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Artificial Life Partners With Financial Portal As the First Financial Portal, BLUEBULL Uses Artificial Life bot Technology.

BOSTON, ST. GALLEN, Switzerland and FRANKFURT, Germany, Sept. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Artificial Life Deutschland AG, a subsidiary of Artificial Life, Inc. (Nasdaq: ALIF), a leading supplier of bot based Internet-software solutions, has won a contract with Swiss based BLUEBULL AG and will develop a new user guide for the financial portal of BLUEBULL AG. Visitors to will be able to ask questions and converse about financial subjects in natural language with a friendly and human like Artificial Life WebGuide(TM) bot, thereby learning about financial concepts concerning stocks and the stock market. The new Artificial Life bot interface for BLUEBULL is now being developed and is scheduled to be available to all visitors to their financial page in November 2000.

Unlike other financial communities, the clients will not have to go through any difficult to understand registration process in order to use the services of Suntrade and BLUEBULL. With the thorough and amiable assistance of the Artificial Life WebGuide(TM) bot, users fill out their profile, by which later compiles personalized information. The user can adapt and react more adequately and quickly to the ever-changing conditions and offerings of the market because the background data is current and clearly identifies areas of specific interest to the user.

The friendly and knowledgeable bot provided by Artificial Life can also answer questions about subjects unrelated to finance. However, by using a sophisticated and proprietary goal system to guide the dialogues with the users, the bot will not be distracted from providing new information of specific interest to the user, which is offered by and .

Artificial Life Smart bots Bring Personality to the Net

The smart bots developed by Artificial Life are able to act intelligently and naturally and to communicate in everyday human language with the user. A smart bots is a software-based agent that can process information in an intelligent manner, which it receives through natural-language input. Smart bots are also available for comprehensive applications in the continually growing market for Web telephones, palmtop tools and smart toys. They allow the automation of such tasks as searching and monitoring data, conducting dialogues with users, automated consultation for customers, and automated monitoring of investments. A unique feature of smart bots is that they can address their user directly, and make personal, friendly contact on an otherwise anonymous Internet. The basis for this feature is the simulation of humanlike emotional behaviors and the ability to participate in active conversations.


Chosen as the best financial site by e-media magazine, BLUEBULL not only covers the German and English speaking countries but now also all of Eastern Europe. The goal is a worldwide network of Web sites, which delivers in multimedia form, comprehensive investment-oriented information about local money markets, security prices and services. BLUEBULL also supports Internet TV as well as the WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) capability. BLUEBULL AG's new financial community Suntrade of Berlin offers, in addition to a moderated discussion forum, daily interviews with companies, analyses and charts. The London-based provider of financial software Cityquote also belongs to BLUEBULL. Cityquote's software enables the evaluation of price data for chart applications and SMS (Short Message Service) alerts.

Artificial Life Deutschland AG

Artificial Life Deutschland AG is a 100% subsidiary of Artificial Life, Inc., Boston, which develops and markets intelligent software solutions for the Internet. The company provides solutions for financial-service applications (personalized investment consulting through virtual consultants and automated portfolio management), e-commerce, customer relationship management and knowledge management. Artificial Life's clients include, among others, Credit Suisse First Boston, UBS, Eagle Star and Mobilcom. For further information on Artificial Life, visit or .
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Date:Sep 19, 2000
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