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Arrows & broadheads.



While some may see this plenitude as utter confusion, reality is that the modern bowhunter now has the opportunity to assemble the perfect missile for a specific quarry, for the specific terrain and conditions that game animal will be found and pursued in, for any performance goal you may have in mind. From the lightest finished arrow weight creating burning speed for long-range shooting, to the heaviest setup to help your bow achieve utmost silence and kinetic energy potential, and everything between these extremes, today's marketplace delivers the goods.

Carbon has taken the industry by storm, with the number of carbon-arrow manufacturers rapidly closing in on 20 new and old names. Easton aluminum is far from dead, and there are a great many choices in that material, plus some really great bargains to be had. Aluminum still creates the straightest shafts going. Carbon's rugged toughness, and prices that are beginning to reach aluminum numbers, has made it the top choice with most bowhunters today. Quality is the watchword in modern broadheads. There just aren't many duds being produced today, something you couldn't say only a short time ago. Rugged reliability, accuracy and shaving-sharpness are packed into every brand of broad-head now offered.

End-To-End Cutting

Ballistic Archery has recently added two new grain weights to their popular 100-grain Steel Venom series broadhead. New for 2005 are an 85-grain, one-inch-cutting-diameter model and a 125-grain, 1 1/16-inch-cutting-diameter model. Unlike other three-blade heads, the locking system allows the blades to extend all the way forward into the cutting tip, creating a continuous cut. Available in both serrated "Sabertooth" and straight-edge designs. They are fully assembled and ready to shoot.


Contact: Ballistic Archery Inc. Dept. PB, P.O. Box 9, Rosemont, NJ 08556; (609) 397-1990;

Slim Shafts Get Camo Look

Easton's Slim Technology may represent the future of hunting arrows. This ultra-small-diameter, thicker-wall, HIT insert system is now available in Mossy Oak Obsession camouflage. The HIT component system provides a direct connection between the broadhead and the shaft, eliminating variability and inaccuracy found with standard inserts. Balanced spine, weight and small OD provide the optimum blend of penetration, kinetic energy, speed and accuracy. The small diameter also means that ST Axis Obsession arrows fly virtually unaffected by crosswinds.

Contact: Easton Technical Products, Dept. PB, 5040 Harold Gatty

Dr. Salt Lake City, UT 84116; (801) 539-1400;




Slim Penetrator

Last year, archers took advantage of the improvements in performance afforded by new Micro Diameter Carbon Arrows with HIT components. Now, Beman adds the MFX Black Max to its all-carbon lineup. MFX Micro Effect technology features an ultra-small diameter for increased penetration and reduced wind drift. MAX-4 uses the hot Advantage MAX-4 camouflage, and comes in a full range of bowhunting sizes: 500, 400, 340 and 300.

Contact: Beman, Dept. PB, 5040 West Harold Gatty Dr. Salt Lake City, UT 84116; (801) 539-1433;

No More Fletching

The Starr Flight FOB is a plastic disc that fits on the back of your arrow and takes the place of normal fletching. Starr Flight's FOBs are currently designed for the standard Internal Component System (ICS) carbon shafts--Gold Tip, Game Tracker, Beman, PSE, Redhead, Cabela's and Easton Super Swage aluminums. FOBs slip over the back of the arrow and hold snugly through launch and flight. If your arrow passes through the target or animal, the FOB will be pushed off the end.

Contact: Starr Flight, Dept. PB, P.O. Box 18340, Tucson, AZ 85731; (888) 488-4712;

Serrated Slicing

The newest addition to the Magnus Stinger line features a razor-sharp serrated edge for even more devastating results. The new Buzzcut is a four-blade broadhead with tough stainless steel blades mounted in an aluminum ferrule. Test results show that Stingers will fly just like field points with penetration equal to their sharpest two-blades.


Contact: Magnus Archery Company, Dept. PB, P.O. Box 1877, Great Bend, KS 67530; (620) 793-9222;

Matched Arrows

Satellite Archery has introduced a new arrow technology known as Frequency Matched Carbon Arrows that begins with their Consistent Radial Frequency (CRF) carbon arrows and is now offered in their Platinum Series of arrows. CRF arrows are made by filament winding, rather than sheet wrapping, to eliminate the shaft seam. Frequency Matched Carbon Arrows measures the stiffness of each arrow, and then the arrows are placed in matched frequency groups. Straightness is +/- .001 and grain weight range is +/- one grain.

Contact: Escalade Sports, Dept. PB, 4600 SW 41st Blvd. Gainesville, FL 32608; (352) 376-2327;

New Cutting Concept

AfterShock Archery has brought another dynamite broadhead to the market with its 1.375-inch-cutting-diameter HyperShock 80. The HyperShock 80 features a hardcoated, four-play cutting tip that is Type 3S anodized for strength and durability. The HyperShock is designed to enter game with the least amount of kinetic energy and pass through for a clean kill. The HyperShock 80 design guarantees blades cannot open on release, yet ensures they open on contact.

