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Artifact Network Introduces First On-Demand Service for Managing Global Application Development; Dozens of Global Software Projects Embrace Affordable On-Demand Service That Instantly Monitors and Measures Progress and Performance.

BALTIMORE -- Artifact today announced the general availability of the Artifact Network's Lighthouse service, the first and only fully integrated on-demand service that enables organizations to achieve the cost savings and time-to-market potential of global application development. More than 35 global application development projects have been initiated on the service by major outsourcing firms, whose customers include companies such as Microsoft, IBM, HP, Macromedia, Symantec, Documentum, Palm, Sharp, Nestle, Siemens, Cingular, AOL, Chrysler, Scotts and Mitsubishi.

"Our partners demand extreme, real-time visibility and control over the global projects we are executing together with them," said Peter Harrison, CEO of Induslogic, a global software-product engineering firm based in Vienna, VA. "We're working on over 70 products at any given time for major global ISV's and ASP's," added Harrison. "Using Artifact's on-demand service, our partners can track every project-related activity in real-time, and with the data being generated by using Artifact, we can instantly monitor and measure our performance on each product, ensuring that our delivery efforts stay on course."

"We are at the beginning of a massive shift in the software industry, as the forces of globalization drive organizations to adopt new business processes, tap into new reservoirs of engineering talent, and accelerate time to market cycles for new software products and systems," said Mark Wesker, CEO of Artifact. "Our mission is to provide our customers with the tools and services they need to achieve these objectives."

Wesker added, "Successful global application development is not about the individual software tools being used. Instead, global projects require integrated, early-warning systems, where real-time, objective project data is constantly being served to key decision-makers to assist them in keeping projects on course. Without real-time, objective project data, global projects can quickly resemble the Titanic. By the time you realize you need to change course, the project is already doomed."

"IT organizations seeking to collaborate in application development with contract service providers should press vendors for toolsets that mitigate the risks of global, collaborative AD," says Matt Light, Research Director, Gartner Inc. "A growing demand for real-time data to help organizations monitor the performance of their collaborative development projects is increasingly being met by solutions giving an integrated view of functional requirements, project progress and costs, software changes and more."


Artifact's Lighthouse service provides organizations with a fully integrated suite of on-demand services designed specifically to manage, monitor and measure global application development. These on-demand services include:

--Customer Relationship Management (CRM) modules that track and manage milestones, tasks, delivery dates, time, effort, resources, documents, workflows and customer satisfaction;

--Software Delivery Management (SDM) modules that track and manage requirements, defects, security, changes, issues, test plans, and test results; and

--Dashboards & Reporting modules that, in real-time, monitor and measure cost, schedule and effort variances, change and issue impact, project and resource productivity, resource utilization, quality, performance, and customer satisfaction.

"We are moving our application development projects to the Artifact Network's Lighthouse service," said Mark Murphy, CEO of Softura, a Michigan-based outsourcing firm that counts Chrysler, Scotts, and Mitsubishi as customers. Murphy added, "With the suite of on-demand services that Lighthouse provides, we'll have real-time data that enables us to instantly monitor the health of our projects on issues ranging from cost to budget to quality and quickly right the ship should our delivery efforts stray off of their intended course. When our customers ask us to build software for them, they are entrusting us with mission critical business processes. Our goal is to provide them with the highest level of visibility and control over the work we're doing for them and Artifact helps us do that better."

Sergey Yezhkov, CTO at Vested Development (VDI) remarked, "Delivering quality software, on time, budget and scope utilizing a global model requires real-time data that measures every facet of a project, every minute of every day." VDI is a global outsourcing leader that has built software products and systems for companies like Microsoft, IBM, and Documentum. Yezhkov added, "When industry leaders ask you to build them quality products, you must utilize special tools and systems that constantly monitor and measure the work you're doing. We have to regularly make course corrections and to do that we need the kind of real-time data that Lighthouse delivers."

Artifact's mission is to ensure that organizations achieve the cost savings and time-to-market potential of global application development. Wesker said, "As organizations look to globalize development, especially by utilizing outsourced resources, existing software tools just don't cut it. They weren't made for that purpose, which is why we're seeing failure rates reported by analysts at over 50 percent for so many application development projects. The bottom line for global development is that you need to know early, and you need to know often, exactly where the risks are, their potential impact on your project, and what course corrections are necessary to ensure that you don't find out too late that your project is headed for a catastrophic fate."

Pricing & Availability

The Artifact Network's on demand, pay-as-you-go Lighthouse service is available now for a flat monthly fee of $500 per project for an unlimited number of users, or $60 per user. Unlimited projects and users are available for $3,000 per month. For more information, please visit

About Artifact

Artifact provides an integrated suite of on-demand services that enable organizations to achieve the cost savings and time-to-market potential of global application development strategies. Whether outsourcing, offshoring or managing distributed teams, Artifact's on demand services enable organizations to achieve total visibility, control and transparency into the global development process, while objectively monitoring and measuring performance to ensure that projects stay on course. Artifact is privately funded by Intersouth Partners, New Markets Growth Fund, Draper Atlantic, former president of America Online Ray Oglethorpe and the Company's CEO, Mark Wesker. The global economy knows no boundaries, nor borders. Think Global, Think Artifact. For more information about Artifact, please visit
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Date:Sep 27, 2005
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