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ArrowStream's new ITM software Increases Logistics Savings by a minimum of 20 - 30% over TMS systems with the Only Inbound logistics solution designed for Distributors & Distribution Centers.

CHICAGO -- ArrowStream, a leading provider of supply chain management technology and logistics services for the foodservice industry, announced the availability of ArrowStream Inbound Transportation Management (ITM). ITM takes a next generation approach to managing a supply chain by focusing on up-front planning, proactive margin management, root cause revenue and cost analysis and integrated execution tools.

ITM results include:

* 20 - 30% Logistics Savings Increase - regardless of size

* 2 - 5% Inventory Reduction

* 1 - 5% Dock Traffic Reduction

* 10 - 15% Reduction in Carbon Footprint

The ArrowStream Inbound Transportation Management solution combines four distinct yet fully integrated components. Each component plays a critical role in a closed-loop profitability management model that delivers the full margin potential of an inbound freight program:

* ITM Profitability Optimizer: This modeling system simultaneously stabilizes ordering patterns, incorporates network changes and optimizes routing to balance inventory and achieve significant transportation savings for the network.

* ITM Freight Converter: This seamless workflow and reporting module aligns organizations around true freight revenue growth potential and progress and accelerates activation of new freight under management.

* ITM Freight Manager: This execution system integrates the preplanned solution guidelines into an efficient freight management module for automatically building shipments and tracking progress and enables a focus on real-time issue resolution.

* ITM Profitability Manager: This component provides proactive profitability management utilities, which are fully integrated with load execution, that alert margin loss before it occurs, enabling immediate root-cause analysis and savings recovery prior to load tender.

Implemented as a seamless compliment to an existing transportation management system (TMS), ITM's unique pre-planning process and profitability management functions dramatically extend savings beyond what is captured via traditional freight execution systems. ITM can be implemented as a holistic planning and transportation management system (TMS) solution and provide a comprehensive freight execution system fully embedded within its profitability management toolset.

The ITM components leverage a powerful supply chain visibility platform called the ArrowStream Information Management System (AIMS). AIMS ensures that the key master data and transaction detail that support inbound freight management are complete, timely, monitored for accuracy and easy to manage.

The AIMS platform houses more than the shipping points and purchase orders of a traditional TMS. Effective inbound planning requires item-level detail, rates for freight revenue, product values, inventory levels, and sales visibility. With this information, ITM enables proactive decision-making based on overall supply chain profitability, rather than reactive fire-fighting based solely on freight costs.

ITM enables supply chain operators to align purchasing and logistics goals by planning, executing, and reporting profitability from a single platform. ITM produces a more sustainable supply chain that will optimize load revenue, reduce transportation costs, and maximize savings over time.

ArrowStream ITM has been recognized by leaders in supply chain management for its innovative approach. Jim Tompkins, CEO of Tompkins Associates, has called it "the best software we have reviewed for managing the total order process, from planning to point of purchase in distribution."

About ArrowStream

ArrowStream maximizes inbound freight earnings through integrating traditional freight management with purchasing and replenishment systems. Our proven supply chain technology and logistics offerings give businesses end-to-end, real-time supply chain data and visibility that better informs strategic decision making, improves operations and reduces costs. ArrowStream connects a company's entire supply chain into a single integrated platform improving supply chain visibility and predictability. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, ArrowStream is spearheading the inbound transportation management movement. For more information, visit or call (312) 676 - 0054.
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