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Arrow pierces cat's ear; Owners don't know why someone would hurt pet.

Byline: Scott J. Croteau

WORCESTER -- An Orient Street couple want to know who shot their cat with an arrow Tuesday morning, almost killing the pet they think of as a child.

While police investigate, the owners wonder if the playfulness of their 3-year-old Calico cat, named Cali, was taken from her that morning.

"I want them to realize what they did,'' said Joanne Murphy, one of Cali's owners. "She's an innocent cat.''

Not seeing Cali scamper to the back porch of their apartment at 145 Orient St. on Tuesday morning, Ken Lapierre and Ms. Murphy began a frantic search for their beloved pet.

Mr. Lapierre said he knew something was wrong. He found blood spattered on the back porch around 9:30 Tuesday morning. He instantly feared something had happened to Cali and called Ms. Murphy, his girlfriend.

The couple drove through the neighborhood together. Mr. Lapierre extended his arm out the car window and shook a bag of chicken-flavored cat treats, a sound that normally makes Cali come running.

But the black, white and orange cat didn't appear.

Mr. Lapierre next checked the woods behind the apartment. What he found stopped him in his tracks. Cali was stuck in a cluster of branches at the base of a tree. An arrow that had gone through her ear and into her head had caught in the brush, trapping her.

"I started bawling my eyes out,'' Mr. Lapierre said. "I almost fainted. I couldn't believe what I saw.''

Cali kept flicking at the arrow with her paw.

Ken Lapierre and Ms. Murphy called Worcester's Animal Control Unit around 10:30 a.m. The animal control officer pulled the arrow from Cali's ear.

The arrow was given to investigators as evidence.

"It's just mean,'' said Ms. Murphy, 43. "What if someone does it to another cat and it is just left to die? Why be so violent?''

Cali had been in the habit of going outside in the morning and coming home for lunch, when Ms. Murphy takes a break from work. She has never been let out at night.

However, she hasn't been herself since her owners found her covered in blood.

She just got her purr back Wednesday night after returning from the veterinarian's office. Cali is on pain medication and will have a cone around her head for more than a week.

"She's a love,'' Ms. Murphy said. "She's playful.''

"Joanne and I don't have children. These are our children,'' Mr. Lapierre said, petting their dog, a pug named Millhouse. "The vet said she'll make it, but we don't know if she will ever be right again.''

Cali was skittish in her owner's arms Thursday. She sauntered off into a side room after sitting on a couch briefly. Ms. Murphy remains perplexed about why someone would shoot an innocent animal with an arrow.

"Whoever did it, I'd like to talk to them,'' Mr. Lapierre said.

Cali became a part of their lives a couple years ago when she started coming to the apartment in search of food. The couple, who had another cat at the time, began feeding Cali and soon took her in as their own.

Anyone with information may send an anonymous text to 274637 beginning with TIPWPD, or submit an anonymous message online at or calls the Worcester police Detective Bureau at (508) 799-8651.

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Date:Oct 17, 2014
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