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Artful architect designs for the future.

Artful Architect Designs For The Future


As an economist/architect, William Asti is a pre-design, pre-development specialist. As an artist, he believes architecture is an art form that expresses who we are as a civilization.

As a development consultant, the Asti firm analyzes every aspect of a proposed project - from the feasibility and profit potential to the political, social and environmental impact. It specializes in real estate development ventures, an area where Asti says he's "told more people not to do projects than to do them." At the same time, however, he's developed several major projects.

The Asti firm is currently lead architect on a $30-million hotel project in Tennessee. The firm also provided structural analysis for the old Veterans' Administration Hospital in Little Rock. In addition, the firm has done extensive design work on hospitals and clinics.

But of all of his accomplishments, Asti says one of the things he is most proud of is his art work. His paintings have been displayed in the Delta Art Exhibit and have won awards in an Art for Architects competition sponsored by the local chapter of the Amercian Institute of Architects. Asti's architectural renderings have won awards from the Memphis chapter of the AIA.

The Asti architectural firm consists of three professionals - Asti, another architect and an intern. The firm is small, and that's the way Asti likes it.

"You shouldn't judge a firm just by the number of architects it has," he says. "It's important to select an architect who has some philosophical understanding of who we are as a civilization and [who] can express that through architecture. A thousand years from now our architecture can say to those who evaluate civilization that we were somebody."
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Title Annotation:Architectural Profiles; William Henry Asti Architects
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Date:Apr 22, 1991
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