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Art Diary: It's silly but a great show for True Blues Blues F; Pantomime Snow Blue and the Seven Blue Noses/ Royal Court.


FOR sheer silliness, the football pantomime Snow Blue and the Seven Blue Noses would be hard to beat.

However,for much of the time the show manages to create a great atmosphere and sense of community for its true blue Evertonian audience.

Who,other than an Everton fan, would want to sing along to an opening number like ``Here we go, here we go,here we go,Everton is the best we all know?''

But the songs set the mood for a show in which dancing girls wear blue wigs,many in the cast wear blue shirts and baggy shorts and the plot revolves around the evil Count Hoolio of Anfoldia's bid to steal the golden boots of Dixie Dean.

Radio Merseyside's Billy Butler has a Buttons-like role,determined to win the hand of the Princess Snow Blue (LeanneCampbell).

Count Hoollio as played by writer Mike Howl wears a red cape and red cap and talks with the most atrocious French accent since Inspector Clouseau while his sidekick Tartucan (GlynEdwards) is a bald-headed,black-eyed character.

The plot is what might be termed free and easy with some pantomime favourites -custard pies included -mixed up with some very strange events.

Kenneth Cope wears his white suit from Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) top lay the ghost of Dixie Dean, a role that earns him a big cheer but which seems a little superfluous.

By the second half it goes off in a completely new direction by having Elton Welsby stage an on- stage quiz betweenHoolio and his cohorts and the Seven Blue Noses of Goodisonia, the beards hiding footballers like Roger Kenyon and John Bailey together with sports writer Dave Prentice from the Liverpool Echo.

Howard Kendall and Kevin Ratcliffe arrive to help the Blue Noses win and the defeated Hoolio is forced to watched a rerun of Everton's 1984/5 season.

It all ended rather messily -one suspected there might have been some technical problems -but,as a new idea in entertainment, the football pantomime could yet be a winner.


Brian Collister as the Dame, withMike Howl as Count Hoolio and Glynn Edwards as the sinister Tartucan; Billy Butler and Kenneth Cope
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 31, 2004
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