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Highlights from Emirati artist Farah Al-Qasimi's exhibit at the Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis. Arab News Sep 17, 2021 197
Where amazing work of local artists brought about refreshing 'Changes'. Sep 16, 2021 640
A virtual journey into the heart of controversial structure. Sep 16, 2021 288
Katara to launch month-long Football and Fine Art exhibition from Noveber 18. Sep 15, 2021 394
Exhibition showcase for quartet of artists at town library. Sep 15, 2021 206
QNL's upcoming photo exhibition to take visitors on a journey to past. Sep 15, 2021 444
Tech4Dev Launches 'the I am a Woman Techster Campaign' with an Art Exhibition. Sep 14, 2021 377
Int'l art exhibition opens at Katara's Gallery Building 38. Sep 14, 2021 336
National Indo-American Museum Opens First Building in Lombard September 24 with Major Art Exhibition. Jill Chukerman Sep 14, 2021 717
Painting exhibition about ViA?t Nam opens in the Netherlands. Sep 13, 2021 424
Art D'Eegypte presents "Cairo International Art District" in Downtown Cairo. Egypt Today staff Sep 13, 2021 454
Abandoned place turns into incredible art space. Sep 13, 2021 432
MEET THE JUDGES. Sep 12, 2021 588
The fotoMuses present "Abstraction & Transformation" - A Photo Exhibit - through September 29. Marita Blanken Sep 12, 2021 471
Adeyemi Creates Waste Panorama. Sep 12, 2021 644
Art D'Eegypte presents 'Cairo International Art District' in Downtown Cairo. Bassant Mohammed Sep 12, 2021 448
Art Affairs to Remember in September. Sep 11, 2021 413
Shafqat visits 'The New Odyssey'. Sep 11, 2021 208
Shafqat Mehmood visits painting exhibition 'The New Odyssey'. Sep 11, 2021 209
Shafqat Mehmood visits painting exhibition 'The New Odyssey'. Sep 11, 2021 209
Upcoming art exhibition from recycled steel. Eleni Philippou Sep 11, 2021 277
Expatriate artists steal the show at S'hail exhibition. Sep 10, 2021 454
Baku Jazz Festival unites talented artists. Sep 9, 2021 371
Baku Jazz Festival brings together talented artists. Sep 9, 2021 385
Phantom Yarns reflect how we experience time. Eleni Philippou Sep 9, 2021 447
Pakistan-China photography, painting exhibition held in Beijing. Sep 8, 2021 465
Pak-China photography, painting exhibition held in Beijing. Sep 8, 2021 457
Portraits aren't just for Royals... the real VIPs are ordinary, hard-working people; Artist immortalises volunteers in new exhibition. IAN BUNTING Sep 8, 2021 657
SAU VC inaugurates 'Paintings Exhibition' on Defence Day. Sep 7, 2021 195
SAU VC inaugurates "Painting Exhibition" on Defence Day. Sep 7, 2021 238
SAU VC inaugurates "Painting Exhibition" on Defence Day. Sep 7, 2021 238
Bibliotheca Alexandrina to hold 15th "Awel Mara" [First Time] art exhibition on Sept. 9. Egypt Today Sep 7, 2021 173
Exhibition showcases the art of glass blowing. Eleni Philippou Sep 6, 2021 251
'Free Spirit' art exhibition for Amr Salama to be held on Sept. 7. Egypt Today staff Sep 6, 2021 164
Returned Edo Migrants Use Visual Arts To Create Awareness. Sep 5, 2021 506
Returned migrants kick off awareness campaigns through Artworks in Edo. Sep 5, 2021 371
Two new exhibitions at Exhibit8 Gallery. Eleni Philippou Sep 3, 2021 451
New exhibition of architectural photography tracks early stages of Dubai's spectacular growth. Iain Akerman Sep 3, 2021 1322
First major exhibition after Covid-19 draws crowd at PNCA. Sep 3, 2021 272
Mental health hospital in Shanghai holds exhibition of patients' artworks. Sep 2, 2021 216
Works of 70 artists showcased in PNCA. Sep 2, 2021 353
'New Odyssey' Exhibition to showcase fresh fine arts graduates' talent. Sep 2, 2021 289
Media art exhibitions featuring pandemic-hit world on display in Asia's first Vatican-approved shrine. Sep 2, 2021 367
Taiwan's HTC joins Cat Art creator to present VR exhibition. Sep 1, 2021 196
