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Articles from Artforum International (October 1, 2008)

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"Action/Abstraction: Pollock, de Kooning, and American Art, 1940-1976". Anfam, David 892
"Dali: Painting and Film": Museum of Modern Art. Pincus-Witten, Robert 667
"Expo 58": Atomium. Banai, Nuit 542
"Painting: Now and Forever, Part II": Greene Naftali Gallery/Matthew Marks Gallery. Frankel, David 855
"When I Open my Eyes in the Morning, I See a film"; Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw. Bartelik, Marek 599
A life in two parts: Bruce Jenkins on Bruce Conner (1933-2008). Jenkins, Bruce 1964
A manuscript of ashes. Fay, Sarah Book review 503
Abandoned painting. Mauss, Nick Critical essay 1716
Agent red. Stein, Jeff Book review 958
Alimentary education: two books take stock of the never-ending food crisis. Connelly, Phoebe Book review 1478
Alison Elizabeth Taylor: James Cohan Gallery. Frankel, David 695
All the write moves: choreographer Yvonne Rainer takes the stage in three new books. Morris, Catherine Book review 2589
Allora & Calzadilla: Haus der Kunst/Kunstverein. Smolik, Noemi 561
Anish Kapoor Institute Of Contemporary Art, Boston. Jones, Caroline A. 1255
Art and agency. Griffin, Tim Editorial 909
Atelier van Lieshout: Galerie Krinzinger. Huck, Brigitte 525
Aurelien Froment. Morgan, Jessica 2344
Barking dogs united: Schalter. Boese, Daniel 524
Biennale of Sydney 2008: various venues. Gardner, Anthony 642
Blight of the hunter: Peter Beard's photographs record the heyday of the African safari. Jeal, Tim Book review 1508
Burt Barr: Sikkema Jenkins & Co. Velasco, David 632
Carrie Mae Weems: Aca gallery of the Savannah College of Art and Design. Auslander, Philip 610
Carroll Dunham: Addison gallery of American art. Miller, Francine Koslow 626
Charline von Heyl. Kelsey, John Book review 998
Church fathers: Marilynne Robinson deepens her investigation of faith and family. Cohen, Rachel Book review 1546
Ciaran Murphy: Kavi Gupta Gallery. Yood, James 552
Continental drift. Howard, Jennifer Book review 875
Cross purposes. Asim, Jabari. Book review 943
Cy Twombly: Tate Modern, London. Weiss, Jeffrey 2491
Dancers, artworks, and people in the galleries. 9064
Danica Phelps: Zach Feuer Gallery (LFL). O'Neill-Butler, Lauren 623
Desert sturm: policy insiders make the case for ending the Israeli occupation. Ibish, Hussein Book review 1355
Diana Fiedler: Galeria Foksal. Bartelik, Marek 515
Difference tones: Cory Arcangel on the San Francisco Tape Music Center. Book review 971
Eastern promises: Markus Miessen on OMA/AMO at the Hermitage. Miessen, Markus 1664
Enlightening strikes. Galchen, Rivka Book review 954
Everybody talks about the weather ... we don't: the writings of Ulrike Meinhof. Cox, Christopher Book review 687
Fia Backstrom: White Columns. Meade, Fionn 611
Francesc Torres: Museu d'art contemporani de barcelona. Peran, Marti 515
Frederick Kiesler: Drawing Center. Busta, Caroline 534
Further orders: P. Adams Sitney on Temenos 2008. Sitney, P. Adams Movie review 3042
Gary Panter. Rudick, Nicole Book review 313
Gillian Wearing: Regen Projects. Lehrer-Graiwer, Sarah 569
Glass spouses. Shea, Lisa Book review 832
Good fellows: Vivian Gornick reflects on her literary influences. Merkin, Daphne Book review 1743
Gyan Panchal: Ecole municipale des beaux-arts/ galerie edouard manet. Davies, Lillian 534
Harry Dodge and Stanya Kahn: Elizabeth Dee. Richard, Frances 559
Heavy traffic: Amitav Ghosh's novel illuminates the British Empire's polyglot opium trade. Jaggi, Maya Book review 1494
High-heeled lowlifes. Seligman, Craig Book review 869
Hockey pluck. Heer, Jeet Book review 926
Home pages. Sorrentino, Christopher Book review 919
Hurry Down Sunshine. Mcdonough, Yona Zeldis Book review 575
In the Land of No Right Angles. Donner, Rebecca Book review 466
Internal City. Ammirati, Domenick Book review 918
Ivan Navarro and Courtney Smith: G fine art. Wennerstrom, Nord 560
Jack Goldstein: Mitchell-Innes & Nash. Burton, Johanna 612
Jamisen Ogg: Hudson Franklin. Sholis, Brian 567
Joan Mitchell: Lennon, Weinberg, Inc. Pincus, Robert 567
Koen van den Broek: Figge von Rosen Galerie. Davidts, Wouter 511
Liam Gillick: Casey Kaplan. Decter, Joshua 722
Like her practice. Kelsey, John Book review 488
Little ideological Annie: how a cartoon gamine midwifed the graphic novel--and the modern conservative movement. Schwartz, Ben Biography 1568
Lives of the artists. Schwendener, Martha Book review 665
Looking for Anne of Green Gables: the story of L. M. Montgomery and her literary classic. Rehak, Melanie Book review 594
