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Art Deco: 50 Works Of Art You Should Know.

Art Deco: 50 Works Of Art You Should Know

Lynn Federle Orr

Prestel Publishing

900 Broadway, Suite 603, New York, NY 10003

9783791381688, $19.95, HC, 144pp,

Synopsis: "Art Deco: 50 Works Of Art You Should Know" provides an accessible overview of Art Deco, and embraces nearly every artistic medium including paintings and photography to furnishings and film through fifty superb examples of Art Deco style that reveal the period's richness and range. Art Deco was an artistic movement that originated in France after World War I and spread throughout Europe and America. Presented chronologically in full-page illustrations accompanied by explanatory texts, these fifty iconic examples demonstrate the variety of ways Art Deco was expressed. Included here are a soup tureen designed by Jean Puiforcat; Edward Steichen's portrait of Fred Astaire; a brass-framed mirror by Austrian Franz Hagenauer; a still from the Busby Berkeley film, Footlight; and The Portrait of a Young Girl in a Green Dress by the Polish painter Tamara de Lempicka. Other examples include jewelry, architecture, posters, and items used in everyday life. Opening with an authoritative overview of the Art Deco movement and including biographies of each of the artists, "Art Deco: 50 Works Of Art You Should Know" is a compact and affordable reference work and a beautifully designed book for every art lover's library.

Critique: Art Deco emerged from the inter-war period when rapid industrialization was transforming culture. One of its major attributes is an embrace of technology. Featuring impressively informative commentaries and beautifully reproduced illustrations, "Art Deco: 50 Works Of Art You Should Know" is very highly recommended for art students and non-specialist general readers with an interest in the Art Deco movement. No community, art school, or community library 20th Century Art History collection is complete without the inclusion of Lynn Federle Orr's "Art Deco: 50 Works Of Art You Should Know".

Margaret Lane


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Author:Lane, Margaret
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
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Date:Feb 1, 2016
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