Contact: AfterShock Archery, Inc. Dept. PB, P.O. Box 575, Walled Lake, MI 48390; (248) 363-6622;



Thumping Power

The Thumper Small Game Blunt from Pro Release is made of a tough rubber-like plastic for power and durability. The design offers consistent straight arrow flight with 16 strategically placed nipples for high-shocking power and added effectiveness. It weights only 129 grains with an outside diameter of 3/4 inch and screws into the shaft. It is available in green or black.

Contact: Pro Release, Inc. Dept. PB, 33551 Giftos, Clinton Township, MI 48035; (800) 845-8515;

Rigid To The Core

Blackhawk Arrow Company introduces Maxem arrow vanes. Maxem vanes are more rigid than most vanes yet bond to shafts like a softer vane. Arrow manufacturers state that the bases are alike in structure and require no cleaning, making them ideal for automatic fletching machines. The Maxem is avaliable in 13 colors to suit your preference.

Contact: Blackhawk Arrow Company, Dept. PB, P.O. Box 4240, Austintown, OH 44515; (330) 793-3314;

The Latest Spin

New Archery Products has brought forth two new lengths to their existing QuikSpin vanes. Now shooters who prefer shorter-length and lower-profile vanes can experience the same success in their 2.25-inch and 1.5-inch vane. More spin allows more stability and control for accurate arrow flight. The 2.25-inch vane is 3/8 inch tall and weights five grains while the 1.5-inch vane is also 3/8 inch tall and weighs only 2.5 grains.


Contact: New Archery Products, Dept. PB, 7500 Industrial Dr. Forest Park, IL 60130; (800) 323-1279;

Trimming The Fat



Cabela's new F3 Broadhead is ideal for the archer looking for an affordable broadhead with features aimed at big game hunting. Their Bacon Skinner Blades have an extra-wide grind that offers an extremely sharp cutting edge. Pathfinder points on the 100- and 125-grain model can break through tough hide and heavy bone for hard hitting penetration. A rugged one-piece aluminum ferrule provides the stability for straight shooting arrows.


Contact: Cabela's, Dept. PB, 1 Cabela Dr. Sidney, NE 69160; (800) 237-4444;

Offset Blades

Barrie Archery's new Rocky Mt. Turbo broadhead is a three-blade, 100-grain head incorporating a bi-directional blade design that allows the hunter to angle the offset blades either right or left wing to match arrow fletching. The preassembled Turbo features a stainless steel body with a Tri-Cut tip that won't rust. The .30-inch stainless steel vented blades feature a 1 1/8-inch cutting diameter and are held tight by three set-screws.

Contact: Barrie Archery, LLC, Dept. PB, P.O. Box 482, Waseca, MN 56093; (507) 835-3859;

Carbon Strength

The Carbon Maxx Hunter arrow from RedHead takes carbon construction to the extreme with its BuffTuff construction. BuffTuff is the toughest and quietest carbon arrow finish because the finish is an integral part of the arrow construction. The Maxx Hunter comes in Realtree Hardwoods Green camo and is available with feathers, vanes or bare shafts and has a weight difference of +/- one grain for the entire dozen. Three models are available with a 2,000, 3,000 or 4,000 deflection rating and have a consistent straightness rating of +/- .004 inch.

Contact: Bass Pro Shops, Dept. PB, 2500 E. Kearney, Springfield, MO 65898; (800) 227-7776;

Increased Rotation

New Archery Products' Crossfire broadhead now is available in a 125-grain head. By changing the aluminum ferrule to a steel ferule they were able to get an extra 25 grains for added penetration. Combining metal injection molding with dimples and advanced rotating-head technology, the Crossfire is a strong fixed blade broadhead that comes fully assembled and ready to shoot. Rotating-head technology allows the broadhead to rotate with the arrow in flight, but then rotates to allow the broadhead to take the path of least resistance in the target.




Contact: New Archery Products, Dept. PB, 7500 Industrial Dr. Forest Park, IL 60130; (800) 323-1279;

Whitetail Ready

The new Predator arrow in the Radial X Weave line from PSE is perfect for whitetail hunting. Their process of taking multiple layers of angled woven carbon fibers and overlaying them on an inner core of longitudinal fiber makes this shaft almost 30-percent stronger than arrows of comparable weight. Since the woven fibers wrap around the shaft at an angle there is no seam so the spine stiffness remains consistent. The Predator arrow has straightness ratings of +/- .003 inch and comes in three stiffness ranges. The 100 weighs 6.6 grains per inch, the 200 weighs 7.5 grains per inch and the 300 weighs 8.6 grains per inch.

Contact: PSE Archery, Dept. PB, P.O. Box 5487, Tucson, AZ 85703; (800) 477-7789;

Cut On Impact

American Broadhead Company introduces the new Liberty Head lineup, which incorporates their Zero Plane Technology blade design in a larger 1 5/16-inch cutting diameter. The hardened .036-inch stainless steel three-blade design according to ABC, statistically have been proven to fly with field point accuracy even at speeds over 300 feet per second. Liberty heads will be available in 100 or 125 grain heads and are identical in configuration to their sonic heads except for the included Zero Plane Technology. Upon impact, the replaceable blades are forced together rather than apart for penetration.



Contact: American Broadhead Company, Dept. PB, P.O. Box 7338, Nadeau Dr. Gonic, NH 03839; (603) 332-2730;
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