Manifesta 7: Trentino-South Tyrol, Italy. Herbert, Martin 2140
Mario Ybarra Jr: Lehmann maupin. Stillman, Nick 601
Marlene Dumas: Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Kantor, Jordan 1792
Mein Leipzig. Ruta, Suzanne Interview 1399
Michael Fliri: Galleria Raffaella Cortese. Pioselli, Alessandra 514
Michelle Charles: Kettle's Yard. Schwabsky, Barry 526
Minor keys: Jason Smith on Branden W. Joseph's Beyond the Dream Syndicate. Smith, Jason Book review 2660
Molly Zuckerman-Hartung: Julius Caesar. Grabner, Michelle 548
Mortality play. Terzian, Peter Book review 945
Ms. Hempel Chronicles. Gerstler, Amy Book review 458
NATO: the military codification system for the ordering of everything in the world. Mobilio, Albert Book review 343
No heaven on earth: "we have met the enemy and he is us," Walt Kelly's pogo announced on a poster for the first earth day in 1970. Spanning two centuries, a collection of American authors writing about the environment proves the truth of this sentiment. Klinkenborg, Verlyn Book review 4253
Oscar Oiwa: Museum of contemporary art. Carrier, David 530
Out backward. Stokes, Laura Book review 520
Pandora's fox: the narrator of Pelevin's novel is a philosophically inclined female werewolf. Moody, Rick Book review 1502
Pen and wink. Madden, Matt Book review 1470
Peter Coffin and Djordje Ozbolt: Herald st. Williams, Gilda 501
Peter Saul: orange County Museum of Art. Holte, Michael Ned 644
Powder tough: photo archives reveal the saga of Colombia's cocaine king. Famighetti, Michael Book review 1848
Prevarication nation. Butterworth, Trevor Book review 934
Rationality and the structure of the self a two-volume study in Kantian metaethics. Piper, Adrian M.S. E-book review 518
Return of the real: Amy Taubin on Ballast and Wendy and Lucy. Taubin, Amy Movie review 1743
Robert Baribeau: Allan stone gallery. Kuspit, Donald 479
Robert Hawkins: half gallery. Breidenbach, Tom 607
Roman numeral: John W. O'Malley recounts a pivotal moment in Catholic Church history. L., John; Jr, Allen Book review 1438
Ryan Gander: South London gallery. Baldon, Diana 592
Sarah Braman: Museum 52. Wilson, Michael 511
Second skin: Andre Brink furthers his exploration of racial tension in South Africa. Egan, Jennifer Book review 1460
Senselessness. Peterson, Britt Book review 453
Shifting Identities: Kunsthaus. Rudolf Reust, Hans 564
Shock and awful. Porch, Douglas Book review 933
Signs and symbols: Julia Bryan-Wilson on billboard projects in Los Angeles. Bryan-Wilson, Julia Essay 2474
Simon Starling: Galleria Franco Noero. Drake, Cathryn 632
Spy kid: he had rarely paused to consider matters of class; as a pervert he was above such vulgar forms of definition. Jinks, Peter; Foe, Hallam Movie review 1295
Steering zeal. Nicholson, Geoff Book review 987
Stefan Burger: Kunsthaus Baselland. Knoll, Valerie 539
Steve Roden: susanne vielmetter Los Angeles projects. Miles, Christopher 584
Talia Keinan: Tel Aviv museum of art. Banai, Nuit 512
Tammy Rae Carland: Silverman Gallery. Helfand, Glen 589
Tauba Auerbach. 1089
The Anglo Files: a field guide to the British. Bradfield, Scott Book review 666
The blackness of blackness Huey Copeland on "Black is, Black Ain't" at the Renaissance Society. Copeland, Huey 2345
The Book of Calamities: five questions about suffering and its meaning. Aviv, Rachel Book review 577
The Circus, 1870-1950. Mobilio, Albert 325
The Jive Talker: an artist's genesis. Jurich, Joscelyn Book review 661
The naked and the daft: Norman Mailer's chronicle of Chicago '68 points up the pitiful state of contemporary political commentary. Frank, Thomas 3629
The sun also sets. Rosenbaum, Jonathan 3066
The unwritten law. O'Donnell, Michael Book review 930
The Virgin Formica. Latimer, Quinn Book review 448
Time and materials: Carol Armstrong on Craigie Horsfield and tapestry. Armstrong, Carol 2246
Tools of engagement. 5191
Twilight of the spooks: a pair of books expose the politicized squalor of the CIA. Hersh, Burton Book review 2006
Vacation. Hopking, Thomas Israel Book review 479
Village people. Freeman, John Book review 990
Vivan Sundaram: project 88/Chemould Prescott Road. Jumabhoy, Zehra 551
Voice over. Harlin, Tayt Book review 495
Wang Jianwei: Zendai Museum of Modern Art. Borysevicz, Mathieu 567
We of little faith: does godlessness go with the good life? Tumber, Catherine Book review 1408
Wendy White: Leo Koenig. Hudson, Suzanne 554
When in roam. Rudick, Nicole Book review 915
Writing Sex and Gallows Humor. Interview 1555

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