Back in the flesh: Arts festival set to return to city; BLACKFEST ORGANISER SAYS RETURNING TO PHYSICAL SPACES WILL BE 'LIBERATING'. JESS FLAHERTY Life Writer @JessFla_ECHO Sep 1, 2021 554
Creative ways to survive crisis; Exhibition shows how artists adapted and discovered new practices during lockdown. KAIYA MARJORIBANKS Sep 1, 2021 687
Chicago's broadcast museum wins Oliver art exhibit. Sep 1, 2021 356
National Indo-American Museum Opens First Building in Lombard September 24 with Major Art Exhibition. Jill Chukerman Aug 31, 2021 707
Exhibition 'New Odyssey' for graduates opening from Sep 1. Aug 30, 2021 337
Exhibition 'New Odyssey' for graduates opening from Sep 1. Aug 30, 2021 337
Workinton Qatar hosts first group art exhibition in partnership with IAD. Aug 29, 2021 265
Ambassador Haque visits China-Pakistan Iron Brothers Young Artists Exhibition in Beijing. Aug 29, 2021 458
Fine collection of art. Submitted by Blue Moon Gallery Aug 27, 2021 781
International success for artist Allan. Aug 27, 2021 209
Exhibition 'New Odyssey' for graduates opening from Sep 1. Aug 27, 2021 330
DiplomaticQuarter: Art exhibition highlights Saudi-India cultural commonalities. Arab News Aug 26, 2021 262
UoP organizes calligraphic and painting exhibition. Aug 26, 2021 152
Art exhibition is putting mental health in focus. kaiya marjoribanks Aug 25, 2021 486
Exhibition is picture perfect. ALISON RENNIE Aug 24, 2021 312
Guess The Year: When visitors flocked to the Elizabethan House and rain waterlogged an art exhibition. Aug 24, 2021 338
A moment in history Good: 100-year-old woman hosts first solo art exhibit. Susan Klovstad Aug 22, 2021 701
Cleve Carney Carney: Philanthropist inspired many friends to give. Alice Wood DuPage Foundation Aug 20, 2021 1237
NK Art Showroom unfurls The Discovery. Aug 20, 2021 594
O'Sagacity3 art expo storms Oshogbo. Aug 20, 2021 377
Gallery marks 70 years with special exhibition; Renowned artist Kate Downie will showcase work. Aug 20, 2021 389
Luminous Bodies: new exhibition from the Cyprus College of Art. Eleni Philippou Aug 20, 2021 446
A better tomorrow: Photography competition and exhibition on climate change. Aug 19, 2021 644
International jury panel for Abu Dhabi art expo announced. Aug 19, 2021 341
Colours of our city to shine in exhibition. Aug 19, 2021 849
Library puts its art and soul into exhibition of colourful creations. Aug 18, 2021 281
Pakistan embassy Thailand celebrates Independence Day through virtual photo exhibition. Aug 17, 2021 190
Pakistan embassy Thailand celebrates Independence Day through virtual photo exhibition. Aug 17, 2021 190
Fact File: Addressing Environmental Issues With Art. Aug 15, 2021 739
Bartlett Centenarian Makes Artistic Debut at Arts in Bartlett Solo Exhibit. Kathy Wolf Aug 14, 2021 736
A real chorus of lockdown voices; Wales Millennium Centre has reopened with an exhibition of lockdown artwork that also takes you on a fascinating tour of the building... Aug 14, 2021 529
The Bluecoat announces new exhibition celebrating hundreds of its artists; The exhibition comes as part of the art centre's new programme focusing on cultural legacies. By, Danni King Aug 14, 2021 518
Dream of Dawn: Experience art online in times of Covid. Aug 14, 2021 210
Marrying art with heritage conservation, Malaysian artist's work on show at Art Macao 2021. Aug 12, 2021 623
Lee Kun-hee's art trove exhibition at NMK to be livestreamed amid rising COVID-19 cases. Aug 11, 2021 274
Post-Dansaekhwa charcoal artist Lee Bae opens exhibition in Hong Kong. Aug 11, 2021 455
Pakistan Embassy in China observes Youm-e-Istehsal, holds photo exhibition. Aug 10, 2021 265
Sleep in nature with Taiwan's Mipaliw Land Art exhibition. Aug 10, 2021 190
14-meter monster towers over southern Taiwan art gallery for inaugural exhibition. Aug 10, 2021 189
Lebanese ambassador promotes environmental message through Korean artist's work. Aug 9, 2021 1461
