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An Italian journey: The blockbuster of the year arrives in Florence, and we've picked out five more shows around the world that trace the story of Italian art. Mar 1, 2022 208
UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. Tobin, Claudia Nov 1, 2021 2405
The Pisa-born Ignazio Hugford decorated many an Italian church in his time. A pity his art was so bad ... O'Byrne, Robert Sep 1, 2021 813
Biennale Internazionale dell'Antiquariato di Firenze: Susan Moore selects her highlights of the event. Moore, Susan Sep 1, 2019 1207
"NeoRealismo: The New Image in Italy, 1932-1960": GREY ART GALLERY, NEW YORK UNIVERSITY. O'Neill, David Dec 1, 2018 730
Reluctant Romantics: The Italians came surprisingly late to the pan-European movement. Prodger, Michael Dec 1, 2018 1143
"Post Zang Tumb Tuuum": FONDAZIONE PRADA. Bedarida, Rafaele Sep 1, 2018 794
Displays of power: Rosalind McKever is intrigued by a restaging of exhibitions from the Fascist period in Italy. McKever, Rosalind Apr 1, 2018 1054
TAKING SHAPE: Ara H. Merjian on Magazzino Italian Art. Merjian, Ara H. Nov 1, 2017 1153
Flashback, Turin. Nov 1, 2016 701
Diversity by design: the art of Norman Sicily is celebrated for its juxtaposition of Islamic, Byzantine, and Romanesque elements--a remarkable feat of cultural engineering that was a deliberate display of power by the island's rulers. Johns, Jeremy Jun 1, 2016 2810
"Painting in Italy 1910s-1950s: Futurism, Abstraction, Concrete Art". Pincus-Witten, Robert Mar 1, 2016 628
Collectors' focus. Crichton-Miller, Emma May 1, 2015 1177
Horrible art histories. Smith-Laing, Tim Apr 1, 2015 2289
Sanctity Pictured: The Art of the Dominican and Franciscan Orders in Renaissance Italy. Smithers, Tamara Jan 1, 2015 1646
Simple pleasures: David Ekserdjian enjoys a fresh perspective on the evolution of post-medieval Florentine art. Ekserdjian, David Nov 1, 2014 1095
An ideal man. Corry, Maya Jun 1, 2014 2809
Height of summer: restored works by Pontormo and Rosso cast a new light on 16th-century Florentine painting. Henry, Tom May 1, 2014 1029
"Italian Futurism": Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York. Merjian, Ara H. May 1, 2014 1976
Heavenly rewards. Barbieri, Claudia Apr 1, 2014 2127
Sicily: Art And Invention Between Greece and Rome. Mitrovici, Ana Milena Jan 1, 2014 1237
Bella figura: the opulence of the Biennale dell'Antiquariato appears almost heroic in these straitened times--and with a choice selection of Old Masters, this grand Italian fair promises more than fireworks over the Arno. Moore, Susan Sep 1, 2013 1103
Made in Venice. Humfrey, Peter Sep 1, 2013 4341
If the boot fits ... Luciano Fabro's Italie. Hecker, Sharon Critical essay Aug 1, 2013 8838
The state of art: Richard Holledge reports on an exhibition that reveals the complexity of Italian art under the Fascist regime. Holledge, Richard Nov 1, 2012 1064
Spoils of the Grand Tour: an exhibition devoted to a British cargo of Italian art captured by the Spanish reveals the essence of the Grand Tour. Lloyd, Stephen Jul 1, 2012 1068
Seeking Rubens: David Ekserdjian appraises the scholarship within the latest volumes of the Corpus Rubenienum. Ekserdjian, David Mar 1, 2012 1130
Hymn to bravura: the 150th anniversary of modern Italy this year is the perfect moment to revist artists of the Italian avant-garde. Hopkins, Andrew Jun 1, 2011 1076
"Marisa Merz: it doesn't match, yet it flourishes". Cullinan, Nicholas Brief article May 1, 2011 149
