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Articles from Art Culinaire (March 22, 2001)

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AD'A MINT! 1131
Anthotiro with Honey and Mint. Spiliadis, Costas Recipe 147
Apple and Raisin Strudel with Pumpkin Seed Brittle. FINK, HANS-PETER Recipe 630
Beef Cheeks with a Warm Apple and Horseradish Sauce. OSTERREICHER, HELMUT Recipe 341
Black Mint Crostini with Green Beans and Beets. Batali, Mario Recipe 286
Blood Sausage Ravioli with Tender Nutmeg Pumpkin. FINK, HANS-PETER Recipe 579
Bonito Crusted Asparagus with Spicy Mustard. Yeo, Patricia Recipe 335
Carrot Flan with Mint and Pea Coulis. Batali, Mario Recipe 474
Celery Heart, Feta, and Micro Cinnamon Basil Mint Salad. Mammano, Jamie Recipe 89
Celery Root Ravioli with Creamy Polenta and Crayfish. WORTHER, JORG Recipe 573
Chilean Sea Bass with Garlic Toast Chips. Sale, Paul Recipe 643
Costas Spiliadis. Brief Article 421
Crab Legs in Fishnet Stockings. English, Todd Recipe 787
Crispy Frogs' Legs with Cambodian Mint Butter. Mammano, Jamie Recipe 352
Duo of Shad with Cabbage Confit and Caramelized Shallots. WIEDMAIER, ROBERT Recipe 536
Eggs Three Ways. O'CONNELL, PATRICK Recipe 382
FiSh and CHiPS. Recipe 936
Fried Cod with Chips and Pea Fritters. Sale, Paul Recipe 465
Fried Sea Bass with Chickpea Polenta Chips. English, Todd Recipe 590
Grilled Anchovies and Parmesan Chips. Sale, Paul Recipe 372
Grilled Lamb and Feta and English Mint Pizza. Mammano, Jamie Recipe 364
Grilled Squid Stuffed with Mint and Feta Cheese. Spiliadis, Costas Recipe 168
Jamie Mammano. Biography 417
Lobster, Fennel, and Mint Salad with Brandy Vinaigrette. Spiliadis, Costas Recipe 143
Mario Batali. Biography 349
Milk Bread Sandwiches with Plum Jam. OBAUER, RUDOLF Recipe 603
Mint and Pea Love Letters with Merguez Sausage. Batali, Mario Recipe 507
Mint Tagliatelle with Spring Lamb Ragu. Batali, Mario Recipe 436
Mise en place. Brief Article 629
Ox Lip Terrine with Fresh Horseradish. OBAUER, RUDOLF Recipe 313
Oysters with Papaya and Cucumber Ice Chips. Sale, Paul Recipe 228
Paul Sale. 1576
Phyllo Wrapped Shad Roe with Caramelized Shallots. WIEDMAIER, ROBERT Recipe 615
Pine Nut Coated Octopus and Tomato Tapenade. English, Todd Recipe 612
Poached Trout with Nutmeg Pumpkin Soup. FINK, HANS-PETER Recipe 377
Polenta Flummery with Poached Peaches. FINK, HANS-PETER Recipe 684
Profitroles with Pistachios and Chocolate Mint Ice Cream. Mammano, Jamie Recipe 547
Roasted Quail with Apples and Semmelschmarren. OSTERREICHER, HELMUT Recipe 708
Roasted Rabbit Loin with Salsify Ravioli. OSTERREICHER, HELMUT Recipe 635
Roasted Spring Lamb with Morels. FINK, HANS-PETER Recipe 300
Roasted Venison Loin with Celeriac Puree and Wild Berries. OBAUER, RUDOLF Recipe 495
Roasted Venison Loin with Porcini Mushrooms. WORTHER, JORG Recipe 381
Rochelle Huppin Fleck. Interview 2447
Sardines and Vegetable Chips with Lemon and Caper Sauce. Yeo, Patricia Recipe 482
Scallop Bonbons with Corn and Peekytoe Crab Congee. Yeo, Patricia Recipe 483
SCHNAPS. Recipe 1396
Seared Catfish with Caper Sauce. OBAUER, RUDOLF Recipe 233
Seared Monkfish, Tomato Chips, and Creamy Saffron Broth. Sale, Paul Recipe 531
Seared Petit Rouget and Cinnamon Basil Mint Butter. Mammano, Jamie Recipe 663
Semolina Budino with Rhubarb Compote and Mint Syrup. Batali, Mario Recipe 511
Shad Roe "En Papillote" with Sauternes Butter. O'CONNELL, PATRICK Recipe 264
Shad Roe in a Saffron Broth. WIEDMAIER, ROBERT Recipe 497
Shad Roe with Caramelized Onions. O'CONNELL, PATRICK Recipe 396
Shad Roe with Roasted Bananas and Chardonnay Butter. O'CONNELL, PATRICK Recipe 378
Shooting Star of Scallops and Whitebait. English, Tood Recipe 530
Shrimp and Tomatoes with Feta Cheese and Mint. Costas, Spiliadis Recipe 123
Steak Tartare with Rosti Potatoes. WORTHER, JORG Recipe 286
Steamed Clams with Mint and Black Pepper Fettunta. Batali, Mario Recipe 264
Steamed Trout with Dill and Quark Sauce. OSTERREICHER, HELMUT Recipe 668
Stuffed Artichokes with Sunchoke Puree and Asparagus. WORTHER, JORG Recipe 297
Tripe with Apple Vinegar and Porcini Mushrooms. FINK, HANS-PETER Recipe 402
Trout and Mushroom Strudel "Obauer". OBAUER, RUDOLF Recipe 671
Tuna Tartare and Nori Chips with Sambal Mayonnaise. Yeo, Patricia Recipe 270
Twilight of the Gods. 3469
Warm Almond Torta with Cherry Soup and Mint Gelato. Batali, Mario Recipe 757
Yellowtail Snapper with Pineapple Mint and Vin Cotto. Mammano, Jamie Recipe 307

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