Exquisite paintings of over 40 artists go on display. Aug 8, 2021 685
EXHIBITION: THE ART OF CATHARSIS. Numair A. Abbasi Aug 8, 2021 823
SUMMER BREEZE. Aug 7, 2021 812
Photo exhibition begins in London marking birth anniversary of Sheikh Kamal. Aug 7, 2021 194
See Cyprus in new light at outdoor photography exhibition in Klirou. Eleni Philippou Aug 6, 2021 240
Pakistani carpets, Chinese photography exhibition begins in Shanghai. Aug 6, 2021 295
More Frida in the 'burbs: Photography exhibit open. Katlyn Smith Aug 6, 2021 185
Harmonic Collision Art Exhibition at Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra. Aug 6, 2021 621
'Banat Afkari' art exhibition for Magda Ali to be inaugurated on August 10. Egypt Today staff Aug 5, 2021 230
'Alija IzetbegoviA, friends and associates' photo exhibition opens. Aug 5, 2021 223
34 artists in 'Rare' exhibition at Art and Soul Gallery. Aug 4, 2021 217
RAC hosts Independence Day exhibition. Aug 4, 2021 195
Solo photo exhibition "360" opens at Alhamra. Aug 4, 2021 166
Exhibition titled 'Color of Pakistan' held at PAC. Aug 4, 2021 197
Solo photo exhibition "360" opens at Alhamra. Aug 4, 2021 166
Exhibition titled 'Color of Pakistan' held at PAC. Aug 4, 2021 197
Art showcase for Bryden at festival; Exhibition of prints and paintings. SHARON LIPTROTT Aug 3, 2021 300
Bringing history back to life as project welcomes visitors back; After enforced closure during the pandemic, The Auckland Project is back in business. DAVID WHETSTONE sampled a tour of the Lower Walled Garden and took in two compelling art exhibitions. Aug 3, 2021 1244
Pandemic, new normal art showcased in Bulacan artists' mall exhibits. Aug 1, 2021 229
Intimate experiences of blurred vision through art. Eleni Philippou Jul 30, 2021 330
Photo exhibition on Pak-China showcased at Punjab Arts Council. Jul 29, 2021 257
Int'l project "Scintillation Paintings" presented in Baku. Jul 28, 2021 779
Qatar America Institute for Culture to organise series of webinars on Arab cinema, contemporary art exhibition. Jul 26, 2021 316
Bringing international artistic voices together; Elysium Gallery's Without Borders exhibition unites artists from all over the world. Jul 24, 2021 775
Don't miss out on artist's retrospective exhibition. SHARON LIPTROTT Jul 23, 2021 401
Brum's answers to Vivienne Westwood; a new photographic exhibition is paying homage to innovative designers who showed the city how to dress to express in the 1970s. diane parkes reports. diane parkes reports Jul 23, 2021 1379
Art exploration Exhibit: Photographer to be a featured 'pop-up' artist. Submitted by Blue Moon Gallery Jul 23, 2021 610
Art exploration Blue Moon Gallery features diverse exhibits starting July 24 Gallery: Photographer to be 'pop-up' artist. Submitted by Blue Moon Gallery Jul 23, 2021 610
Art exploration Exhibit: Photographer to be 'pop-up' artist. Submitted by Blue Moon Gallery Jul 23, 2021 610
Submissions due Aug. 13 for women's art exhibit. Submitted by Oakton Community College Jul 22, 2021 386
Aurora Public Art announces gallery reopening, exhibit schedule. Submitted by Kate Purl Jul 22, 2021 435
Bartlett hosting artist's exhibit. Alexa Jurado Jul 21, 2021 259
Bartlett hosting St. Charles artist's solo exhibit. Alexa Jurado Jul 21, 2021 339
St. Charles artist's first solo exhibit now open in Bartlett. Alexa Jurado Jul 21, 2021 339
Bartlett hosting St. Charles artist's first solo exhibit. Alexa Jurado Jul 21, 2021 378
Submissions due Aug. 13 for women's art exhibit at Oakton. Submitted by Oakton Community College Jul 20, 2021 390
A fitting tribute. Jul 15, 2021 276
Cool colours of culture. Jul 14, 2021 553
Louvre Abu Dhabi and Richard Mille create new exhibition and art prize. Jul 14, 2021 710
Recently passed legend of Khmer ballet paid tribute via art exhibition. Jul 14, 2021 1067
