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Conflict in Sudan is the world's cruelest war, the Dallas Morning News says in a heart-wrenching, 24-page special section that pulls back the political and religious blinds on what the paper calls the world's "Hidden Wars." In addition to Sudan, where 2 million people have died in the deadliest

prolonged conflict since World War II, the section focuses on the Congo, Guatemala, Kurdistan, and Sri Lanka. Reporter Gregory Katz tells the story of a mother in Sudan who may be able to save her 2-year-old son if she walks 48 hours to the nearest clinic. Too weak to walk in the desert heat after eating only leaves for several months, she decides to stay put and pray that a plane will bring medical aid to her son. "She will never receive medical aid," he writes, "because the volatile warfare in Sudan will prevent international aid agencies from bringing in the basic intravenous feeding equipment that will prolong her son's life. And so Wic Kuon will die." The series, which appears in full at http://, makes extensive use of color photographs that tragically dramatize man's inhumanity to man.

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