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Arson gang start SIX fires in just nine days; holidaymaker forced to fly home from spain early.

Byline: ASHLEY PREECE News Reporter

A HOLIDAYMAKER was forced to fork out PS250 to cut short a week abroad because an arson gang kept setting fire to his back garden.

Duane Walters flew out to Barcelona for what was meant to be a 10-day break - but his home was targeted SIX TIMES by hooded yobs. The project manager's address in Coldbath Road, in Moseley, was set fire to TWICE on the day he flew out to Spain.

"I had two calls on the day I flew out that the skip in my garden was set alight," explained Duane, aged 42.

"They've broke in through a fence and, on the Wednesday, set fire to the grass and old carpets and wooden panels.

"After that the Billesley fire crew were called out another three times on April 25, April 27 and April 29.

"Each time the fire was getting closer and closer to my house. I couldn't stay abroad and cut my holiday short by a day.

"I was meant to go to Barcelona, France and back to Barcelona but I couldn't relax and had to book a flight.

"My garden's a wreck. I've just spent PS1,000 on new trees and they've all gone up in flames.

"Not only that but my neighbour's in her 80s and I was worried for her.

"For me, it's a form of terrorism.

It's not a bomb but the fact they're specifically targeting my house and setting fire to it.They've been getting braver and braver, the first few fires were of a night time but they started in the day.

"I only got back on Tuesday, now I'm worried about what might happen if I'm at home, will they set fire to my house while I'm asleep? "Who knows? It's outrageous and the CID at West Midlands Police are involved."

Duane, who moved from Manchester to Birmingham nearly four years ago, added: "Quite a lot of residents in the B13 area have reported similar incidents.

"Wheelie bins have been set alight on main roads and gas cannisters placed in them so they explode.

"A number of gardens have been targeted, too."

Duane reckons emergency services have spent thousands of pounds in resources on needless call outs over the past week.

West Midlands Police is investigating.

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
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Date:May 6, 2019
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