Local talents to be on display in joint showcase of two galleries. Jul 12, 2021 456
A selection of unseen highlights; Cardif's Albany Gallery's new exhibition provides a chance to see work that would have been on show during lockdown... Jul 10, 2021 583
From two cities, Opedun limns Makovenice. Jul 9, 2021 546
All things bright and beautiful at arts centre. SHARON LIPTROTT Regal painting Her Maj by Samantha Borrows Jul 9, 2021 301
Wheaton businesses collaborate on Kahlo photo exhibit. Jul 8, 2021 546
Wheaton Chamber members collaborate on Frida Kahlo photo exhibit. Jul 8, 2021 321
Secrets of alidades revealed in latest 21,39 Jeddah Arts exhibition. Arab News Jul 8, 2021 427
Saudi Art Council launches latest 21,39 Jeddah Arts exhibition. Arab News Jul 8, 2021 402
Vietnamese painter portrays women's inner beauty. Jul 8, 2021 526
LAC unveils arts exhibition schedule. Jul 7, 2021 283
YARAT Contemporary Art Space presents 'Fogs Turned Into Epic Story in My Head' exhibition. Jul 6, 2021 988
From two cities, Opedun limns Makovenice. Jul 6, 2021 548
Symposium and exhibition offer emerging artists a lifeline. Jul 6, 2021 784
Sir Antony Gormley's 'Field for the British Isles' exhibition coming to Sunderland this summer; Tickets to view the award-winning exhibition at the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art are free and available to book now. By, Leena Sidat Jul 5, 2021 566
National Lottery UK To Sponsor Afro-Celtic Exhibition, Festival. Jul 5, 2021 395
Art exhibitions on human rights open at Hamad International Airport. Jul 5, 2021 414
An art exhibition with a difference; A new art walk in Port Talbot places the spotlight on the town's street art, writes Jenny White... ARTS & CULTURE. Jul 3, 2021 696
Local artists featured in juried exhibit in Wayne, Nebraska. Carolyn Albracht Jul 2, 2021 307
Taipei Fine Arts Museum extends exhibitions due to COVID. Jul 1, 2021 204
MoQ hosts drug awareness art exhibition organised by Al-Jumeliyah Youth Center. Jul 1, 2021 431
LYNN HERSHMAN LEESON with Monika Fabijanska. Interview Jul 1, 2021 5578
JOHN SIMS with Kristin Prevallet. Prevallet, Kristin Interview Jul 1, 2021 4825
Eight Commandments of Choreography: The Kolumba in Cologne, Germany, explores what fine arts can learn from dance, and has, Together with tanz.Koln, devised a comprehensive program of live performances, screenings, podcasts, video teasers, and more for a yearlong presentation. Leuschner, Maximiliane Jul 1, 2021 1200
Parcours des Mondes: Susan Moore selects her highlights of the event. Moore, Susan Jul 1, 2021 1231
Around the Galleries: Monaco Art Week returns to the French Riviera in accustomed style, with plenty of international galleries participating--while on the Belgian coast, Knokke welcomes a new fair. Reilly, Samuel Jul 1, 2021 498
Mall of Qatar hosts drug awareness art exhibition. Jun 30, 2021 413
The Medical City pushes art as medicine with exhibit. Jun 30, 2021 684
Tracy Whiteside's Art Photography Exhibited at Ghoulish Mortals, St. Charles. Tracy Whiteside Jun 30, 2021 357
Globally famous artist to hold new exhibition in resort. LAURA DAVIS Arts editor @lcdavis Jun 30, 2021 353
National Art Exhibition's 24th edition begins Tuesday. Jun 28, 2021 486
Akingbade Explores State Of Mind With Paintings, Photography. Jun 27, 2021 496
MICO supports Art Fair Philippines 2021. Jun 27, 2021 280
A Treasury of Visual Artists and their Art. Jun 27, 2021 543
We're putting a monumental error to rights; STATUES SAVED FOLLOWING DEMOLITION Historic sculptures of women to be revamped after art show. Anna Burnside Jun 27, 2021 594
French museum hosts exhibitionA on painter Mai Trung ThA? Jun 27, 2021 544
Ahl Masr, Art and Talent Zone hold painting exhibition in aid of burns victims. Bassant Mohammed Jun 26, 2021 329
How Agoruah's art of Finding Forever beamed hope into future. Jun 25, 2021 516
Farah's museum reopens with some new art shows. Jun 25, 2021 206
