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Art project: wet chalk leaf patterns.

What You Will Need:

* one piece of white art paper

* sponge

* bright coloured chalk in autumn colours

* plastic container (like a margarine or yogurt tub)

* patterns of leaves (real leaves; cookie cutters shaped like leaves; paper leaf patterns that have been cut out)

* fine-tipped black marker

Step 1:

Sort through your leaf patterns and trace them onto the white paper. Overlap them to create special effects. Try not to cover your page too heavily; a dozen or so leaves should be enough.

Step 2:

When you are finished tracing your leaf patterns onto the paper, completely saturate the paper using a wet sponge.

Step 3:

Place the coloured chalk into the plastic container that has a little bit of water in it. This will keep the chalk moist and prevent colour smudges on the artwork. Colour different sections of the pattern with different chalk colours.

Step 4:

Give your masterpiece plenty of time to dry completely. Using the black marker, retrace your original pencil lines to help define the pattern. With an adult's supervision, lightly brush shellac or another finish over your picture. This will make your leaf pattern look like an oil painting. The shellac step is optional. A quick spray in a well-ventilated room is enough to set the chalk.


* Try this project using black construction paper instead of white. The effect is brilliant!

* Instead of a leaf pattern, use a large stencil (eight cm or so), and create patterns using the initials of your name. Try hiding a message in the picture. When it's coloured, see if your friends can find the message.

* The wet chalk in blues, purples and white would work well on a winter snowflake pattern. Try blue or black paper as a background for your winter scene, or white to create a cooling effect!
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Author:McLeod, Darlene
Publication:Kidsworld Magazine
Date:Sep 22, 1997
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