022 850
A Modern Approach towards an Industry 4.0 Model: From Driving Technologies to Management. Tsaramirsis, Georgios; Kantaros, Antreas; Al-Darraji, Izzat; Piromalis, Dimitrios; Apostolopoulos, C Jun 15, 2022 15979
Immersive Learning Method of Ideological and Political Education under Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Yu, Yan Jun 15, 2022 5381
The Impact of the Live Delivery of Goods on Consumers' Purchasing Behaviour in Complex Situations Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology. Li, Xia Jun 15, 2022 5645
Application of Wireless Network Based on Artificial Intelligence in Network Teaching of Preschool Education Manual and Aesthetic Education Practical Course. Li, Xingping; Xiao, Wei Jun 15, 2022 6761
Comparative Analysis and Evaluation of Bridge Construction Risk with Multiple Intelligent Algorithms. Wu, Ying; Lu, Pengzhen Jun 15, 2022 8130
Deep Learning-Based Crack Monitoring for Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC). Wu, Dongling; Zhang, Hongxiang; Yang, Yiying Jun 15, 2022 4856
Injuries in College Basketball Sports Based on Machine Learning from the Perspective of the Integration of Sports and Medicine. Zhao, Dongming Jun 14, 2022 6617
Art Design Method of Industrial Products Based on Internet of Things Technology and Virtual VR. Yu, Yu Jun 14, 2022 6492
Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Their Application for Reform and Development of Table Tennis Training in Complex Environments. Han, Dong; Zhang, Shengtao; Zhang, Huanyu Jun 14, 2022 6113
Enterprise Information Security Management Using Internet of Things Combined with Artificial Intelligence Technology. Sun, Hongbin; Bai, Shizhen Jun 14, 2022 8606
How Artificial Intelligence is proving to be a gamechanger in eye treatment. Jun 14, 2022 195
C3 AI announces new supply chain software product developed with Google Cloud. Jun 14, 2022 201
Smart robot helps with congestion at Narita Airport. Jun 14, 2022 160
Smart robot helps with congestion at Narita Airport. Jun 14, 2022 163
Africa CEO Forum: Artificial intelligence, taxation, AfCFTA - the tools of independence. Jun 13, 2022 303
Pathfinder Foundation introduces Artificial Intelligence platform for research and analysis. Daily Financial Times Jun 13, 2022 322
LG Energy Solution Sets Up Advisory Council of Global Artificial Intelligence Experts. Jun 13, 2022 266
LG Energy Solution Sets Up Advisory Council of Global Artificial Intelligence Experts. Jun 13, 2022 280
LG Energy Solution Sets Up Advisory Council of Global Artificial Intelligence Experts. Jun 13, 2022 279
Pathfinder Foundation introduces Artificial Intelligence platform for research and analysis. Jun 13, 2022 311
How Artificial Intelligence could influence Zimbabwe's 2023 elections. Jun 13, 2022 1239
The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Football Risk Prediction. Qiao, Jinyu Jun 13, 2022 5653
The Application of RBF Neural Network Model Based on Deep Learning for Flower Pattern Design in Art Teaching. Xiao, Lijun; Luo, Yan Jun 13, 2022 6012
Artificial Intelligence-Based Semisupervised Self-Training Algorithm in Pathological Tissue Image Segmentation. Li, Qun; Liu, Linlin Jun 13, 2022 8366
Engineering, IT students of IUB to get job opportunities under PAEAI consortium. Jun 11, 2022 321
Adoption of Wireless Network and Artificial Intelligence Algorithm in Chinese-English Tense Translation. Li, Xiaojing Jun 11, 2022 6031
Human Intelligence Analysis through Perception of AI in Teaching and Learning. Kshirsagar, Pravin R.; Jagannadham, D. B. V.; Alqahtani, Hamed; Noorulhasan Naveed, Quadri; Islam, S Jun 11, 2022 5707
Diagnosis and Nursing Intervention of Gynecological Ovarian Endometriosis with Magnetic Resonance Imaging under Artificial Intelligence Algorithm. Jiang, Nijie; Xie, Hong; Lin, Jiao; Wang, Yun; Yin, Yanan Jun 11, 2022 5520
The Artificial Intelligence and Neural Network in Teaching. Luo, Qun; Yang, Jiliang Jun 10, 2022 6109
Construction of Tourism E-Commerce Platform Based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm. Yin, Xiaoyin; He, Jiangnan Jun 10, 2022 5461
The Use of Big Data Combined with Artificial Intelligence Neural Network Technology in Urban Spatial Evaluation System. Wang, Lei; Liang, Yujie; Shang, Gaizhen; Song, Zhiyong; Gao, Peng Jun 10, 2022 5261
Self-Attention-Based Edge Computing Model for Synthesis Image to Text through Next-Generation AI Mechanism. Alshehri, Hamdan Ali; Junath, N.; Panwar, Poonam; Shukla, Kirti; Rahin, Saima Ahmed; Martin, R. John Report Jun 10, 2022 5784
