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Articles from Artforum International (June 22, 2017)

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"Fast forward: painting from the 1980s": Whitney Museum of American Art. Frankel, David 738
"Los Angeles to New York: Dwan Gallery, 1959-1971": National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC. Crow, Thomas 1585
"Salon, Salon": Inside-Out Art Museum. Dongdong, Sun 648
"Soil and Stones, Souls and Songs": Para Site. Bailey, Stephanie 633
"Sputterances": Metro Pictures. Schwabsky, Barry 658
"The Widening of Fantasies": Maelle Galerie. McKee, C.C. 729
A Dave divided: the late-night dadaist's rise and fall. Fry, Naomi Book review 1733
A little respect: an account of the tricky nuclear negotiations with Iran. Hansen, Suzy Book review 2591
Abraham Poincheval: Palais De Tokyo. Venturi, Riccardo 612
Acts of life: Elizabeth A. Povinelli on ecology and power. Povinelli, Elizabeth A. Essay 3265
Adrian Paci: Kaufmann Repetto. Pioselli, Alessandra 596
Al Taylor: Early Paintings. Sutton, Kate Book review 222
Alice Neel, Uptown. Sutton, Kate Book review 496
Alma Thomas. Hudson, Suzanne Book review 402
Appetite for destruction: Ernest Hemingway's death trip. Williams, Joy Book review 3266
Art: Basel. 556
As a matter of fact. Piper, Adrian Letter to the editor 2033
Asger Jorn: The Open Hide. Hampton, Howard Book review 256
Asking for it: a novelist lets an unpredictable woman tell her side of the story. Haas, Lidija Book review 1804
Baseera Khan: Participant Inc. Larmon, Annie Godfrey 610
Behaving badly: anatomy of frustrated intimacy. Pham, Larissa Book review 904
Beijing. Calendar 774
Black Swan's way: the life and work of raucous fabulist Angela Carter. Proctor, Minna Zallman Book review 2537
Broke girl: a woman becomes a lab rat in a man's romantic experiment. Phillips, Kaitlin Book review 1619
Buck Ellison. Sawyer, Drew 1419
Cash flow: an economist advocates a radical response for desperate times. Abrahamian, Atossa Araxia Book review 2372
Changing the subject: Mabel O. Wilson on race and public space. Wilson, Mabel O. 3267
Chicago. Calendar 1188
Chim [arrow up] Pom: Mujin-to Production. Maerkle, Andrew 701
Class action: Andrew Cole on teaching and activism. Cole, Andrew 1563
Click Bait: Diane Arbus's sexual adventures. Sehgal, Parul 1138
Constant: Space + Colour; From Cobra to New Babylon. Hampton, Howard Book review 233
Contemporary art in U.S. Museums. Calendar 1408
Cooking with Sass: the lives, times, and meals of six notable women. Rehak, Melanie Book review 1559
Cultural appropriation: a roundtable. Discussion 8384
Denmark. Calendar 517
Diana Thater: the Mistake Room. Keefe, Alexander 563
Dressed down: Mimi Thi Nguyen on the politics of the Hijab. Nguyen, Mimi Thi 1349
Dubai. Brief article 201
Duncan Campbell: Irish Museum of Modern Art. Long, Declan 716
Easy, tiger: on sex and husbands. Barron, Jesse 2599
Ed Fornieles: Arsenal Contemporary. Hall, Emily 513
Elodie Seguin: Galerie Jocelyn Wolff. Hoberman, Mara 511
Engadin. Brief article 197
England. Calendar 1449
Erica Deeman: Anthony Meier Fine Arts. Gerrity, Jeanne 710
Erin O'Keefe: Denny Gallery. Gibson, Jeff 675
Evan Holloway: Paula Cooper Gallery. Wilson, Michael 578
Everyday people: Amy Taubin on Jonathan Olshefski's documentary portrait of an American family in Philadelphia. Taubin, Amy Movie review 2217
Explorers' Sketchbooks: The Art of Discovery & Adventure. Mobilio, Albert Book review 211