Major Australian exhibition to show at The Box. ANDY PHILLIPS @mrandyphillips Jun 24, 2021 706
Saudi art, music collide in exhibition. SALEH FAREED Jun 23, 2021 653
MoviesMusicPerformancesAsia Model FestivalWed, June 23, 2021 | 22:07. Jun 22, 2021 639
Artists raise environmental concerns through exhibition. Jun 22, 2021 377
Art exhibition, Gandhara: Dusting off the past, inaugurated. Jun 22, 2021 157
Exhibit gets to art of matter. JAMES WARD Jun 21, 2021 152
Islamic calligraphy, art exhibition at Narowal university. Jun 20, 2021 285
Artist's exhibition to 'embrace' the senses; Solo show will be held at Cample Line venue. SHARON LIPTROTT Jun 18, 2021 411
Artwork by Omani photographer selected for Khaleeji Art Exhibition. By: Times News Service Jun 18, 2021 214
GuruShots photography platform exhibits in Cyprus for first time. Eleni Philippou Jun 18, 2021 284
Coleg Menai. Jun 17, 2021 200
Art exhibition explores places and landscapes. Eleni Philippou Jun 17, 2021 174
Shimmie Solo art exhibition Saturday. Jun 17, 2021 258
Sheffield exhibition featuring art made by prisoners offers hope that it is possible to change your path; Art can change your life. It might seem like a bold statement, but does that make it any less true? Kim Streets Jun 16, 2021 774
How the Federal Republic of Germany shaped its image anew at documenta. Jun 16, 2021 326
Festival City spotlights local talents with one-of-its-kind live art exhibition in the mall. Jun 16, 2021 445
Virtual exhibition showcasing female artists celebrates resilience, creativity and solidarity in the face of pandemic. Jun 16, 2021 477
Art exhibition reveals how Bedford used to look - including pub where former Marks & Spencer building is now; There's also 1970s fashion as well as Bedford Regatta featured. Clare Turner Jun 15, 2021 294
Sadness as exhibition cut short after van goes into Worthing gallery; An exhibition has been cut short after a van went into the front of a building in Worthing last night. Isabella Cipirska Jun 12, 2021 209
Display is picture of health; Artists submit 'beautiful and intriguing' works at exhibition. DANICA OLLEROVA Jun 12, 2021 427
New creations from some of Wales' finest; The Albany Gallery's new exhibition is a feast of beautiful art, ceramics and jewellery, writes Jenny White... Jun 12, 2021 601
Luxury department stores introduce art to attract customers. Jun 11, 2021 602
Star's Bear artist has a Sheffield secret; Meet Sue Guthrie - an artist who has never been to Sheffield but paints like a local. Rob Hollingworth Jun 11, 2021 1651
British Museum shines spotlight on MENA artists in new exhibition. Arab News Jun 11, 2021 870
New group exhibition opens at YARAT. Jun 11, 2021 1198
History of town in spotlight through photographic exhibition. Jun 11, 2021 262
YARAT displays art works of national artist. Jun 11, 2021 1004
A sneak look David Bowie photo exhibition; Rock 'n' Roll with Me Bowie/MacCormack 1973-76 is an exhibition of unique photographs taken by David Bowie's close friend and travelling companion Geoff MacCormack. Steve Holloway Jun 11, 2021 210
David Bowie photo exhibition - review; Geoff MacCormack was a lot of things to David Bowie - a lifelong friend, a backing singer and percussionist, his movie-stand in, and now the chronicler of some amazing times during the perhaps the creative peak of his career. Steve Holloway Jun 11, 2021 1036
Frida in the suburbs Why COD's blockbuster Kahlo art exhibition is good for the region. Jun 10, 2021 406
Women's Works exhibits in Woodstock features art by MCC students. Submitted by McHenry County College Jun 10, 2021 171
New free exhibition celebrating art and creativity in lockdown opens in Wakefield city centre; A new exhibition featuring art inspired by the national lockdown has gone on display in Wakefield city centre. Holly Gittins Jun 10, 2021 818