English-Assisted Teaching Evaluation System Based on Artificial Intelligence and Rasch Model. Guo, Erying; Sun, Li Jun 10, 2022 5358
KWASU library to introduce Artificial Intelligence, Robotics. Jun 10, 2022 442
NVIDIA's Richard Kerris shares the vast possibilities of the Omniverse and the next stage of AI evolution. Jun 10, 2022 718
Drone Technology: We are working tirelessly To deliver our mandate - DG NITDA. Jun 10, 2022 738
Yokogawa, MHI to undertake AI-enabled robot project. Jun 9, 2022 517
Automatic Lane Line Detection System Based on Artificial Intelligence. Ji, Gaoqing; Zheng, Yunchang Jun 9, 2022 4900
Research on Intelligent Recognition and Management of Smart City Based on Machine Vision. Liu, Rulin; Liu, Longfeng Jun 9, 2022 6212
High-tech Turkish artificial intelligence system ASENA helps fight drug trafficking. Jun 9, 2022 1023
Dance Fitness Action Recognition Method Based on Contour Image Spatial Frequency Domain Features and Few-Shot Learning. Chi, Qinglong; Li, Lifeng Jun 8, 2022 6682
Cyble sweeps the coveted Global InfoSec Awards 2022 - Editor's Choice Threat Intelligence - with wins in 8 categories. Jun 8, 2022 888
AIMS Partners With Google To Pursue Joint Research Interests While Strengthening Research Collaborations In Africa. Jun 7, 2022 413
Filings buzz in the automotive industry: 42% decrease in artificial intelligence mentions in Q4 of 2021. Data Journalism Team Jun 7, 2022 452
From Face-Swapping to Virtual Human, How Deepfake Affects The World? Jun 7, 2022 772
3.2mn sqm robotics park in Rusayl soon. Jun 7, 2022 378
Kamara: Leading African Entrepreneurship To New Heights. Jun 6, 2022 542
Analytical, Dynamic, and Interactive Platform for Generation and Managing Predictive Models Focused on Energy Sector. Romero, Inés; Ochoa-Zezzati, Alberto Jun 6, 2022 7629
Research on Cross-Contrast Neural Network Based Intelligent Painting: Taking Oil Painting Language Classification as an Example. Zeng, Xi Jun 6, 2022 6048
Analysis of Traditional Cultural Acceptance Based on Deep Learning. Fei, Qingmei Jun 6, 2022 4528
Recent Advancement in Postharvest Loss Mitigation and Quality Management of Fruits and Vegetables Using Machine Learning Frameworks. Singh, Abha; Vaidya, Gayatri; Jagota, Vishal; Darko, Daniel Amoako; Agarwal, Ravindra Kumar; Debnath Jun 6, 2022 6851
Prediction of Labor Unemployment Based on Time Series Model and Neural Network Model. Liu, Xitao; Li, Lihui Jun 3, 2022 4796
Analysis of Noise Pollution during Dussehra Festival in Bhubaneswar Smart City in India: A Study Using Machine Intelligence Models. Bhoi, Sourav Kumar; Mallick, Chittaranjan; Mohanty, Chitta Ranjan; Nayak, Ranjan Soumya Jun 3, 2022 5424
Healthcare Data Security Using IoT Sensors Based on Random Hashing Mechanism. Khadidos, Adil O.; Shitharth, S.; Khadidos, Alaa O.; Sangeetha, K.; Alyoubi, Khaled H. Jun 2, 2022 8449
Analysis of Two-Piano Teaching Assistant Training Based on Neural Network Model Sound Sequence Recognition. Dai, Lei Jun 2, 2022 8140
The Application of Wireless Network-Based Artificial Intelligence Robots in Badminton Teaching and Training. Gao, Shouling Jun 2, 2022 6130
Optimizing the Deep Neural Networks by Layer-Wise Refined Pruning and the Acceleration on FPGA. Li, Hengyi; Yue, Xuebin; Wang, Zhichen; Chai, Zhilei; Wang, Wenwen; Tomiyama, Hiroyuki; Meng, Lin Jun 1, 2022 11353
Application of Artificial Intelligence Models to Predict the Tensile Strength of Glass Fiber-Modified Cemented Backfill Materials during the Mine Backfill Process. Zhu, Lei; Gu, Wenzhe; Liu, Zhicheng; Qiu, Fengqi Report Jun 1, 2022 4910
Adoption of Compound Echocardiography under Artificial Intelligence Algorithm in Fetal Congenial Heart Disease Screening during Gestation. Han, Guowei; Jin, Tianliang; Zhang, Li; Guo, Chen; Gui, Hua; Na, Risu; Wang, Xuesong Jun 1, 2022 5030
When artificial intelligence meets real public administration. Longo, Justin Jun 1, 2022 2301
Immersive Extended Reality Technologies, Data Visualization Tools, and Customer Behavior Analytics in the Metaverse Commerce. Kovacova, Maria; Machova, Veronika; Bennett, Daniel Jun 1, 2022 3806
Data-driven Consumer Engagement, Virtual Immersive Shopping Experiences, and Blockchain-based Digital Assets in the Retail Metaverse. Dawson, Andrew Jun 1, 2022 3649
Al to Better Predict Local Extreme Events. Jun 1, 2022 568
Artificial Intelligence Transforms Job Specs. Jun 1, 2022 572
Performance of a Convolutional Neural Network-Based Artificial Intelligence Algorithm for Automatic Cephalometric Landmark Detection. Ugurlu, Mehmet Report Jun 1, 2022 4270

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