Faivovich & Goldberg: Slyzmud. Soin, Himali Singh 673
Fire island of the mind: a queer utopia lost and found. Velasco, David Television program review 1697
Florine Stettheimer: Painting Poetry. Peiffer, Prudence Brief article 329
Found in the wilderness: James Quandt on Joao Pedro Rodrigues. Quandt, James Movie review 795
Fred Tomaselli: White Cube. Schaar, Elisa 589
Giorgio Griffa: Galleria Lorcan O'Neill. Panicelli, Ida 686
Goncalo Sena: Galeria Quadrado Azul. Condeixa, Marketa Stara 435
Gustav Metzger: 1926-2017. Willats, Stephen Obituary 1061
Hal Fischer: Project Native Informant. Serafinowicz, Sylwia 653
Half-full of it. Carson, Tom Book review 934
Hamptons. Calendar 381
Hanns Kunitzberger: Galerie Vera Munro. Asthoff, Jens 685
Hera Buyuktasciyan: Green Art Gallery. Bailey, Stephanie 643
Hilary Pecis: Joshua Liner Gallery. Peiffer, Prudence 651
Home invasion: a novel puts Israeli soldiers on the front lines of New York gentrification. Day, Jon Book review 1562
Honey Dijon on nightlife. Dijon, Honey Brief article 227
How to lose your country: demolishing the political myths of Erdogan's Turkey. Temelkuran, Ece 1819
Hudson Valley. Calendar 641
Istanbul. Calendar 460
Jannis Kounellis: 1936-2017. Christov-Bakargiev, Carolyn Obituary 554
Jean-Marie Appriou. Hoberman, Mara 1155
Jennie Jieun Lee: The Pit. Taft, Catherine 523
Julie Ault on gentrification. Ault, Julie Brief article 228
Just do it? Simon Critchley on the dilemma of engagement. Critchley, Simon 1502
Keeping up with Jones: a biography of a notorious preacher and mass murderer. Monroe, Rachel Book review 1849
Kevin Francis Gray: Pace. Kuspit, Donald 462
Kim Schoen: Moskowitz Bayse. Hudson, Suzanne 659
Lock her up: crimes of radical passion in the fiction of Andrea Dworkin. Fateman, Johanna 1219
Louise Lawler: Receptions. Krasinski, Jennifer Book review 239
Love in wartime: a novel captures the experiences of a Sri Lankan couple under siege. Toibin, Colm Book review 1722
Lust horizons: Jonathan Franzen's elegant explicitness. Waldman, Adelle 709
Mary Bauermeister: Studio Gariboldi. Pola, Francesca 611
Memory of the future: Michael Wood on Michael Almereyda's Marjorie Prime. Wood, Michael Movie review 724
Michael Krebber: Kunsthalle Bern. Sam, Sherman 629
Michaela Eichwald: Reena Spaulings Fine Art. McLean-Ferris, Laura 633
Milano. Calendar 335
Modern lovers. 110
Moyra Davey: Les Goddesses/Hemlock Forest. Sutton, Kate Book review 275
Naeem Mohameien on citizenship. Mohameien, Naeem Excerpt 456
Nestor Sanmiguel Diest: Maisterravalbuena. Proctor, Jacob 673
Not that innocent: Iris Owens's quality-lit pornography. Howard, Gerald 1284
Off the rails: Alan M. Berger on the politics of infrastructure. Berger, Alan M. 1026
Oriol Vilanova: Fundacio Antoni Tapies. Peran, Marti 587
Pablo Vargas Lugo: Labor. Quiroz, Marcela 572
Paris. Calendar 1095
Photography: summer. Calendar 654
Pleasure and the text: a new series of erotic novels emerges from the art world. Smallwood, Christine 1634
Power trip: Geoffrey Winthrop-Young on drugs and the pharmacology of control. Winthrop-Young, Geoffrey Essay 4142
Prints + editions. 2439
R.B. Kitaj: Marlborough. Pincus-Witten, Robert 597
Ranjani Shettar: Talwar Gallery. Menezes, Meera 529
Rauschenberg/Dante: Drawing a Modern Inferno. Mobilio, Albert Book review 544
Reborn Art Festival 2017. Brief article 146
Republic of Ireland. Calendar 278
Richard Deacon: San Diego Museum of Art. Tuchman, Phyllis 733
