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Artifact restoration.


Yale University has returned the last of the Machu Picchu artifacts taken by an American archeologist in the early 1900s to Peru, ending a years-long fight over some 40,000 bone fragments, pottery pieces and metals. The 127 boxes sent to Peru last month were the last of three shipments; the other two were sent in 2011, nearly 100 years after Yale archeologist Hiram Bingham III first took the artifacts from the Inca site. The dispute over the ownership of the relics had culminated in 2008, when Peru sued Yale in an effort to retrieve the items. In a deal reached in 2010, Yale agreed to return the artifacts, many of which are now being displayed at a museum near Machu Picchu.
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Author:Davis, Crystal
Publication:Diverse Issues in Higher Education
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Date:Dec 20, 2012
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