A Thousand Ships community art heading to Yorkshire coast this summer - here's where to see it; A community art Installation and exhibition is set to land on the Yorkshire coast this summer. Duncan Atkins Jun 10, 2021 551
Penh Art Fair 2021 now at FT Gallery. Jun 9, 2021 1006
Exhibition highlights creative students' work. IAN BUNTING Jun 9, 2021 289
New exhibition features artist's drawings made during lockdown. Jun 9, 2021 348
DEMP photographic exhibition on "Pakistan 2021 Ecosystem Restoration" concludes. Jun 7, 2021 235
Germany hosts exhibition on 'Truyen Kieu '. Jun 7, 2021 487
Aylesbury's Queen Park Arts Centre launch new artisan exhibition space; An eclectic range of artwork will be on display at Aylesbury's Queens Park Arts Centre this June, as the venue welcomes seven different artists to its Artisan Exhibition space as part of Bucks Art Weeks 2021. Thomas Bamford Jun 7, 2021 646
Last chance to see exhibition at eins gallery. Eleni Philippou Jun 7, 2021 246
DEMP photographic exhibition on "Pakistan 2021 Ecosystem Restoration" concludes. Jun 6, 2021 235
DEMP photographic exhibition on "Pakistan 2021 Ecosystem Restoration" concludes. Jun 6, 2021 235
Artists are back in the frame as gallery opens for exhibition; Scottish Drawing Competition on display in Paisley. Jun 4, 2021 374
Art exhibition to show off creative talents. Jun 4, 2021 163
Spring Fling is a hit with online visitors; Virtual exhibitions, studios and audio art on show. SHARON LIPTROTT Jun 4, 2021 522
Going Dutch Festival returns for 11th year to downtown Elgin. Submitted by Side Street Studio Arts Jun 4, 2021 597
14 exhibitions to see at galleries, museums and historic houses in Sussex; With museums, galleries, former artists' homes and historic sites welcoming visitors indoors, here we round up 14 exhibitions on in Sussex. Rachel O'Brien Jun 3, 2021 1197
Science, art exhibition held in Dalbandin college. Jun 2, 2021 151
Pop-up exhibit for lovers of art. Jun 2, 2021 181
Life of artist is celebrated in exhibition. Jun 2, 2021 267
Sculptor celebrated in exhibition at estate. CHARLOTTE BENTLEY Community News Reporter Jun 2, 2021 347
Hastings businesses celebrated in outdoor photo exhibition; More than 40 of Hastings Old Town's shop and bar owners are being celebrated as part of an 'outdoor gallery'. Richard Gladstone Jun 2, 2021 512
Children's art on display in Berkhamsted exhibition Creative Escapes; The exhibition at Open Door features paintings by more than 40 children and some adults. Laura Hutchinson Jun 2, 2021 397
Fiona, aged 6, holds her first art exhibition; talented youngster earns special award. Jun 1, 2021 357
Students aiding British Art Show. Jun 1, 2021 156
New exhibition launched by Howick Art Club; A new exhibition has been launched by Howick Art Club. Ian Smith Jun 1, 2021 234
Brand new exhibition launched as FE McWilliams Gallery reopens; Banbridge's famed FE McWilliam Gallery & Studio and Sculpture Garden reopened its doors to the public this week with an exciting new photography exhibition. Jun 1, 2021 369
June highlights. Calendar Jun 1, 2021 441
Masterpiece: Jo Lawson-Tancred selects her highlights of the online event. Lawson-Tancred, Jo Jun 1, 2021 652
Around the Galleries: London Art Week returns this July, and the chance to make new discoveries among the ever varied offerings of galleries in Mayfair and St James's is more welcome than ever. Reilly, Samuel Calendar Jun 1, 2021 1121
Interspecies Futures, Veiled Taxonomies, and Lights, Tunnels, Passages, and Shadows at Center for Book Arts: All three exhibitions manifest theorist Donna Haraway's concept of sympoiesis and use the forms of the book to enlarge what constitutes knowledge and being together. Musser, Amber Jamilla Jun 1, 2021 1264
Ibdaa Art Gallery to host caricature exhibition on May 30. Mustafa Marie May 30, 2021 290