Robert Grosvenor: the Renaissance Society. Proctor, Jacob 711
Robert Rauschenberg. Lyon, Christopher Book review 438
Robert Rauschenberg: Tate Modern, London. Skrebowski, Luke 2584
Roma. Calendar 454
Sarah Charlesworth: Maccarone. Churner, Rachel 541
Saying it for themselves: sex and work as analyzed by sex workers. Shane, Charlotte 1050
Scotland. Brief article 113
Seasons in hell: H.G. Adler's firsthand record of holocaust internment. Hoberman, J. Book review 1848
Secondhand emotion: the erotic highs and lows of living dolls, dolphins, and devices. Prickett, Sarah Nicole Book review 3065
See change: the sublime artistry of a postmodern-dance pioneer. Damman, Catherine Book review 1619
Shanghai. Calendar 456
Sharjah Biennial 13: various venues. Vali, Murtaza 2143
Singapore. Brief article 303
Sky writing: Laura Raicovich's personal account of an epic artwork. Peiffer, Prudence Book review 1678
Sonia Andrade: Galeria Marcelo Guarnieri. Scovino, Felipe 593
Sophie Calle: Green-Wood Cemetery. Neudorf, Jackie 653
South Africa. Brief article 307
Spain. Calendar 530
Stranger things. Evenson, Brian Book review 987
Sub mission: Jenny Diski's novel of an obsessive sadomasochistic affair. Merkin, Daphne Book review 1144
Summer reading: six artists, writers, and curators share the books they're looking forward to this season. 950
Sweden. Calendar 388
Switzerland. Calendar 960
Taja Cheek on cabaret laws. Cheek, Taja 354
Tercerunquinto on graffiti. 376
Terre Thaemlitz. 1328
Texas. Calendar 365
The art of the ideal: Johnie Scott, Barbara Rose, Maya Lin, Ed Ruscha, and Ian Volner on the NEA. 2672
The ascendancy of finance: Joseph Vogl on capital, sovereignty, and politics. Excerpt 3893
The body politic: a chatty but conflicted memoir of fat and trauma. Black, Hannah Book review 1886
The evidence of things not seen: a new book digs into the FBI's extensive investigation of James Baldwin. Seymour, Gene 1762
The National: New Australian Art: Museum of Contemporary Art Australia/ Art Gallery of New South Wales/Carriageworks. Ross, Toni 726
The politics of everyday life. 148
The secret histories: Arundhati Roy offers a portrait of India from the margins. Kumar, Amitava Book review 1725
Thiago Rocha Pitta: Marianne Boesky Gallery. Chan, Dawn 549
This is how we do it: rereading a British novelist's ancient sex manual. Summers, Chelsea G. Book review 1146
Thomas Trosch: Fredericks & Freiser. Schwabsky, Barry 605
Thomas Wilfred: Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven. Rutkoff, Rebekah 961
Tongues untied: Harold Brodkey's radical candor. Taylor, Justin 780
Tony Oursler: Redling Fine Art. Moon, Kavior 731
Toronto. Calendar 364
Tour de Raunch: a brief history of sex in American fiction. Lorentzen, Christian 3688
Trisha Brown: 1936-2017. Eleey, Peter Obituary 787
Undeclared war: Silvia Federici on violence against women. Federici, Silvia 3305
Under the sign of Sappho: the diaries of Susan Sontag. Anderson, Melissa 1643
Vajiko Chachkhiani: Daniel Marzona. Benschop, Jurriaan 579
Vancouver. Calendar 377
Venice Biennale 2017: May 13-November 26. 979
Vienna. Brief article 247
Walead Beshty: Petzel. Kastner, Jeffrey 741
Weird seance: a compendium of the paranormal reveals a twilight world of skeptics and charlatans. Mobilio, Albert Book review 1735
What does a man want? A journalist's collection of true confessions. Scott, Catherine 552

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