Bronzino's drawings: authorship and preservation: the varied physical condition of Agnolo Bronzino's drawings, recently on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, plays a crucial role in the question of authorship, yet is often overlooked in the study of early Italian art. Bambach, Carmen C.; Goldner, George R. Sep 1, 2010 3363
The Italian dream: whether they made it there or not, Italy was highly influential for the Pre-Raphaelites. Poe, Simon Sep 1, 2010 956
Perarolo09: VARIOUS LOCATIONS. Nicolin, Paola Apr 1, 2010 549
Eucharistic and baptismal allusions in late medieval Italian images of the massacre of innocents. Houston, Kerr Jan 1, 2010 4780
An Italian affair: this month's Florence Biennale--the major fair for Italian art and antiques--celebrates both a birthday and its own renaissance. Andrews, Isabel Sep 1, 2009 1053
20th-century Italian art: futurism's centenary, autumn's auction sales and new galleries in London and Paris are adding a buzz of excitement to this market. Blinkhorn, Annie Sep 1, 2009 985
In the light of reason: the Uffizi's exhibition on 18th-century art in Florence is short on historical context but rich in unfamiliar works of art. Galdy, Andrea M. Sep 1, 2009 1083
Masters of majolica: a remarkably beautiful exhibition in Arezzo sets the achievements of the Della Robbias in their artistic context. Hopkins, Andrew May 1, 2009 1040
Panic at the wedding feast: Patrick McCaughey praises a thought-provoking exhibition on love and marriage in Italian renaissance art that successfully makes an over-familiar period seem strange once more. McCaughey, Patrick Apr 1, 2009 946
"Italics": Palazzo Grassi. Verzotti, Giorgio; Shore, Margarita Jan 1, 2009 573
The canopy of holiness at the Misericordia in Florence and its sources (Part two). Levin, William R. Report Jan 1, 2009 11779
Putting the fragments together: Montelupo's magnificent new museum of ceramics confirms the town's great importance as a centre of maiolica production from the 15th century onwards. Wilson, Timothy Oct 1, 2008 1516
Flakes of light: John Russell Taylor welcomes an exhibition in London that proves the Italian Divisionists were more than a dead end. Taylor, John Russell Sep 1, 2008 1037
Radical light: Italy's divisionist painters: Lucy Riall explores the social and political issues in Italy following the country's unification. She shows how these issues became the focus for a dynamic new artistic movement of the 1890s, Divisionism, a forerunner to Futurism and the subject of a current exhibition at the National Gallery. Riall, Lucy Aug 1, 2008 3406
Banned in Milan! Polchin, James May 1, 2008 1636
Vincenzo Agnetti: Mart, Museo D'Arte Moderna E Contempororanea di Trento E Roverto. Meneguzzo, Marco May 1, 2008 544
Around the galleries: April offers op art by Richard Allen, fine ceramics in Belgium and a retrospective of Filippo Vitale in Milan. Andrews, Isabel Apr 1, 2008 422
Multicultural island mix: Julian Treuherz reviews a remarkably ambitious exhibition in Germany that traces the complex course of Sicilian art from prehistory to Garibaldi. Treuherz, Julian Apr 1, 2008 1406
Where quantity yields to quality: acquiring for the Kimbell: Timothy Potts, director of the Kimbell from 1998 to 2007, looks back over the successes and challenges during nine years of collecting for a museum interested only in the best. Potts, Timothy Cover story Oct 1, 2007 3944
1000 words: Francesco Vezzoli talks about Democrazy, 2007. Rothkopf, Scott Jun 22, 2007 2239
Discovered: sales in Britain and America boast some unexpected finds, including paintings by Fra Angelico, Cima da Conegliano and bacon. Moore, Susan Apr 1, 2007 2145
Art as passion in Anatole France's Le Lys rouge. Emery, Elizabeth Critical essay Mar 22, 2007 5059
Italy versus getty. Brief article Feb 1, 2007 106