Virtual exhibit features Philippine flora through the artworks of Filipino artists. May 29, 2021 372
Exhibition to shine spotlight on artist Goudie's life; Focus at Edinburgh gallery is on Buddie's earliest work. STEPHEN HOUSTON May 29, 2021 440
THE POWER OF FLOWER; Scottish artist Colin Brown's latest exhibition draws strongly on the work of botanical painter Pierre-Joseph Redoute, writes Rosemary Lowne. Rosemary Lowne May 29, 2021 898
Mini May: Small is beautiful. May 29, 2021 829
'Diplomatic Path of Alija IzetbegoviA' exhibition opens at Preporod Gallery. May 28, 2021 273
Artwork to be displayed on Eastbourne billboard; Artwork is to be put on an Eastbourne billboard as part of a nation-wide contemporary art exhibition. Jacob Panons May 28, 2021 211
Lorna brings 'Covid Man' artwork to life; Painting goes life-size to highlight exhibition. EDEL KENEALY May 27, 2021 456
Satrang Art Gallery organizes exhibition titled 'Left A Mark'. May 27, 2021 357
70 years of Pak-China ties-themed photo exhibition kicks off in Chengdu. May 27, 2021 168
70 years of Pak-China ties-themed photo exhibition kicks off in Chengdu, China. May 27, 2021 172
St. Charles Fine Art Show will return this weekend. Kevin Schmit May 27, 2021 339
Art show will return this weekend. Kevin Schmit May 27, 2021 286
Art show to benefit Manila youth scholars, says Rep. Yul Servo. May 27, 2021 303
Here's 11 pictures from the new and biggest ever exhibition at The Hepworth Wakefield; The Hepworth has reopened with its biggest ever exhibition on the gallery's 10th anniversary. James Carney May 27, 2021 198
Strokes of creativity in tough times. May 26, 2021 753
Strokes of creativity in tough times. May 26, 2021 1508
Satrang Art Gallery to organize exhibition titled 'Left A Mark' tomorrow. May 26, 2021 298
District 300 art show goes virtual. Submitted by Community Unit District 300 May 26, 2021 313
Satrang Art Gallery to organize exhibition titled "Left A Mark" tomorrow. May 26, 2021 298
Satrang Art Gallery to organize exhibition titled 'Left A Mark'. May 25, 2021 297
ImagesA of Uncle He and soldiersA on exhibit atA NgoA ArtA Gallery. May 25, 2021 475
Artist's joy over lockdown exhibit. May 24, 2021 177
Signature Gallery Innovates With Ark Meta Ark, Talkless Talk. May 23, 2021 983
How a suburban college landed FRIDA. Katlyn Smith May 23, 2021 1288
How a suburban college landed FRIDA Exhibition: Pandemic delayed it, then it got bigger. Katlyn Smith May 23, 2021 1288
How COD's McAninch Arts Center landed and remade a major Frida Kahlo exhibition. Katlyn Smith May 23, 2021 1303
Art exhibition is set to celebrate historic architecture. May 22, 2021 364
Minimalistic art: 'Omission' opens. May 22, 2021 1152
Filipino contemporary artists reimagine Magellan's arrival. May 22, 2021 1076
From Signature Gallery, Ark Meta Art, Talkless Talk embrace the world. May 21, 2021 1187
A bite out of the Big Apple; Paisley artist Sandy is ready for exhibition. CARLA TALBOT May 21, 2021 963
Appeal to artists over Stove Network exhibition. May 21, 2021 302
Doors reopened with a look at fantasy in Pop Art; SPOTLIGHT WOLVERHAMPTON ART GALLERY. Andy Richardson May 21, 2021 598
Blue Moon Gallery hosts new exhibit starting May 22. Submitted by Blue Moon Gallery May 21, 2021 612
YARAT presents Homo Urbanus Europeanus photo exhibition. May 20, 2021 963
Sharjah Biennial in February 2023 to feature 30 major commissions. May 19, 2021 578
Stones as symbol of the spiritual and nature in conceptual artist Park Hyun-ki's works. May 18, 2021 752
Artists create new work reflecting life during the pandemic for Edinburgh exhibition; New works of art created to reflect life during the pandemic will be going on display in Edinburgh this week as restrictions are eased in the city. Brian Ferguson May 17, 2021 509
'Great' first weekend for open-air art exhibition showcasing rural talent. May 17, 2021 299
