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ArrayComm Announces Availability of Kyocera PCMCIA Modems for iBurst Personal Broadband; PC-card Form Factor to Be Followed by Desktop Modems in Q1 2004.

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SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 9, 2003

ArrayComm, the world leader in mobile broadband wireless and smart antenna technologies, announced today the availability of Kyocera PCMCIA-card modems for the iBurst(TM) Personal Broadband System. After successful field trials, Kyocera Corporation, the developer and manufacturer of the modem, is now shipping the cards in volume to support the commercial launch of iBurst services by Personal Broadband Australia (PBBA) in Sydney, as well as trials in Korea, China, the US, and Europe.

The PCMCIA modem, developed by Kyocera using ArrayComm's first-generation iBurst ASIC, can be used in laptops, PDAs, or tablet computers to give users up to 1 Mbps of pure, seamless IP access in fully mobile or fixed applications. In addition to providing true broadband Internet connectivity for any IP application written for standard operating systems (including Windows and MacOS), the card supports the advanced features of ArrayComm's iBurst protocol, including automatic handover between base stations, encryption and authentication for enhanced security, and quality-of-service management to enable tiered service offerings.

Extensive customer trials just completed in Sydney have proven the unmatched performance of iBurst technology and Kyocera's robust product in a challenging urban setting. PBBA's iBurst network -- currently the industry's most extensive deployment of mobile broadband technology -- provides indoor and outdoor coverage of more than 100 square km with only 6 base stations. Hundreds of users of the PC-card iBurst modem, who were each up and running after a 5-minute self-guided installation process, saw 600 kbps to 1 Mbps user data rates, immediate and seamless handover between base stations across the network, and remarkable coverage throughout Sydney.

Kyocera is also committed to a production schedule for a small zero-install desktop iBurst modem, with general availability targeted for the first quarter of 2004. The Kyocera desktop modem will support higher transmission power and the same 1 Mbps maximum user data rates and features as the PC-card modem. In addition, Ethernet and USB ports will enable the desktop model to support a wide range of Internet connectivity configurations, from simple access for a single-PC residential customer to backhauling LANs or WLANs in home or business networks (including portable hotspots). An optional external antenna will enable iBurst deployments optimized for maximum range.

"Our trial users' reaction to the Kyocera PC-card modem and the iBurst service it delivers has been simply outstanding," said Charles Reed, CEO of PBBA. "The performance of the system is exceeding our expectations and is a testament to the excellent fit between the ArrayComm / Kyocera business model and my preference to buy from world-class vendors. Kyocera's scale and experience are an essential foundation for our plans to ship these modems to customers in Sydney by the thousands later this year."

"We know the success of iBurst in the broadband wireless space is critically dependent on having credible developers and manufacturers of carrier-grade products," said Junichi Jinno, Executive Officer and General Manager of Corporate Communication Systems Equipment Division. "We have brought our best experience to bear on the productization of ArrayComm's iBurst technology, and we're pleased that the field testing shows the product meets our high standards for quality and performance and is ready to move into volume production."

"The high performance of Kyocera's iBurst products is precisely the result our licensing strategy aims to achieve, by entrusting commercialization to operators' trusted infrastructure and terminal sources," added Sam Endy, ArrayComm President and CEO. "The number of engagements we have underway with market-leading operators reflects this fundamental difference between the iBurst system and any of the available alternatives."

The PCMCIA card is currently configurable for operation in the 1.9 GHz and 2.3 GHz spectrum bands, with others in the pipeline. The desktop modem will be available in the same bands.

About the iBurst Personal Broadband System

The iBurst Personal Broadband System is a carrier-grade wide area wireless data network designed to provide high-speed Internet access wherever people want it. Distinct and complementary to traditional 2G and emerging 3G systems as well as short-range 802.11 WLAN (WiFi) networks, Personal Broadband technology delivers a revolutionary Internet experience, combining the freedom of mobility, low cost infrastructure, and transmission speeds similar to a typical home broadband DSL or cable line. The system is architected to support the full range of IP applications in a mobile environment, including e-mail, virtual private networking, high speed Web access, streaming video and on-line gaming. ArrayComm's patented smart antenna technology is at the heart of the system, providing dramatic gains in coverage and capacity and the industry's lowest-cost mobile broadband system.

About Kyocera

Kyocera Corporation (NYSE: KYO), the parent and global headquarters of the Kyocera Group, was founded in 1959 as a producer of advanced ceramics. By combining these engineered materials with metals and plastics, and integrating them with other technologies, Kyocera Corporation has become a leading supplier of semiconductor packages, telecommunications equipment, electronic components, solar energy systems, cameras, laser printers, copiers and industrial ceramics. The Kyocera Group employs approximately 49,000 people worldwide, and recorded consolidated net revenues of 1.07 trillion yen during the year ended March 31, 2003. Kyocera is developing communication equipment businesses worldwide utilizing Adaptive Array Antennas as a core technology, including the iBurst System in Australia, Super WLL System in South-East Asia/Middle East/Africa, and PHS System including handset, cell station, and server in China as well as Japan, which supports the remarkable development of Chinese PHS market. Further, Kyocera is also deploying CDMA handsets to market worldwide including United States, China, Korea and Japan. As a total solution company from handset to communication network equipment, Kyocera is fully contributing to the development of the communication environment and improving people's lives. For more information, please visit

About ArrayComm

ArrayComm, Inc., founded in 1992, is the world leader in mobile broadband wireless and smart antenna technology. ArrayComm's innovative iBurst Personal Broadband System is the only wireless Internet access system that offers the freedom of mobility with the high speed of DSL at viable consumer pricing. Personal Broadband Australia's iBurst network in Sydney is currently the world's most extensive mobile broadband wireless deployment, covering more than 100 square km and 1 million people. ArrayComm's patented IntelliCell technology -- based on fully adaptive smart antenna processing -- can deliver order-of-magnitude gains in the coverage and capacity of any personal communications system (current applications include PHS, GSM, WLL, and WCDMA). More than 190,000 IntelliCell-equipped base stations have been deployed worldwide, serving more than 15 million subscribers. The company has more than 300 patents issued or pending worldwide, and its technology licensees include Kyocera, LG Electronics, Marconi, and AirNet. For more information, please visit

ArrayComm is a registered trademark, and iBurst and IntelliCell are trademarks of ArrayComm, Inc. Other names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 9, 2003
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