At home in the renaissance: Dora Thornton visits an ambitious attempt to depict domestic life in renaissance Florence and Venice through art and artefacts that range from sculpture by Donatello to table napkins. Thornton, Dora Dec 1, 2006 1449
"Il Modo Italiano: Italian Design and Avant-Garde in the 20th Century": the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Golan, Romy Oct 1, 2006 955
Motion and magic: the inexplicably low profile of much 20th-century Italian art in the popular consciousness is being redressed by the Grand Palais in Paris. Platzer, David Jun 1, 2006 994
Art of an Alpine land: Robert Oresko applauds an ambitious exhibition in Turin that teases out the wealth and complexity of the visual culture of the 15th-century court of Savoy. Oresko, Robert May 1, 2006 1214
Ettore Spalletti: Henry Moore Institute. Schwabsky, Barry Critical Essay Nov 1, 2005 548
Raphael at the National Gallery. Bruce, Donald Critical Essay Dec 1, 2004 3192
Perugino: 'Il divin Pittore': a comprehensive exhibition of Perugino in his adopted city is notable for the reunification of altarpiece fragments or works intended to hang together. Russell, Francis Jun 1, 2004 1244
El Greco at the National Gallery. Bruce, Donald May 1, 2004 4273
Christie's and Sotheby's proved that Italian art is still molto popolare when the two auction houses held sales of 20th-century Italian art in London last month. Brief Article Dec 1, 2003 113
Amedeo Modigliani. Cohen, David (Dutch activist) Oct 1, 2003 1195
Elective affinities: Giacometti in the palace of bones. Cowling, Elizabeth Oct 1, 2003 7408
Michelangelo in Florence, Leonardo in Vinci. Herberholz, Barbara Mar 1, 2003 2255
Various Venues. (Reviews). Meneguzzo, Marco Oct 1, 2002 498
Exit: geography of the New Italian creativity. (Preview). Meneguzzo, Marco Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 97
The Virgin Annunciate in Italian art of the late Middle Ages and Renaissance. von Rohr Scaff, Susan Jun 22, 2002 5749
The flowering of Florence: the artists commissioned by the Medicis "brought to their subjects not only a masterly technique, but a freshness and originality of style that would have a lasting influence on botanical illustration and the art of naturalistic painting." (Museum Today). Hirschauer, Gretchen A. May 1, 2002 1203
"ZERO TO INFINITY: ARTE POVERA 1962-1972". CROW, THOMAS Sep 1, 2001 1817
Detail from La Primavera. Brief Article May 1, 2001 351
Prints and Patterns: Playful Pun. Albano, Maureen Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 257
Streetnoise: Italian Futurism 1909-1918. Sugita, Rena Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 117
Sui Generis: From Portraits to Science Fiction. Pioselli, Alessandra Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 103
Lucio Fontana. Shone, Richard Sep 1, 1999 127
Michelangelo Pistoletto. Verzotti, Giorgio Sep 1, 1999 113
Balancing acts: reading sources and weighing evidence in recent Italian renaissance art history. Goffen, Rona Mar 22, 1999 5666
Tiepolo's Heavenly Visions. BROWN, BEVERLY LOUISE Apr 1, 1997 2358
The lure of the Grand Tour. Oct 1, 1996 691
Futurism and fascism. Jensen, Richard Cover Story Nov 1, 1995 3838
Roberto Barni. Carboni, Massimo Sep 1, 1994 552
Grazia Toderi. Pasini, Francesca Sep 1, 1994 389
Once more with intellect. Verzotti, George May 1, 1994 2259
Gino Severini and futurist ideography: 'Danzatrice = mare.' (Italian Issue) Bohn, Willard Jan 1, 1994 7075
You and I: the art of Ketty La Rocca. Kirschner, Judith Russi Biography Mar 1, 1993 2509
Velazquez. Danto, Arthur Coleman Dec 11, 1989 2644

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