Two emerging artists exhibition starts today. May 17, 2021 209
Exhibitions highlight impact of US culture and celebrate NHS heroes. SUE SMITH May 15, 2021 567
Student artist opens exhibition to showcase talent in the north-east. LAUREN ROBERTSON May 15, 2021 317
Dare-devil equestrian exhibition at Midhurst; Already well-known for her bold nautical images, action photographer Kos Evans's new exhibition will shine a light on her new body of equestrian work. Bex Bastable May 13, 2021 452
The history column with The High Wolds Heritage Group member Keith Holtby: The search for A.W. Carter paintings to complete a comprehensive record; These watercolours by A.W. Carter were part of a variety of drawings and paintings on display in an "Exhibition of Art" in the Grange annexe, Acklam, in June 1943. Column May 13, 2021 469
Mearns lighthouse takes centre stage at North-east exhibition; A painting of a Mearns lighthouse takes centre stage in a new North-east exhibition by top Scottish artist John Lowrie Morrison (known as 'Jolomo'). Dawn Renton May 13, 2021 391
Safar Khan Gallery to present summer exhibition including works by contemporary artists, pioneers. Egypt Today staff May 12, 2021 157
Elmhurst Artists' Guild - Call For Art : Engaging Frida. Debra Vaccaro May 12, 2021 485
All is fair in Art Fair PH. May 12, 2021 457
Rotary Club's Young Photographer Exhibition will be on display in Berkhamsted; Open Door is a community and arts space on Berkhamsted high street where you can be active, creative and social. Holly Patel May 12, 2021 321
Exhibition by artists with learning disabilities opens at Wentworth Woodhouse; Artists with learning disabilities or autism will be displaying their work at a South Yorkshire stately home. diana stannard May 11, 2021 190
Solo show looks at the Carnivalesque as a social commentary. Eleni Philippou May 11, 2021 268
Outdoor photography exhibition to open at The Green Well of Scotland; A photographic exhibition documenting members of the Carsphairn community as they emerge from the unprecedented experience of a national lockdown is set to open in the village next month. May 11, 2021 321
Popular Delamore show set to return; event will be boost for art lovers and artists alike. May 10, 2021 732
Sculpture exhibition starts at Borde Hill Garden; More than 80 sculptures are on show at Borde Hill Garden for its annual art exhibition. Rachel O'Brien May 10, 2021 318
Kate Middleton in hysterics as student jokes about mum 'bribing her with pizza'; The Duchess of Cambridge, 39, burst into laughter when the daughter of a finalist in her 'Hold Still' exhibition at the National Gallery relayed how her mum at times uses pizza to get her to model. By, Claire Gilbody-Dickerson May 10, 2021 510
Hastings Museum set to re-open this month with exciting new exhibition; Hastings Museum and Art Gallery is getting ready to reopen on Thursday May 20. Andy Hemsley May 10, 2021 268
remembrance. May 8, 2021 242
Sheffield gallery to showcase two artists in month-long exhibit; Sheffield-based Cupola Gallery will showcase two amazing artists whose work is inspired from the natural world, in a month-long exhibit beginning next week. Rahmah Ghazali May 8, 2021 484
Intal launches 'Second Quarter' art exhibit. May 8, 2021 248
2-Tone legend is the reel deal as an artist; SPECIALS BASSIST Horace panter iS combining HIS PASSIONS for MUSIC and art for an EXHIBITION in BIRMINGHAM. He TALKS to STUART LARGE. STUART LARGE May 7, 2021 773
Govt to Extend All-Out Cooperation in Holding Art Festivals Abroad: Zulfi Bukhari. May 7, 2021 206
Award-winning Falkirk artist sparks imaginations with his gunpowder creations; Falkirk-born Frank To has exploded onto the London art scene with his amazing gunpowder-based work engaging the interest of Star Trek star Patrick Stewart. James Trimble May 7, 2021 357

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